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1 Audioslave - 2002 - Audioslave (Album)
By: diego182
ID: dxx0aNnOtbg
Duration: 65.95 min.
Views: 603122
Rating: 4.735478
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Audioslave - 2002 - Audioslave (Album) 1. Cochise 0:00 2. Show Me How to Live 3:43 3. Gasoline 8:23 4. What You Are 13:03 5. Like a Stone 17:16 6. Set It Off...

2 Audioslave - Like a Stone (Official Video)
By: AudioslaveVEVO
ID: 7QU1nvuxaMA
Duration: 5.00 min.
Views: 66377937
Rating: 4.941581
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Official music video for Audioslave 'Like A Stone' Follow Audioslave on Spotify: Click here to buy the album: http://sma...

3 Audioslave - Greatest Hits (Full Album)
By: MrLeonadosilva
Duration: 77.87 min.
Views: 302843
Rating: 4.8817735
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LEIA A DESCRIÇÃO ! READ THE DESCRIPTION ! Audioslave ! The greatest hits ! Eu fiz essa maçã ! I made this thing ! Ajudem essa maçã ! Help me guys ! I own not...

4 Audioslave - Show Me How to Live
By: AudioslaveVEVO
Duration: 4.97 min.
Views: 14068290
Rating: 4.9477754
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Music video by Audioslave performing Show Me How To Live. (C) 2002 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT. and Interscope Records.

5 Audioslave - Be Yourself
By: AudioslaveVEVO
ID: WC5FdFlUcl0
Duration: 4.72 min.
Views: 21224178
Rating: 4.956056
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Music video by Audioslave performing Be Yourself. (C) 2005 Interscope Records and Sony BMG Entertainment.

6 Audioslave - Live in Cuba (Full concert)
By: murke86
ID: dLhsTFknikY
Duration: 90.82 min.
Views: 621342
Rating: 4.9478564
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Audioslave was the first American rock band to perform an open-air concert in Cuba. Video was filmed at the anti-imperialist plaza in Havana 05/06/2005 .This...

7 Audioslave - I Am The Highway (Lyrics)
By: 80sRock34
ID: hWlkmkZW2hk
Duration: 5.60 min.
Views: 2456489
Rating: 4.869049
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Audioslave - I Am The Highway (With On Screen Lyrics) Enjoy!!!!!

8 Audioslave - Cochise
By: AudioslaveVEVO
ID: KDMvN45sjo4
Duration: 3.95 min.
Views: 7089184
Rating: 4.9479003
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Music video by Audioslave performing Cochise. (C) 2002 Sony Music Entertainment Inc. and Interscope Records.

9 Audioslave - 2005 - Out of Exile (Album)
By: diego182
ID: Eb7rD9JbT-g
Duration: 53.78 min.
Views: 95372
Rating: 4.796078
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Audioslave - 2005 - Out of Exile (Album) 1. Your Time Has Come 0:00 2. Out of Exile 4:14 3. Be Yourself 9:15 4. Doesn't Remind Me 13:44 5. Drown Me Slowly 17...

10 Audioslave - Doesn't Remind Me
By: AudioslaveVEVO
ID: lBFdX37Qpnk
Duration: 4.28 min.
Views: 9255571
Rating: 4.949124
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Music video by Audioslave performing Doesn't Remind Me. (C) 2005 Interscope Records and Sony BMG Entertainment.

11 Audioslave - Revelations
By: AudioslaveVEVO
ID: 4m2q5Fw8gwI
Duration: 4.22 min.
Views: 5895370
Rating: 4.960241
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Music video by Audioslave performing Revelations. (C) 2006 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT and Interscope Records.

12 Audioslave - Shadow on the Sun [HQ]
By: Christian Ertel
ID: dfF4t9-wpCM
Duration: 5.73 min.
Views: 2438108
Rating: 4.9115725
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Once upon a time I was of the mind To lay your burden down And leave you where you stood And you believed I could You'd seen it done before I could read your...

13 Audioslave - I Am The Highway Live
By: MasterTech
ID: 725iONdAu9Q
Duration: 5.57 min.
Views: 4574953
Rating: 4.9258647
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Audioslave performs "I Am The Highway" Live.

14 Audioslave-Gasoline (Lyrics)
By: ma369rtin
ID: 62_0ZHhOo58
Duration: 4.75 min.
Views: 917309
Rating: 4.9186964
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House is haunted I just want to go for a ride Out and on Before I set this room alight Left alone forever and for crimes unclear With my patience gone Someon...

15 Audioslave - I Am The Highway
By: PetitJeReve
ID: QAfpuiDZV_c
Duration: 5.60 min.
Views: 492717
Rating: 4.9345503
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A music video of the song ('cause I can't find it anywhere) with some random photos of Audioslave, highways and an owl. Enjoy the song (: All rights to Chris...

By: Judge JoeDredd
Duration: 4.85 min.
Views: 3389051
Rating: 4.874913
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17 Audioslave - Show me how to live(new Video)
By: Túlio Santana
ID: qJqf-ZxKf0s
Duration: 4.63 min.
Views: 1452883
Rating: 4.862798
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mix do filme e a música.

18 Audioslave - Live at Quart Festival 2005
By: trca18
ID: UEOx8e8HueA
Duration: 46.42 min.
Views: 115854
Rating: 4.9150643
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Complete Quart Festival with Audioslave in 2005 Only in channel of trca18! Audioslave fans channel!

19 Audioslave - Revelations (2006) (Full Album)
By: Katy Goode
ID: 12Cuhpzbuds
Duration: 48.52 min.
Views: 15375
Rating: 5.0
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Audioslave's 2006 album. Tracklist: 1. Revelations 2. One and the Same 3. Sound of a Gun 4. Until We Fall 5. Original Fire 6. Broken City 7. Somedays 8. Shap...

20 Audioslave - Set It Off / Gasoline (Live on The Late Show Marquee)
By: joe lazuras
ID: 9RnZd5EcWeE
Duration: 14.75 min.
Views: 115200
Rating: 4.9650145
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Audioslave live debut on November 25, 2002, performing a concert on the roof of the Ed Sullivan Theater on Broadway.

21 Seven nation army - Audioslave
By: morrizhon
ID: ZmVPD1qak2c
Duration: 4.23 min.
Views: 4057970
Rating: 4.717035
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Seven nation army performed by audioslave.

22 Audioslave - Like A Stone lyrics
By: BhavsAndSurs
ID: a9jcb2EnQxg
Duration: 5.07 min.
Views: 670038
Rating: 4.880266
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Look at the title. Lol ;) I do not own any of the material shown in the video. This was made for entertainment purposes only.

23 AudioSlave - What You Are
By: Xniffer69
ID: Pz-TZPzA0mc
Duration: 4.17 min.
Views: 116523
Rating: 4.935018
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Title: What You Are Songwriters: Timothy Commerford, Christopher Cornell, Thomas Morello, Brad Wilk Artist: AudioSlave Album: AudioSlave (December 2002) Rele...

24 Audioslave - Original Fire
By: AudioslaveVEVO
ID: u1mexmK6bDY
Duration: 3.65 min.
Views: 2675079
Rating: 4.9556847
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Music video by Audioslave performing Original Fire. (C) 2006 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT and Interscope Records.

25 Broken City - Audioslave
By: bludeguilherme
ID: BLJt5S7N5lk
Duration: 3.87 min.
Views: 9029
Rating: 5.0
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A versão do álbum original. Música: Broken City Artista: Audioslave Álbum: Revelations Faixa: 6 Ano: - Eu não tenho os direitos autorais dessa música.

26 Audioslave - Audioslave (2002) (Full Album)
By: Katy Goode
Duration: 65.47 min.
Views: 558
Rating: 4.6363635
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Audioslave's 2002 album. Tracklist: 1. Cochise 2. Show Me How to Live 3. Gasoline 4. What You Are 5. Like a Stone 6. Set it Off 7. Shadow on the Sun 8. I Am ...

27 Audioslave - Yesterday To Tomorrow ( +lyrics)
By: MrJG14
Duration: 4.57 min.
Views: 8357
Rating: 4.928571
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Audioslave (Out Of Exile) - Yesterday To Tomorrow LYRICS: Beauty is what eyes behold And you burn brighter than most I chased you through the midnight street...

28 Audioslave - Black Hole Sun /Like A Stone (Live 8)
By: EduSanchezC29
ID: 0i5aeshkjFg
Duration: 7.17 min.
Views: 607553
Rating: 4.9615
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29 Audioslave - Show Me How To Live (Lyrics in Description)
By: davemustaineGOD
ID: -ZptCxAI4sI
Duration: 4.65 min.
Views: 32381
Rating: 4.9304347
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Simple video, don't be harsh In with the early dawn Moving right along Couldn't buy an eye full of sleep And in the aching night Under satelites I was not re...

30 Audioslave - Like A Stone Subtitulado Español Ingles HD
By: diamante183
ID: Qeg4W8F6iRU
Duration: 4.70 min.
Views: 59660
Rating: 4.88
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"Like a Stone" es una canción estadounidense de rock de la banda Audioslave. Aparece en su álbum de estudio debut de 2002, "Audioslave". Cuando estaba lanzad...

31 Audioslave - Live in Cuba - Doesn't Remind Me
By: konik243
ID: pZfe_bA25ZE
Duration: 4.63 min.
Views: 146235
Rating: 4.9565215
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Audioslave - Live in Cuba - Doesn't Remind Me.

32 Audioslave - Out of Exile (2005) (Full Album)
By: Katy Goode
ID: 6a7Se_rjT0E
Duration: 53.75 min.
Views: 2269
Rating: 5.0
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Audioslave's 2005 album. Tracklist: 1. Your Time Has Come 2. Out of Exile 3. Be Yourself 4. Doesn't Remind Me 5. Drown Me Slowly 6. Heaven's Dead 7. The Worm...

33 The Pretty Reckless - "Like a Stone" [Audioslave cover acoustic] (Live in San Diego 10-9-13)
By: TheRealConcertKing
ID: Feky5W_1_x4
Duration: 5.50 min.
Views: 47438
Rating: 4.768374
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The Pretty Reckless performing an acoustic cover of Like a Stone by Audioslave live from the Going to Hell tour at House of Blues in San Diego, CA on October...

34 Audioslave - I Am The Highway
By: e31arenas
ID: cy2ZUGc2mSs
Duration: 6.40 min.
Views: 7141870
Rating: 4.8653674
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Video of our move from Los Angeles, CA to Yakima, WA in March 2006. We left my whole family behind to start a new one. Thank you brothers and sisters for hol...

35 Audioslave - Revelations (Subtitulado Español)
By: Sony Samurai
ID: qRStbfJ5-h4
Duration: 4.22 min.
Views: 27137
Rating: 4.976331
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36 Audioslave - AOL Sessions (2005) (Full Concert)
By: Stan Smith
Duration: 31.87 min.
Views: 7071
Rating: 5.0
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Audioslave's 2005 set on "Sessions on AOL". I replaced the audio on the middle 5 songs with CD-quality versions off of the "Live in Cuba" bonus disc. Trackli...

37 Audioslave - Your Time Has Come
By: AudioslaveVEVO
Duration: 4.25 min.
Views: 2326537
Rating: 4.9593544
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Music video by Audioslave performing Your Time Has Come. (C) 2005 Interscope Records and Sony BMG Entertainment.

38 Audioslave - Covers & Rare (2007) (Full Album)
By: George Costanza
Duration: 77.60 min.
Views: 8698
Rating: 5.0
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The 2007 bootleg Audioslave compilation "Covers & Rare". Tracklist: 1. Give 2. Gold (rod edit) 3. Set It Off (Live in Studio) 4. Gasoline (Live in Studio) 5....

39 Audioslave-Getaway Car (Lyrics)
By: ma369rtin
Duration: 5.05 min.
Views: 413931
Rating: 4.927528
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The first time I saw you, you were Chasing down A cyclone All alone in the field With rail yards and clovers I kept rolling on Never thought you'd wind up ch...

40 Audioslave - Shape the Things to Come
By: El León
Duration: 4.58 min.
Views: 29427
Rating: 4.951807
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Album: Revelations (2006) Lyrics: Well it's late in the hour And a few more grains of sand will fall On the colourful flowers Have grown upon the dust and mo...

By: stefy0993
Duration: 4.88 min.
Views: 214663
Rating: 4.899705
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Like A Stone es una canción de la banda estadounidense Audioslave. Pertenece al primer álbum de estudio de la banda titulado "Audioslave" del año 2002. Puede...

42 Audioslave - Getaway Car
By: Daniel Bloch
ID: VMAy_ynMn8M
Duration: 5.02 min.
Views: 29298
Rating: 4.9802957
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Getaway Car from their selftitled album Audioslave, 2002. All rights belong to SME. Song may also be known as How My Heart Behaves to some.

43 audioslave the worm
By: coolthing100
ID: cBh2qJKdCyQ
Duration: 3.97 min.
Views: 52655
Rating: 0
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i am uploadin all the song of audioslave and there are many,so if you notice that somone is missing just tell me,ENJOY THE GREAT MUSIC.

44 Audioslave - Live in Pinkpop Festival 2003
By: trca18
Duration: 24.55 min.
Views: 125658
Rating: 4.91423
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Full show of Audioslave - Live in Pinkpop Festival (2003) trca18 only here in the channel, channel officials Audioslave fans! Comment and enjoy!

45 Audioslave- Like a Stone Lyrics {RockLyricMan}
By: RockLyricMan
ID: pxNxlGrlhtE
Duration: 4.83 min.
Views: 188322
Rating: 4.8194256
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Lyrics: On a cobweb afternoon In a room full of emptiness By a freeway I confess I was lost in the pages Of a book full of death Reading how we'll die alone ...

46 Audioslave - Be Yourself Live Sessions At AOL
By: Anshul1614
Duration: 5.07 min.
Views: 216777
Rating: 4.9665775
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The Vocal Singer Is Really Good And The Solo Is Really Inspiring!!! Sorry For The Print!!!

47 Nothing Left To Say But Goodbye - Audioslave
By: bludeguilherme
ID: w5a-ngzIw-c
Duration: 3.63 min.
Views: 5163
Rating: 4.8461537
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A versão do álbum original. Música: Nothing Left To Say But Goodbye Artista: Audioslave Álbum: Revelations Faixa: 11 Ano: 2006 Eu não tenho os direitos autor...

48 Audioslave - "Revelations"
By: audioslaveLATINO
Duration: 6.57 min.
Views: 139696
Rating: 4.8783784
Watch On YouTube Especial de Audioslave, acerca de su nuevo disco "Revelations".

49 Audioslave - AOL Sessions (2003) (Full Concert)
By: Stan Smith
Duration: 40.12 min.
Views: 4078
Rating: 4.8
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Audioslave's 2003 set on AOL Sessions, pieced together from various sources. Because of that, and the fact the video capturing technology wasn't exactly the ...

50 Audioslave - The Curse
By: Waterlink
Duration: 5.20 min.
Views: 92008
Rating: 4.9542856
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Help me I don't know what I'm doing Help me before I fall to ruin And if I'm blind, I will lead you on Come follow me now, before our time is gone And as you...