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1 Audioslave - 2002 - Audioslave (Album)
By: diego182
ID: dxx0aNnOtbg
Duration: 65.95 min.
Views: 532782
Rating: 4.73602
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Audioslave - 2002 - Audioslave (Album) 1. Cochise 0:00 2. Show Me How to Live 3:43 3. Gasoline 8:23 4. What You Are 13:03 5. Like a Stone 17:16 6. Set It Off...

2 Audioslave - Like a Stone (Official Video)
By: AudioslaveVEVO
ID: 7QU1nvuxaMA
Duration: 5.00 min.
Views: 64066888
Rating: 4.9420404
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Official music video for Audioslave 'Like A Stone' Follow Audioslave on Spotify: Click here to buy the album: http://sma...

3 Audioslave - Greatest Hits (Full Album)
By: MrLeonadosilva
Duration: 77.87 min.
Views: 233908
Rating: 4.924647
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LEIA A DESCRIÇÃO ! READ THE DESCRIPTION ! Audioslave ! The greatest hits ! Eu fiz essa maçã ! I made this thing ! Ajudem essa maçã ! Help me guys ! I own not...

4 Audioslave - Show Me How to Live
By: AudioslaveVEVO
Duration: 4.97 min.
Views: 13576381
Rating: 4.9492197
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Music video by Audioslave performing Show Me How To Live. (C) 2002 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT. and Interscope Records.

5 Audioslave - Live in Cuba (Full concert)
By: murke86
ID: dLhsTFknikY
Duration: 90.82 min.
Views: 599944
Rating: 4.9477057
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Audioslave was the first American rock band to perform an open-air concert in Cuba. Video was filmed at the anti-imperialist plaza in Havana 05/06/2005 .This...

6 Audioslave - Be Yourself
By: AudioslaveVEVO
ID: WC5FdFlUcl0
Duration: 4.72 min.
Views: 20656933
Rating: 4.9566092
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Music video by Audioslave performing Be Yourself. (C) 2005 Interscope Records and Sony BMG Entertainment.

7 Audioslave - Cochise
By: AudioslaveVEVO
ID: KDMvN45sjo4
Duration: 3.95 min.
Views: 6840341
Rating: 4.949859
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Music video by Audioslave performing Cochise. (C) 2002 Sony Music Entertainment Inc. and Interscope Records.

8 Audioslave - I Am The Highway (Lyrics)
By: 80sRock34
ID: hWlkmkZW2hk
Duration: 5.60 min.
Views: 2330697
Rating: 4.869156
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Audioslave - I Am The Highway (With On Screen Lyrics) Enjoy!!!!!

9 Audioslave - 2005 - Out of Exile (Album)
By: diego182
ID: Eb7rD9JbT-g
Duration: 53.78 min.
Views: 84913
Rating: 4.788546
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Audioslave - 2005 - Out of Exile (Album) 1. Your Time Has Come 0:00 2. Out of Exile 4:14 3. Be Yourself 9:15 4. Doesn't Remind Me 13:44 5. Drown Me Slowly 17...

10 Audioslave - Doesn't Remind Me
By: AudioslaveVEVO
ID: lBFdX37Qpnk
Duration: 4.28 min.
Views: 9061117
Rating: 4.949778
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Music video by Audioslave performing Doesn't Remind Me. (C) 2005 Interscope Records and Sony BMG Entertainment.

11 Audioslave - Revelations
By: AudioslaveVEVO
ID: 4m2q5Fw8gwI
Duration: 4.22 min.
Views: 5745013
Rating: 4.9612684
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Music video by Audioslave performing Revelations. (C) 2006 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT and Interscope Records.

12 Audioslave - Shadow on the Sun [HQ]
By: Christian Ertel
ID: dfF4t9-wpCM
Duration: 5.73 min.
Views: 2353584
Rating: 4.914055
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Once upon a time I was of the mind To lay your burden down And leave you where you stood And you believed I could You'd seen it done before I could read your...

13 Audioslave-Gasoline (Lyrics)
By: ma369rtin
ID: 62_0ZHhOo58
Duration: 4.75 min.
Views: 876660
Rating: 4.917683
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House is haunted I just want to go for a ride Out and on Before I set this room alight Left alone forever and for crimes unclear With my patience gone Someon...

14 Audioslave - I Am The Highway
By: PetitJeReve
ID: QAfpuiDZV_c
Duration: 5.60 min.
Views: 465168
Rating: 4.932356
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A music video of the song ('cause I can't find it anywhere) with some random photos of Audioslave, highways and an owl. Enjoy the song (: All rights to Chris...

By: Judge JoeDredd
Duration: 4.85 min.
Views: 3328573
Rating: 4.877694
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16 Audioslave - I Am The Highway Live
By: MasterTech
ID: 725iONdAu9Q
Duration: 5.57 min.
Views: 4539624
Rating: 4.926513
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Audioslave performs "I Am The Highway" Live.

17 Seven nation army - Audioslave
By: morrizhon
ID: ZmVPD1qak2c
Duration: 4.23 min.
Views: 4024335
Rating: 4.7160034
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Seven nation army performed by audioslave.

18 Audioslave - Show me how to live(new Video)
By: Túlio Santana
ID: qJqf-ZxKf0s
Duration: 4.63 min.
Views: 1426717
Rating: 4.8629456
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mix do filme e a música.

19 Audioslave - Live at Quart Festival 2005
By: trca18
ID: UEOx8e8HueA
Duration: 46.42 min.
Views: 112516
Rating: 4.9201956
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Complete Quart Festival with Audioslave in 2005 Only in channel of trca18! Audioslave fans channel!

20 Chris Cornell - Unplugged In Sweden (Full Album)
By: firestarter66677
ID: h3Qjk9LqDvw
Duration: 56.70 min.
Views: 982618
Rating: 4.8802295
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Artist:Chris Cornell (Soundgarden/Audioslave/Temple Of The Dog) Album:Chris Cornell - Unplugged In Sweden Cou...

21 Audioslave - Revelations (2006) (Full Album)
By: Katy Goode
ID: 12Cuhpzbuds
Duration: 48.52 min.
Views: 7752
Rating: 5.0
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Audioslave's 2006 album. Tracklist: 1. Revelations 2. One and the Same 3. Sound of a Gun 4. Until We Fall 5. Original Fire 6. Broken City 7. Somedays 8. Shap...

22 AudioSlave - What You Are
By: Xniffer69
ID: Pz-TZPzA0mc
Duration: 4.17 min.
Views: 106606
Rating: 4.9379845
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Title: What You Are Songwriters: Timothy Commerford, Christopher Cornell, Thomas Morello, Brad Wilk Artist: AudioSlave Album: AudioSlave (December 2002) Rele...

23 Audioslave - Set It Off / Gasoline (Live on The Late Show Marquee)
By: joe lazuras
ID: 9RnZd5EcWeE
Duration: 14.75 min.
Views: 111013
Rating: 4.9643917
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Audioslave live debut on November 25, 2002, performing a concert on the roof of the Ed Sullivan Theater on Broadway.

24 Audioslave - Dandelion (Lyrics)
By: Mookie ShaunJam
Duration: 4.80 min.
Views: 142527
Rating: 4.9205127
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Lyrics from the Out of Exile album -------------------------------------------------- Audioslave - Dandelion Settle down now and sit with me Let me tell you ...

25 Audioslave - Be Yourself [Bass Cover by Miki Santamaria]
By: Miki Santamaria
Duration: 4.65 min.
Views: 15054
Rating: 4.862069
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Did you like this bass cover? I have more than 40 bass covers on my YouTube channel! Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jamiroquai, Rage Against the Machine, John Mayer,...

26 Audioslave - I am the highway (Instrumental)
By: Mortimeron
ID: bN1VsBb_B3M
Duration: 4.65 min.
Views: 48231
Rating: 4.783784
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Karaoke (Instrumental) version of "I am the highway" by Audioslave.

27 Audioslave - Original Fire
By: AudioslaveVEVO
ID: u1mexmK6bDY
Duration: 3.65 min.
Views: 2607181
Rating: 4.957456
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Music video by Audioslave performing Original Fire. (C) 2006 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT and Interscope Records.

28 Audioslave - Out of Exile (2005) (Full Album)
By: Katy Goode
ID: 6a7Se_rjT0E
Duration: 53.75 min.
Views: 1160
Rating: 5.0
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Audioslave's 2005 album. Tracklist: 1. Your Time Has Come 2. Out of Exile 3. Be Yourself 4. Doesn't Remind Me 5. Drown Me Slowly 6. Heaven's Dead 7. The Worm...

29 Guitar Lessons Tom Morello Lesson Audioslave Cochise Guitar Lesson
By: howtoplaytheguitarhq
Duration: 4.88 min.
Views: 26797
Rating: 4.3513513
Watch On YouTube Guitar lessons in the style of Tom Morello from Audioslave and Rage Against The Machine. In this Tom Morello lesson I wil...

30 Audioslave - Like A Stone (Subtitulado)
By: Ematon16
Duration: 3.68 min.
Views: 168564
Rating: 4.9539475
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Audioslave like a stone... el mejor tema de audioslave... lastima que se separaron...

31 Audioslave. The Curse. HD.
By: Australian Metal
Duration: 5.17 min.
Views: 3025
Rating: 5.0
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I do not own or make money from this video. All rights to this video go to Audioslave.

32 Audioslave - The Curse (Studio Version)
By: Kikuku94
ID: Al1wADyVT60
Duration: 5.17 min.
Views: 30853
Rating: 4.970149
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From the album "OUT OF THE EXILE", 2005.

33 Audioslave - Like A Stone Subtitulado Español Ingles HD
By: diamante183
ID: Qeg4W8F6iRU
Duration: 4.70 min.
Views: 58665
Rating: 4.876289
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"Like a Stone" es una canción estadounidense de rock de la banda Audioslave. Aparece en su álbum de estudio debut de 2002, "Audioslave". Cuando estaba lanzad...

34 Audioslave - AOL Sessions (2003) (Full Concert)
By: Stan Smith
Duration: 40.12 min.
Views: 3395
Rating: 4.7777777
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Audioslave's 2003 set on AOL Sessions, pieced together from various sources. Because of that, and the fact the video capturing technology wasn't exactly the ...

35 Audioslave - Live in Pinkpop Festival 2003
By: trca18
Duration: 24.55 min.
Views: 120880
Rating: 4.911469
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Full show of Audioslave - Live in Pinkpop Festival (2003) trca18 only here in the channel, channel officials Audioslave fans! Comment and enjoy!

36 Audioslave- What you are
By: Thib91
ID: xgr82Y6Imfk
Duration: 4.17 min.
Views: 321348
Rating: 4.933687
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Sound without any picture.

37 Audioslave - Seven Nation Army
By: Johans Gonsalez
ID: subBR4IRorU
Duration: 4.33 min.
Views: 19283
Rating: 4.8208957
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(Audioslave - Seven Nation Army) Audioslave fue un supergrupo estadounidense de metal alternativo formado en Los Ángeles, California en 2001 por el vocalista...

38 Audioslave - Your Time Has Come
By: AudioslaveVEVO
Duration: 4.25 min.
Views: 2266413
Rating: 4.957914
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Music video by Audioslave performing Your Time Has Come. (C) 2005 Interscope Records and Sony BMG Entertainment.

39 Audioslave - Shape the Things to Come
By: El León
Duration: 4.58 min.
Views: 27330
Rating: 4.9506173
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Album: Revelations (2006) Lyrics: Well it's late in the hour And a few more grains of sand will fall On the colourful flowers Have grown upon the dust and mo...

40 Audioslave - Like a Stone (ao vivo em Havana. Cuba)
By: Cyro CAFBS
ID: ed81Yh5GaV8
Duration: 5.18 min.
Views: 22345
Rating: 4.9619045
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Show ao vivo, gravado na cidade de Havana em Cuba. CAF@.BS.

41 audioslave shadow on the sun
By: coolthing100
Duration: 5.73 min.
Views: 2071129
Rating: 4.916752
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i am uploadin all the song of audioslave and there are many,so if you notice that somone is missing just tell me,ENJOY THE GREAT MUSIC.

42 Audioslave - Black Hole Sun /Like A Stone (Live 8)
By: EduSanchezC29
ID: 0i5aeshkjFg
Duration: 7.17 min.
Views: 597299
Rating: 4.9609823
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43 Audioslave - AOL Sessions (2005) (Full Concert)
By: Stan Smith
Duration: 31.87 min.
Views: 5242
Rating: 5.0
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Audioslave's 2005 set on "Sessions on AOL". I replaced the audio on the middle 5 songs with CD-quality versions off of the "Live in Cuba" bonus disc. Trackli...

44 Audioslave-Getaway Car (Lyrics)
By: ma369rtin
Duration: 5.05 min.
Views: 398662
Rating: 4.925166
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The first time I saw you, you were Chasing down A cyclone All alone in the field With rail yards and clovers I kept rolling on Never thought you'd wind up ch...

45 Audioslave - Heaven's dead (subtitulado)
By: Darío Rojas
Duration: 4.62 min.
Views: 109893
Rating: 4.990654
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46 Audioslave - Like A Stone lyrics
By: BhavsAndSurs
ID: a9jcb2EnQxg
Duration: 5.07 min.
Views: 647663
Rating: 4.8814473
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Look at the title. Lol ;) I do not own any of the material shown in the video. This was made for entertainment purposes only.

47 Audioslave - I Am The Highway (Rare with Lyrics)
By: Sergio Llanos
ID: nLEozEcylKQ
Duration: 5.58 min.
Views: 207132
Rating: 4.9367743
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A song that reminds me just too much... I listened last night, and felt the need to put my own images on it. Please excuse the bad quality of the video, I ha...

48 audioslave- be yourself Tutorial guitarra
By: Manuel Omar
ID: trIs8FrxURA
Duration: 11.45 min.
Views: 10476
Rating: 4.428571
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aqui puedes ver la tablatura: Sugerencias, Dudas, Comentarios?

By: stefy0993
Duration: 4.88 min.
Views: 200975
Rating: 4.8996863
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Like A Stone es una canción de la banda estadounidense Audioslave. Pertenece al primer álbum de estudio de la banda titulado "Audioslave" del año 2002. Puede...

50 Audioslave - I am the highway (Music video)
By: Anzie
ID: 3jA13XYlWHc
Duration: 5.58 min.
Views: 867249
Rating: 4.9200106
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Song: I am the highway, band: Audioslave. I felt that this song was missing a musicvideo so I decided to make one tonight (since I couldn't fall asleep) Hope...