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By: YouTube Help
Duration: 3.93 min.
Views: 1647906
Rating: 0
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2 ABBA: Gold (Greatest Hits) (1992) (2014 Remaster)
By: Peter Murphy
Duration: 78.35 min.
Views: 368783
Rating: 4.7238307
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This is my own non-professional remaster of the album 'Gold – Greatest Hits' by ABBA. Originally released in 1992 and remastered by Michael B. Tretow, this album has been re-released...

3 Abba - Dancing Queen
By: AbbaVEVO
ID: xFrGuyw1V8s
Duration: 3.87 min.
Views: 72171436
Rating: 4.8561263
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Music video by Abba performing Dancing Queen. (C) 1976 Polar Music International AB.

4 Abba - Take A Chance On Me
By: AbbaVEVO
ID: -crgQGdpZR0
Duration: 4.08 min.
Views: 21408430
Rating: 4.8764863
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Music video by Abba performing Take A Chance On Me. (C) 1977 Polar Music International AB.

5 ABBA - Knowing Me, Knowing You (Filmed 1978)
By: frapistat
ID: qrfY7RNaBjw
Duration: 3.98 min.
Views: 6778666
Rating: 4.9053035
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ABBA - Knowing Me, Knowing You No more carefree laughter Silence ever after Walking through an empty house, tears in my eyes Here is where the story ends, this is goodbye Knowing me,...

6 Abba - SOS
By: AbbaVEVO
Duration: 3.32 min.
Views: 16807367
Rating: 4.8849993
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Music video by Abba performing SOS. (C) 1975 Polar Music International AB.

7 Abba - Fernando
By: AbbaVEVO
ID: dQsjAbZDx-4
Duration: 4.25 min.
Views: 18151438
Rating: 4.8601713
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Music video by Abba performing Fernando. (C) 1976 Polar Music International AB.

ID: q4uiLMjQBxs
Duration: 59.43 min.
Views: 133625
Rating: 4.855932
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9 Abba - Mamma Mia
By: AbbaVEVO
ID: unfzfe8f9NI
Duration: 3.52 min.
Views: 47645872
Rating: 4.7943625
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Music video by Abba performing Mamma Mia. (C) 1975 Polar Music International AB.

10 Abba - The Winner Takes It All
By: AbbaVEVO
ID: 92cwKCU8Z5c
Duration: 4.93 min.
Views: 30608234
Rating: 4.881907
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Music video by Abba performing The Winner Takes It All. (C) 1980 Polar Music International AB.

11 Abba - Waterloo
By: AbbaVEVO
ID: Sj_9CiNkkn4
Duration: 2.78 min.
Views: 9511012
Rating: 4.8479185
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Music video by Abba performing Waterloo. (C) 1974 Polar Music International AB.

12 ABBA New Documentary 2013
By: Cal Vid
ID: -4YL2rs3m4Y
Duration: 44.72 min.
Views: 231474
Rating: 4.7700205
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ABBA Absolute Image highlights ABBA's legendary "outrageous" costumes, their design concepts, their groundbreaking videos, all part of the group's visual presentation. ABBA - ABSOLUTE IMAGE...

13 Agnetha, after ABBA, #1
By: David Sweeney
Duration: 15.03 min.
Views: 226139
Rating: 4.792079
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A 2005 Channel 4 documentary. #1: #2: #3: #4:

14 ABBA : I Have A Dream (HQ)
By: 2Shaymcn
ID: r82fyOb8F5w
Duration: 4.43 min.
Views: 7524264
Rating: 4.8647404
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Beautiful performance here in Stockholm from ABBA and children's choir Dedicated to a special lady, my dear Mother Bridget who passed away recently Many thanks to everyone for your kind...

15 ABBA - The Winner Takes It All -The ABBA Story (documentary)
By: Elvis Viskovic - English
ID: qCGFTu2xieY
Duration: 89.40 min.
Views: 37158
Rating: 4.898734
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ABBA - The Winner Takes It All -The ABBA Story (documentary) [1h30] Extended version of a television documentary originally broadcast in 1999. Tracklist includes: 1. Money, Money, Money...

16 Abba - Knowing Me, Knowing You
By: AbbaVEVO
ID: iUrzicaiRLU
Duration: 3.98 min.
Views: 9881950
Rating: 4.8946476
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Music video by Abba performing Knowing Me, Knowing You. (C) 1976 Polar Music International AB.

17 ABBA in Japan (1978)
By: Виктор Курченко
Duration: 54.05 min.
Views: 94051
Rating: 4.897106
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18 ABBA : SOS (American Bandstand '75) Dick Clark R.I.P
By: 2Shaymcn
ID: 6OOrleE6wfc
Duration: 4.00 min.
Views: 766540
Rating: 4.8617663
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Dick Clark R.I.P. Thanks for the Memories..... Cute performance from 1975 ! HQ here More from it here..

19 ABBA : Voulez-Vous (US Remix) 1979
By: 2Shaymcn
ID: 8Hy4i8qs_Mo
Duration: 6.38 min.
Views: 653130
Rating: 4.8295455
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FABBAULOUS ! Voulez-Vous (Andersson/Ulvaeus) People everywhere A sense of expectation hanging in the air Giving out a spark Across the room your eyes are glowing in the dark And here we go...

20 ABBA : Hej gamle man (Their debut from 1970 !)
By: 2Shaymcn
Duration: 3.45 min.
Views: 162789
Rating: 4.930693
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The first song to feature all four members of ABBA, A single from Bjorn & Benny featuring Agnetha & Frida released 1970 (B.Andersson/B.Ulvaeus) First release 1970 Han står p?torget...

21 ABBA, 15 Grandes Exitos De Oro, Romanticas Español, De Antaño Mix
By: Romanticas para ti
ID: GQ1uHdQ67rc
Duration: 64.87 min.
Views: 300453
Rating: 4.690587
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Estoy Soñando Chiquitita 5:00 Gracias Por la Musica 10:46 Hasta Mañana 14:43 Fernando 18:01 La Reina del Baile 22:22 Al Andar 26:35 Dame! Dame! Dame! 31:34 Mamma Mia 36:42 ...

22 ABBA's Greatest Hits | Best Songs Of ABBA [ Full Album ]
By: Best Songs Collection
Duration: 116.67 min.
Views: 60970
Rating: 4.7234044
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ABBA's Greatest Hits | Best Songs Of ABBA [ Full Album ] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Track List : 1. 00:00 Dancing Queen - ABBA...

23 ABBA : Honey Honey
By: 2Shaymcn
ID: vg7ZsOFSV7c
Duration: 3.12 min.
Views: 5990312
Rating: 4.8932505
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My latest video here :) Very catchy single first released in April, 1974 on their Waterloo album. It was the 2nd single to be released from the...

24 ABBA: Complete 1981 Dick Cavett concert
By: Filip Jensen
ID: euIKe9Lc1bo
Duration: 35.53 min.
Views: 98970
Rating: 4.9545455
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The complete 1981 Dick Cavett TV concert. I tried to find the best quality versions of this on YouTube and piece them together. I hope you like it. On & On & On is not complete, and Knowing...

25 Abba Just Like That 1982
By: Danilo Augusto Duarte Rosa
ID: RyIrZ1yyfC4
Duration: 4.85 min.
Views: 2595
Rating: 5.0
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U.u mais um pro canal espero que gostem...

26 Abba - The Name Of The Game
By: AbbaVEVO
Duration: 4.95 min.
Views: 4706060
Rating: 4.883856
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Music video by Abba performing The Name Of The Game. (C) 1977 Polar Music International AB.

27 Abba - One Of Us
By: AbbaVEVO
Duration: 3.93 min.
Views: 5358375
Rating: 4.8887773
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Music video by Abba performing One Of Us. (C) 1981 Polar Music International AB.

28 Abba lyrics Slipping through my Fingers
By: Yke Frankena
ID: dsk5Qz5oEWo
Duration: 3.85 min.
Views: 555945
Rating: 4.9183836
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Slipping through my Fingers.

29 ABBA - Chiquitita - Spanish - Español
ID: UAdQj_fPqAg
Duration: 5.27 min.
Views: 2162929
Rating: 4.8057866
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Chiquitita, dime por qué Tu dolor hoy te encadena En tus ojos hay una sombra de gran pena No quisiera verte asi Aunque quieras disimularlo Si es que tan triste estás Para qué quieres...

30 creo en angelitos-abba
By: Katherine Emily Castro Carhuapoma
ID: 7f3pbEwmFCI
Duration: 4.73 min.
Views: 60086
Rating: 4.722772
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abba-creo en angelitos.

31 STARS ON 45/ABBA MEDLEY [Long Version]
By: Ro Anbu
ID: fw6kWrnIF5s
Duration: 8.55 min.
Views: 20664
Rating: 4.896104
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"ABBA Medley": All tracks written by Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus unless otherwise noted 01. "Stars On 45 (2)" (Eggermont, Duiser) 02. "Voulez-Vous" 03. "SOS" (Andersson, Anderson,...

32 Abba - Super Trouper
By: AbbaVEVO
Duration: 4.20 min.
Views: 9588498
Rating: 4.8815436
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Music video by Abba performing Super Trouper. (C) 1980 Polar Music International AB.

33 ZDF Kultnacht ABBA ganzer Film full movie Thank you for the music
By: Miriam Miriam
Duration: 119.75 min.
Views: 12915
Rating: 4.9183674
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Ein Wiedersehen mit ABBA 6. April 1974: Die schwedische Gruppe ABBA gewinnt mit "Waterloo" im englischen Seebad Brighton den "Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson" und legt damit den ...

34 ABBA : Cassandra (HQ) German TV
By: 2Shaymcn
ID: pUgLROgoScs
Duration: 5.35 min.
Views: 9683
Rating: 4.9012346
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A tragic tale from Greek mythology here ,,,, Widescreen here.. Down in the street they're all singing and shouting Staying alive though the city...

35 "Abba" - a Spontaneous Worship Moment (Song by Jonathan David Helser)
By: Josh Lehman
ID: e4ZH11FkkbY
Duration: 10.83 min.
Views: 219317
Rating: 4.942812
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There is a heavenly Father who is REAL, realer than we have ever been led to think! The heart revelation that I had of this reality has sunk SO deep in my heart, and this worship moment is...

36 Dana Winner - 2003 - Abba Medley
By: Jan Knudsen
ID: p6udlR7KxRo
Duration: 9.45 min.
Views: 2715
Rating: 5.0
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For Entertainment Use & Promotional Purposes Only

37 Abba - Chiquitita (1979) Español
By: Agnetha I Love Abba
ID: 0HxYPt9fBeQ
Duration: 5.27 min.
Views: 568079
Rating: 4.840491
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Chiquitita, dime por que tu dolor hoy te encadena en tus ojos hay una sombra de gran pena. No quisiera verte asi aunque quieras disimularlo si es que tan triste estas para que quieres...

38 ABBA : I've Been Waiting For You (HD) Live Australia '77
By: 2Shaymcn
ID: 1GCjrABCjr8
Duration: 2.38 min.
Views: 172184
Rating: 4.959514
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Wonderful emotional live version here from Sydney Australia (high definition) Lyrics I, I've been in love before I thought I would no more Manage to hit the ceiling Still, strange as...

39 Abba - Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight) (Gary Caos Remix)
By: Róbert Kollár
ID: SuHba16esow
Duration: 4.23 min.
Views: 42775
Rating: 4.6266665
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40 ABBA - The Day Before You Came."Drum-Beat maxi remix
By: Kot simiroff
ID: 9zrYHUGuy7g
Duration: 8.18 min.
Views: 7798
Rating: 4.891892
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Italo disco Playlist best - Train video clips

41 Richard Clayderman - 1993 Plays ABBA - The Hits
By: Trần Sang
ID: RszckmYTa8s
Duration: 55.72 min.
Views: 5104
Rating: 4.571429
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0:00 | 01. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) 4:01 | 02. The Winner Takes It All 7:05 | 03. Chiquitita 10:32 | 04. Fernando 14:50 | 05. Mamma Mia 17:51 | 06. Dancing Queen 21:33 |...

42 ABBA Waterloo Eurovision 1974 (High Quality)
By: mozpiano2
ID: 3FsVeMz1F5c
Duration: 3.95 min.
Views: 4923445
Rating: 4.827499
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35 years to this day (6th April 1974) ABBA won with this performance of Waterloo. Enjoy! More information on this clip can be found here -

43 Madonna - Hung Up (Official Music Video)
By: Warner Bros. Records
Duration: 5.45 min.
Views: 57483332
Rating: 4.798975
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"Hung Up" by Madonna from Confessions On A Dance Floor, available now. Download on iTunes: Connect With Madonna: Website: Facebook: ...

44 Fernando ABBA / video en español RADIORECUERDOS
By: RadioRecuerdos
ID: UqXWcjjg0NQ
Duration: 3.98 min.
Views: 103746
Rating: 4.888268
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Fernando ABBA / video en español RADIORECUERDOS Imagenes de Oro.

45 Abba Vader
By: NederlandZingt
ID: 4TAH106wOY8
Duration: 3.25 min.
Views: 20588
Rating: 4.84
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Het verzoeklied uit de achtste zomeraflevering van 'Nederland Zingt in de Zomer' is het mooie Abba Vader.

46 ABBA - Oro (Grandes Éxitos)
By: Jamileth Roxanna
ID: Yc3z2n7iVFE
Duration: 62.27 min.
Views: 458009
Rating: 4.762542
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47 ABBA - The Winner Takes It All- Live 1980 HD
By: Geovanny Amador
ID: 8hxtdX_Vc9E
Duration: 4.32 min.
Views: 272439
Rating: 4.8843374
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"The Winner Takes It All" (El ganador lo toma todo) es una canción y un sencillo que publico el grupo sueco ABBA. Es el primero de su séptimo álbum Super Trouper. Fue escrita por Benny...

48 Benita Okojie -- Jesu N' Abba
By: AK20 TV
ID: rKsHl54cXXc
Duration: 4.55 min.
Views: 1383
Rating: 4.7894735
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Credit to Benita Okojie -- Jesu N' Abba Brazilian Model Goes Topless For Cristiano Ronaldo Link: Please Subscribe & become a Follower of AK20 TV.New exciting videos...

49 Abba - The Last Video
By: AbbaVEVO
ID: 8L6T6Yj5u4k
Duration: 6.42 min.
Views: 467156
Rating: 4.8556113
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Music video by Abba performing The Last Video. (C) 2014 Polar Music International AB.

50 ABBA - The Winner Takes It All (1980) HD 0815007
By: ForbiddenInGermany2
ID: iyIOl-s7JTU
Duration: 4.82 min.
Views: 8140465
Rating: 4.918694
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ABBA - The Winner Takes It All (1980). Audio-CD-Sound zu Video-Material aus TV-Show. HQ-Video.