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1 Audioslave - 2002 - Audioslave (Album)
By: diego182
ID: dxx0aNnOtbg
Duration: 65.95 min.
Views: 368679
Rating: 4.754858
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Audioslave - 2002 - Audioslave (Album) 1. Cochise 0:00 2. Show Me How to Live 3:43 3. Gasoline 8:23 4. What You Are 13:03 5. Like a Stone 17:16 6. Set It Off...

2 Audioslave - Like a Stone (Official Video)
By: AudioslaveVEVO
ID: 7QU1nvuxaMA
Duration: 5.00 min.
Views: 58883624
Rating: 4.9435883
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Official music video for Audioslave 'Like A Stone' Follow Audioslave on Spotify: Click here to subscribe: http://smartur...

3 Audioslave - Greatest Hits (Full Album)
By: MrLeonadosilva
Duration: 77.87 min.
Views: 122075
Rating: 4.928994
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LEIA A DESCRIÇÃO ! READ THE DESCRIPTION ! Audioslave ! The greatest hits ! Eu fiz essa maçã ! I made this thing ! Ajudem essa maçã ! Help me guys ! I own not...

4 Audioslave - Show Me How to Live
By: AudioslaveVEVO
Duration: 4.97 min.
Views: 12635302
Rating: 4.950532
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Music video by Audioslave performing Show Me How To Live. (C) 2002 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT. and Interscope Records.

5 Audioslave - Live in Cuba (Full concert)
By: murke86
ID: dLhsTFknikY
Duration: 90.82 min.
Views: 556180
Rating: 4.947141
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Audioslave was the first American rock band to perform an open-air concert in Cuba. Video was filmed at the anti-imperialist plaza in Havana 05/06/2005 .This...

6 Audioslave - Be Yourself
By: AudioslaveVEVO
ID: WC5FdFlUcl0
Duration: 4.72 min.
Views: 19601858
Rating: 4.9580603
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Music video by Audioslave performing Be Yourself. (C) 2005 Interscope Records and Sony BMG Entertainment.

7 Audioslave - I Am The Highway (Lyrics)
By: 80sRock34
ID: hWlkmkZW2hk
Duration: 5.60 min.
Views: 2100641
Rating: 4.8685555
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Audioslave - I Am The Highway (With On Screen Lyrics) Enjoy!!!!!

8 Audioslave - 2005 - Out of Exile (Album)
By: diego182
ID: Eb7rD9JbT-g
Duration: 53.78 min.
Views: 65600
Rating: 4.784431
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Audioslave - 2005 - Out of Exile (Album) 1. Your Time Has Come 0:00 2. Out of Exile 4:14 3. Be Yourself 9:15 4. Doesn't Remind Me 13:44 5. Drown Me Slowly 17...

9 Audioslave - Cochise
By: AudioslaveVEVO
ID: KDMvN45sjo4
Duration: 3.95 min.
Views: 6345472
Rating: 4.953239
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Music video by Audioslave performing Cochise. (C) 2002 Sony Music Entertainment Inc. and Interscope Records.

10 Audioslave - Revelations (2006) [Full Album] [HD 1080p]
By: Dzejkob
ID: yl4A07emSLw
Duration: 48.50 min.
Views: 53466
Rating: 4.668639
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01. Revelations 00:00 02. One And The Same 04:12 03. Sound Of A Gun 07:50 04. Until We Fall 12:10 05. Original Fire 16:01 06. Broken City 19:40 07. Somedays ...

11 Audioslave - Doesn't Remind Me
By: AudioslaveVEVO
ID: lBFdX37Qpnk
Duration: 4.28 min.
Views: 8714584
Rating: 4.951312
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Music video by Audioslave performing Doesn't Remind Me. (C) 2005 Interscope Records and Sony BMG Entertainment.

12 Audioslave - I Am The Highway Live
By: MasterTech
ID: 725iONdAu9Q
Duration: 5.57 min.
Views: 4461347
Rating: 4.9269547
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Audioslave performs "I Am The Highway" Live.

13 Audioslave - Revelations
By: AudioslaveVEVO
ID: 4m2q5Fw8gwI
Duration: 4.22 min.
Views: 5435178
Rating: 4.962626
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Music video by Audioslave performing Revelations. (C) 2006 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT and Interscope Records.

14 Audioslave - Shadow on the Sun [HQ]
By: Christian Ertel
ID: dfF4t9-wpCM
Duration: 5.73 min.
Views: 2215103
Rating: 4.91527
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Once upon a time I was of the mind To lay your burden down And leave you where you stood And you believed I could You'd seen it done before I could read your...

15 Audioslave - I Am The Highway
By: PetitJeReve
ID: QAfpuiDZV_c
Duration: 5.60 min.
Views: 405248
Rating: 4.94137
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A music video of the song ('cause I can't find it anywhere) with some random photos of Audioslave, highways and an owl. Enjoy the song (: All rights to Chris...

16 Audioslave-Gasoline (Lyrics)
By: ma369rtin
ID: 62_0ZHhOo58
Duration: 4.75 min.
Views: 811353
Rating: 4.9141083
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House is haunted I just want to go for a ride Out and on Before I set this room alight Left alone forever and for crimes unclear With my patience gone Someon...

17 Audioslave - I Am The Highway [Subtitulos Español]
By: gunner2477rayado
ID: KqsqUHBjtks
Duration: 5.85 min.
Views: 17041
Rating: 5.0
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imagnes de la pelicula "into the wild" acompañado con una gran rola de audioslave espero lo disfruten.

By: Judge JoeDredd
Duration: 4.85 min.
Views: 3196144
Rating: 4.881857
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19 Audioslave - Be Yourself (Legendado)
By: TheBrow01
ID: dZgrsIaX9PI
Duration: 4.65 min.
Views: 33783
Rating: 4.944186
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20 Audioslave Light My Way
By: OuterHavenBigBoss
Duration: 5.07 min.
Views: 112379
Rating: 4.9421687
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Audioslave Light My Way.

21 Audioslave - I am the highway (Music video)
By: Anzie
ID: 3jA13XYlWHc
Duration: 5.58 min.
Views: 842038
Rating: 4.9207463
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Song: I am the highway, band: Audioslave. I felt that this song was missing a musicvideo so I decided to make one tonight (since I couldn't fall asleep) Hope...

22 What You Are - Audioslave (Subtítulos en Español)
By: LoreLanis
ID: UvYHrGdIf9w
Duration: 4.52 min.
Views: 732878
Rating: 4.9502306
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Uno de los mejores temas de Audioslave, aca lo podes disfrutar con subtitulos en español, y gracias al user javimillo que logro un gran trabajo de edicion, m...

23 Audioslave - Show me how to live(new Video)
By: Túlio Santana
ID: qJqf-ZxKf0s
Duration: 4.63 min.
Views: 1369023
Rating: 4.8632646
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mix do filme e a música.

24 Audioslave-Getaway Car (Lyrics)
By: ma369rtin
Duration: 5.05 min.
Views: 367201
Rating: 4.9225807
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The first time I saw you, you were Chasing down A cyclone All alone in the field With rail yards and clovers I kept rolling on Never thought you'd wind up ch...

25 Audioslave shadow on the sun with lyrics
By: ultimateravenfan
ID: 1H1mNSHvrek
Duration: 5.77 min.
Views: 371868
Rating: 4.9061832
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Audioslave: Shadow on the sun, with lyrics. not exactly sure what its about, but enjoy the great vocals of chris cornell.

26 Audioslave - Gasoline Live at Late Show
By: Getafjord
Duration: 4.60 min.
Views: 754494
Rating: 4.9436784
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Audioslave on the Late Show with David Letterman... The best Gasoline live performance ever! Don't miss this guys!

27 AudioSlave - Show Me How To Live - Live (2004)
By: neulevel
ID: 2w2Kw10G2nc
Duration: 5.12 min.
Views: 266144
Rating: 4.9516406
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28 Seven nation army - Audioslave
By: morrizhon
ID: ZmVPD1qak2c
Duration: 4.23 min.
Views: 3954122
Rating: 4.7144732
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Seven nation army performed by audioslave.

29 Like A Stone - Audioslave (aula de violão completa)
By: Cifra Club
ID: p5aV8XohQyk
Duration: 23.62 min.
Views: 235499
Rating: 4.9435525
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INSCREVA-SE: Cifra, tab e aula com divisão em capítulos em Equipamentos -Violão Eagle EAS10 Fernando Anitelli...

30 The Last Remaining Light-Audioslave Lyrics
By: NoirGhost13
Duration: 5.27 min.
Views: 30050
Rating: 4.9408865
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31 Audioslave - Shape the Things to Come
By: El León
Duration: 4.58 min.
Views: 23353
Rating: 4.941606
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Album: Revelations (2006) Lyrics: Well it's late in the hour And a few more grains of sand will fall On the colourful flowers Have grown upon the dust and mo...

32 Audioslave Set It Off
By: OuterHavenBigBoss
ID: k225_q1L9l4
Duration: 4.40 min.
Views: 171186
Rating: 4.917282
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Audioslave Set It Off.

33 Audioslave - Like a stone ( SUBTITULADO INGLES ESPAÑOL )
By: yrsl92
Duration: 4.87 min.
Views: 820296
Rating: 4.938265
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Lyrics traducido letras SUBTITULADA ingles español Subtitled English Spanish sub traducido castellano liveAudioslave Like a stone with lyrics subtituladas su...

34 Audioslave - Show Me How To Live (Bass Cover)
By: Garin Hatch
Duration: 4.63 min.
Views: 4131
Rating: 4.8095236
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Ken Smith Design 705 Proto J strung up with Fodera nickel strings Mesa Walkabout Tascam US-366 Reaper Definitely more awkward than I expected it to be and I'...

35 AudioSlave - What You Are
By: Xniffer69
ID: Pz-TZPzA0mc
Duration: 4.17 min.
Views: 86363
Rating: 4.92809
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Title: What You Are Songwriters: Timothy Commerford, Christopher Cornell, Thomas Morello, Brad Wilk Artist: AudioSlave Album: AudioSlave (December 2002) Rele...

36 Shadow Of The Sun ~ Audioslave
By: Xymphonie54
ID: aK2hU-Fd5uw
Duration: 5.73 min.
Views: 19928
Rating: 4.969925
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English - Spanish / Inglés - Español I don't own anything. All rights goes to Audioslave.

37 Audioslave- Hypnotize
By: hpsnorlaxdirector
ID: 1SoCHPgxHrk
Duration: 3.45 min.
Views: 64442
Rating: 4.9541984
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well if you set your mind to fallin i know that you can you got everything you wanted you've done everything you plan so let me make an offer i'm only trying...

38 Like a Stone - Audioslave (aula de baixo)
By: Cifra Club
ID: ePePYbqWmYo
Duration: 19.12 min.
Views: 97920
Rating: 4.863747
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Tab e aula com divisão em capítulos em Equipamento: Contrabaixo Benson Pedal NIG Bass Shaper - BSH

39 Out of Exile - Audioslave (Lyrics)
By: Lucas Prestes
Duration: 4.85 min.
Views: 116389
Rating: 4.992352
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40 Audioslave - The Worm - Live In Cuba
By: Aerio12345678
Duration: 4.07 min.
Views: 39855
Rating: 4.952941
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Audioslave Live In Cuba 2005 El album Live in Cuba es el primer DVD en vivo de la Banda Norteamericana Audioslave, Este fue un concierto gratuito que la band...

41 Audioslave - I Am The Highway ( Subtitulado Español )
By: camilo sancez
Duration: 5.65 min.
Views: 192417
Rating: 4.948417
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Music video by Audioslave performing i am the highway. (C) 2002 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT and Interscope Records.

42 Audioslave - Set It Off / Gasoline (Live on The Late Show Marquee)
By: joe lazuras
ID: 9RnZd5EcWeE
Duration: 14.75 min.
Views: 102384
Rating: 4.968153
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Audioslave live debut on November 25, 2002, performing a concert on the roof of the Ed Sullivan Theater on Broadway.

43 Sound Of A Gun - Audioslave
By: bludeguilherme
ID: _pzKB-STq5k
Duration: 4.45 min.
Views: 7607
Rating: 5.0
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A versão do álbum original. Música: Sound Of A Gun Artista: Audioslave Álbum: Revelations Faixa: 3 Ano: - Eu não tenho os direitos autorais dessa música.

44 Audioslave - Like a Stone (live) (ESP).wmv
By: Ivan Sainz
ID: EXKFet0nCps
Duration: 5.28 min.
Views: 107955
Rating: 4.9681373
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45 Audioslave - Your Time Has Come (Lyrics)
By: Mookie ShaunJam
ID: wlmqv_WE4Wk
Duration: 4.43 min.
Views: 119446
Rating: 4.806818
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Lyrics taken from the Out of Exile Album ------------------------------------------------ Audioslave - Your Time Has Come Now one fell asleep in the street a...

46 Audioslave - Wide Awake
By: Fatal1ty007
ID: 5vR1-PyXHfI
Duration: 4.45 min.
Views: 364869
Rating: 4.909091
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Song Wide Awake / Audioslave Morceau Wide Awake / Audioslave Full Version, good sound.

47 Audioslave - Like A Stone Subtitulado Español Ingles HD
By: diamante183
ID: Qeg4W8F6iRU
Duration: 4.70 min.
Views: 56192
Rating: 4.891892
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"Like a Stone" es una canción estadounidense de rock de la banda Audioslave. Aparece en su álbum de estudio debut de 2002, "Audioslave". Cuando estaba lanzad...

48 I Am The Highway - Audioslave (With Lyrics)
ID: kjUupfHcUA4
Duration: 6.07 min.
Views: 180641
Rating: 4.8345866
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Audioslaves "I Am The Highway" Off their first self-titled studio album. No copy write intended. I own Nothing, Lyrics belong to Audioslave. Enjoy.

49 Audioslave - Like A Stone Lyrics
By: tetsusaiga17
ID: blP_KHavt2o
Duration: 4.92 min.
Views: 74274
Rating: 4.8991594
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Audioslave - Like A Stone Lyrics I do not own the song.

50 Audioslave - I Am The Highway
By: George Macêdo
ID: MgnGy6Of5mo
Duration: 5.32 min.
Views: 434316
Rating: 4.941896
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Live in Cuba (2005).