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1 The Beatles II Black Album
By: soundshaper
ID: 4ez99s0862c
Duration: 127.93 min.
Views: 610722
Rating: 4.861284
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This is a response to the videos posted with interviews of the individual Beatles who still liked to play music with one another but not so much as Beatles a...

2 The Beatles Rooftop
By: Wellington Moreira
Duration: 21.95 min.
Views: 56040
Rating: 4.9190283
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Top de mais esse vídeo !!!

3 The Beatles - Live Empire Pool - 1965 + Presentation
By: silvertwin7
ID: uc8wtwASPhY
Duration: 20.62 min.
Views: 1967617
Rating: 4.7246175
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00:00 Speech 01:23 THE BEATLES !! 02:39 I Feel Fine 05:17 She's a Woman 08:26 Baby's in Black 11:04 Ticket To Ride 14:47 Long Tall Sally 17:34 Presentation.

4 The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun
By: DeutschMatheLehrer
Duration: 3.10 min.
Views: 1008037
Rating: 4.9424624
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The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun 1969 "Here Comes the Sun" is a song by George Harrison from The Beatles' 1969 album Abbey Road. he song, one of Harrison's b...

5 The Beatles - Words Of Love
By: TheBeatlesVEVO
Duration: 2.42 min.
Views: 5841765
Rating: 4.8937936
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Music video by The Beatles performing "Words Of Love" (C) 2013 Apple Corps Ltd. On Air - Live at the BBC Vol. 2 Amazon: itu...

6 The Beatles - Hey Jude
By: DeutschMatheLehrer
Duration: 7.15 min.
Views: 3273081
Rating: 4.9151664
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The Beatles - Hey Jude 1968 "Hey Jude" is a song by the English rock band The Beatles. Credited to Lennon/McCartney, the ballad evolved from "Hey Jules", a s...

7 Paul McCartney On The Beatles' Breakup and What Lead To It (1990)
By: T2TCB1701
ID: aboVVvLgelw
Duration: 10.48 min.
Views: 693786
Rating: 4.8375244
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A segment from "48 Hours with Paul McCartney" during the 1989-1990 World Tour, in which Paul is interviewed and opens up on what lead to the breakup of The B...

8 The Beatles - The Making Of "Abbey Road"
By: DrSotosOctopus
ID: or0aEmkqlCI
Duration: 6.93 min.
Views: 394334
Rating: 4.878067
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"Abbey Road" is the 11th studio album released by the Beatles. It is their last recorded album, although Let It Be was the last album released before the ban...

9 The beatles- She love's you, close your'e eyes,Twist and shout, Can't buy me love.
By: theo boksebeld
Duration: 10.97 min.
Views: 83590
Rating: 4.891051
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The beatles in nederland. Met Jimmy nicol. The beatles in holland. With Jimmy nicol. Why all the discussions about Playback or not playback? Just enjoy the m...

10 The Beatles - I've Got a Feeling - Let It Be (STEREO REMASTERED)
By: BrawlDiscussion
ID: 82pmQHA-jyY
Duration: 3.63 min.
Views: 80005
Rating: 4.9686275
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From the 2009 stereo remasters now in stores. Copyright: do not own anything related to the Beatles. However, I have purchase the album which this song is co...

11 The Beatles - "Revolver" Press Conference (incomplete) Los Angeles, CA - August 24, 1966
By: Cozycriter
Duration: 14.90 min.
Views: 158791
Rating: 0
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Disclaimer: I do not own The Beatles or their music. No copyright infringement is intended. The boys hold a press conference at Capitol Records Tower where t...

12 The Beatles - Nowhere Man
By: fucktown
ID: GVueJtckbtg
Duration: 2.77 min.
Views: 1285645
Rating: 4.952475
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from Rubber Soul album,one of my favorites! enjoy!

13 The Beatles - 07 - Michelle (2013 Stereo Remix & Remaster)
By: TheOneBeatleManiac
Duration: 2.50 min.
Views: 192153
Rating: 4.8347387
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READ DESCRIPTION AND LISTEN/WATCH IN THE HIGHEST QUALITY, PLEASE. Download Rubber Soul (2013 Stereo Remix & Remaster by TOBM)! Link updated as of December 17...

14 The Beatles - Oh! Darling
By: DeutschMatheLehrer
ID: 2ecBCpfgH_E
Duration: 3.48 min.
Views: 3592030
Rating: 4.9451904
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The Beatles - Oh! Darling 1969 "Oh! Darling" is a song of The Beatles composed by Paul McCartney (credited to Lennon/McCartney) and appearing as the fourth s...

15 The Beatles - And I Love Her (lyrics)
By: Barrilete cósmico
Duration: 2.48 min.
Views: 304178
Rating: 4.9366693
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The Beatles were an English rock band that formed in Liverpool in 1960. "And I Love Her" is a song recorded by the Beatles, written mainly by Paul McCartney ...

16 "Some Other Guy " The Beatles at the Cabern REMASTER Take one and two.
By: Martin Dos Santos
ID: nisU8XDl-dM
Duration: 9.35 min.
Views: 112640
Rating: 4.941368
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THE Beatles some other guy.

17 The Beatles - If I fell (from the movie A hard day's night)
By: Karen H F
ID: Ot_AqGfTjjg
Duration: 3.10 min.
Views: 388566
Rating: 4.9698644
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I've seen this uploaded, but never the whole scene, so I thought I'd add it.

18 Beatles go Baroque, Concerto grosso in the style of Bach
By: luskeymac
ID: jpKIvyy6jg8
Duration: 19.40 min.
Views: 47306
Rating: 4.851852
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Concerto grosso in the style of Johann Sebastian Bach, based on songs of The Beatles, arrangement by Peter Breiner. Songs: Tha long and winding road, Eight d...

19 The Beatles - Ticket To Ride
By: fucktown
ID: VMxyK9azXR4
Duration: 3.22 min.
Views: 4338731
Rating: 4.928598
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The Beatles - Ticket To Ride from Help! Album.Enjoy!

20 The Beatles - Abbey Road Medley
By: Sonny-Dave Rouleau
ID: E9L8En9dNHk
Duration: 16.77 min.
Views: 16654
Rating: 4.8846154
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The Abbey Road Album Medley, 1969 (Songs written by Lennon/McCartney and Harrison) 0:00 : You Never Give Me Your Money 4:03 : Sun King 6:30 : Mean Mr. Mustar...

21 The Beatles - Girl (subtitulado al español)
ID: tf9_fEJlNb0
Duration: 2.63 min.
Views: 1211735
Rating: 4.961624
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Girl (subtitulado al español)

22 The Beatles - You Like Me Too Much
By: bongoodoc
ID: paZilSbbFJc
Duration: 2.67 min.
Views: 462674
Rating: 4.9635415
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The Beatles - You Like Me Too Much.

23 The Beatles-Hey Jude
By: AllTheLoveGoneBlack
Duration: 7.07 min.
Views: 47618310
Rating: 4.8902984
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Hey, Jude, don't make it bad Take a sad song and make it better Remember to let her into your heart Then you can start to make it better Hey, Jude, don't be ...

24 The Beatles-100 Greatest Songs (Rolling Stone Magazine)
By: DrBigMac1124
ID: lMh_WnKLmtM
Duration: 8.25 min.
Views: 23432
Rating: 4.9512196
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The Beatles 100 Greatest Songs ***ACCORDING TO ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE*** Intro Song: "That Means A Lot" - Anthology 2 the list: 1. A Day in the Life 2. I Wan...

25 The Beatles All You Need Is Love (Lyrics).wmv
By: fabi0gr0sso
ID: wtS4ef0vqhU
Duration: 3.90 min.
Views: 873956
Rating: 4.9105997
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karaoke beatles.

26 Voyager - il mistero dei Beatles
By: Domenico Pota
Duration: 23.33 min.
Views: 375958
Rating: 4.259584
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Voyager - il mistero dei Beatles dalla puntata del 7 febbraio 2011.

27 The Beatles - Mean Mr. Mustard, Polythene Pam & She Came In Through The Bathroom Window Subtitulado
By: aamacphisto
ID: U9miGu8U1t8
Duration: 4.38 min.
Views: 50400
Rating: 4.981132
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Canciones Mean Mr Mustard Polythene Pam She Came In Through Bathroom Window del disco Abbey Road subtituladas en español sin interrupciones y audio origianl ...

28 Yesterday Karaoke The Beatles - You Sing the Hits
By: YouSingTheHits
ID: sJIqPmf_8w4
Duration: 2.25 min.
Views: 2021607
Rating: 4.8139
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29 The Beatles - Let it Be - Subtitulado en Español
Duration: 3.95 min.
Views: 27395
Rating: 4.927273
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30 The Beatles - I Want You (She's So Heavy) - Lyrics
By: nowhereman113
ID: -muHi5MYvc8
Duration: 7.92 min.
Views: 17507
Rating: 5.0
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The brilliant rock/blues John Lennon song from 1969 which closed side one of the masterpiece ABBEY ROAD album.

31 You Really Got A Hold On Me - The Beatles (subtitulado)
By: LennonJohn4ever
ID: 3WuwVLj8uIk
Duration: 3.02 min.
Views: 387929
Rating: 4.974012
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Suscribete y Únete a estos Sitios ~ Segundo Canal Vídeos Graciosos:

32 Beatles - "Don't Let Me Down" (1969) HQ
By: Marcelo Rodrigues
ID: KcHrwbnxick
Duration: 3.28 min.
Views: 36244
Rating: 4.909434
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33 The Beatles - Come Together
By: BlueNeon81
ID: axb2sHpGwHQ
Duration: 4.25 min.
Views: 10022532
Rating: 4.9232736
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1969 EMI Records Ltd. © 1969 EMI Records Ltd. Published by Sony ATV Publishing very well flash animated video re-rendered for youtube from ...

34 ♪♫ The Beatles - Girl (Tutorial)
By: georgiarose16
ID: 8sgWh_L8q2E
Duration: 4.92 min.
Views: 44777
Rating: 4.911111
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Acoustic guitar tutorial for The Beatles - Girl. Sorry about the audio too - it defaulted to my crappy webcam microphone. Still - hope it's okay for you all.

35 The Beatles - No Reply
By: Akulf
ID: y-lHjQrFJQ8
Duration: 2.35 min.
Views: 98945
Rating: 4.9063544
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36 I'll Follow the Sun-Beatles for Sale
By: TheBeatlesOnDemand
ID: _Uk_6WWy0RA
Duration: 1.97 min.
Views: 564995
Rating: 4.9588237
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LYRICS: One day you'll look to see I've gone For tomorrow may rain, so I'll follow the sun Some day you'll know I was the one But tomorrow may rain, so I'll ...

37 The Beatles - The U.S. Albums [Unboxing]
By: JordanUnboxing
ID: bNC6SnuOvEk
Duration: 6.25 min.
Views: 21025
Rating: 4.56
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Unboxing The U.S. Albums box set by The Beatles.. Enjoy!

38 The Beatles - Run For Your Life - Studio Quality Restored!!!
By: GetBackEsto
ID: 8fBOfOt3-G4
Duration: 2.68 min.
Views: 67751
Rating: 4.897959
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Now on Twitter: Here is a restoration of The Beatles' studio take of "Run For Your Life" from the Rubber Soul sessions in 196...

39 You Like Me Too Much - The Beatles (subtitulado)
By: LennonJohn4ever
Duration: 2.63 min.
Views: 295819
Rating: 4.9786506
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Suscribete y Únete a estos Sitios ~ Segundo Canal Vídeos Graciosos:

40 Let It Be - The Beatles - Lyrics
By: vH3L3N4v
ID: 0714IbwC3HA
Duration: 4.00 min.
Views: 29497823
Rating: 4.913396
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41 From Me To You - The Beatles - Live Washington Coliseum (1964)
By: TonyReset
ID: cKzvDPfDvBs
Duration: 2.00 min.
Views: 6982
Rating: 5.0
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From Me To You - The Beatles - Live Washington Coliseum (1964)

42 The Beatles - All I've Got To Do - Subtitulada al Español
By: cris jones
ID: rQllTtu2FjY
Duration: 2.08 min.
Views: 160929
Rating: 4.9442677
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Cancion del segundo album, With The Beatles.

43 I Want to tell you - The Beatles (Subtitulos en español) Stereo Remaster 2009
By: mirlo10
ID: UEjUIslpiqs
Duration: 2.58 min.
Views: 57712
Rating: 5.0
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44 The Beatles - Sun King / Mustard / Polythene Pam / Bathroom Window - Lyrics
By: nowhereman113
ID: cffdcwPGz1s
Duration: 6.87 min.
Views: 86372
Rating: 4.9366517
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The awesome medley from side two of THE BEATLE'S masterpiece ABBEY ROAD in 1969.

45 The Beatles Decca Session (Part 1)
By: WaistDeepInBigMuddy
Duration: 9.87 min.
Views: 100728
Rating: 4.9527025
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1 January 1962 - Monday Decca Studios, London Part 1 of The Beatles audition for Decca Records. Pete Best on drums. 1. Like Dreamers Do 2. Money 3. To Know H...

46 The Beatles - I Want You (She's so heavy) Stereo remastered
By: KimberRules1
ID: TZp_-7YUn-s
Duration: 8.08 min.
Views: 104798
Rating: 4.938744
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John Lennon wrote I want you (she's so Heavy) which ended up on the Abbey Road album. The song istelf is very heavy and very different from any other Beatles...

47 The Beatles - She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
By: DeutschMatheLehrer
ID: -f_b03u_e94
Duration: 1.97 min.
Views: 103846
Rating: 4.976744
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The Beatles - She Came In Through The Bathroom Window 1969 "She Came in Through the Bathroom Window" is a song written by Paul McCartney (although credited t...

48 The Beatles Helter Skelter At Studio
By: roadster5099
Duration: 4.57 min.
Views: 404641
Rating: 4.8722496
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The Beatles Rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

49 The Beatles - "Strawberry Fields Forever" (45 RPM Red Vinyl)
By: LennMcHarriStarr64
ID: T-g2ocByOYo
Duration: 4.27 min.
Views: 34223
Rating: 4.970803
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The Beatles - "Strawberry Fields Forever" (45 RPM Red Vinyl) Released: March, 1994. This was a part of the first series which contained 15 "For Jukeboxes Onl...

50 Mick Jagger inducts The Beatles - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductions 1988
By: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum
ID: 0rolz1VasS4
Duration: 4.03 min.
Views: 1700644
Rating: 4.899732
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Mick Jagger inducts The Beatles into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at the 1988 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.