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1 ( The Beatles ) '20 Greatest Hits' ( US Version! )
By: Julio Cesar Gerbi P
Duration: 59.58 min.
Views: 7169511
Rating: 4.815604
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SUBIDO por Julio Cesar Gerbi facebook juliocesargerbi skype negociodelcafe Business The Beatles '20 Greates...

2 the beatles greatest hits remastered [2009]
ID: ADH9kyYiQ00
Duration: 122.62 min.
Views: 3379165
Rating: 4.811026
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0:00:00 Come together 0:04:16 Drive my car 0:06:46 Help 0:09:07 I saw her standing there 0:12:02 Magical mystery tour 0:14:51 No reply 0:17:07 All my loving...

3 The Beatles - "1967-1970 (The Blue Album)" (2010 Remastered) [Full Album]
By: LennMcHarriStarr64
ID: KoVHC0s_sZs
Duration: 99.92 min.
Views: 3635322
Rating: 4.869762
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The Beatles - "1967-1970 (The Blue Album)" (2010 Remastered) [Full Album] 01. 0:00:00 "Strawberry Fields Forever" 02. 0:04:07 "Penny Lane" 03. 0:07:10 "Sgt. ...

4 The Beatles 1 [Album Completo/Full Album]
By: 0991malu
ID: vU_sspkmDEc
Duration: 79.15 min.
Views: 4233899
Rating: 4.8223352
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PAGINA DE FACEBOOK▽ The Beatles 1(One) el album completo :D Disfrutenlo!!! No olviden comentar y ...

5 The Beatles - Get Back - Rooftop Concert - HQ
By: mirrorro66
ID: en-liwDGzaw
Duration: 3.05 min.
Views: 568700
Rating: 4.853273
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6 The Beatles - Live Empire Pool - 1965 + Presentation
By: silvertwin7
ID: uc8wtwASPhY
Duration: 20.62 min.
Views: 1323419
Rating: 4.7277017
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00:00 Speech 01:23 THE BEATLES !! 02:39 I Feel Fine 05:17 She's a Woman 08:26 Baby's in Black 11:04 Ticket To Ride 14:47 Long Tall Sally 17:34 Presentation.

7 The Beatles - Don't Let Me Down
By: BeatlesPlanet
Duration: 3.50 min.
Views: 865277
Rating: 4.940061
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50 Years Ago: The Beatles Play Their Final Live Performance .On January 30th, 1969, The Beatles played a lunchtime concert on the roof of the Apple building at 3 Savile Row in London....

8 The Beatles - In My Life
By: Rendersen25
ID: Zicw_dVwhfM
Duration: 2.75 min.
Views: 4019241
Rating: 4.881811
Watch On YouTube Lyrics: There are places I remember All my life though some have changed Some forever not for better Some have gone an...

9 The Beatles - The Making Of "Abbey Road"
By: DrSotosOctopus
ID: or0aEmkqlCI
Duration: 6.93 min.
Views: 234538
Rating: 4.866825
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"Abbey Road" is the 11th studio album released by the Beatles. It is their last recorded album, although Let It Be was the last album released before the ban...

10 The Beatles - Words Of Love
By: TheBeatlesVEVO
Duration: 2.42 min.
Views: 3245078
Rating: 4.899774
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Music video by The Beatles performing "Words Of Love" (C) 2013 Apple Corps Ltd. On Air - Live at the BBC Vol. 2 Amazon: itu...

11 The Beatles / 1962-1966 UK LP
By: alphajudy
Duration: 63.67 min.
Views: 275873
Rating: 4.8859315
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UK Apple PCSP 717 Side A 1. 00:00 Love Me Do 2. 02:25 Please Please Me 3. 04:28 From Me To You 4. 06:24 She Loves You 5. 08:48 I Want To Hold Your Hand 6. 11...

12 The Beatles - "Revolver" Press Conference (incomplete) Los Angeles, CA - August 24, 1966
By: Cozycriter
Duration: 14.90 min.
Views: 67693
Rating: 0
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Disclaimer: I do not own The Beatles or their music. No copyright infringement is intended. The boys hold a press conference at Capitol Records Tower where t...

13 The Beatles: Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band - 1967 (Full Album. 2009 Stereo Remaster)
By: TheBeatlesRock12341
ID: 3k34xNvahOY
Duration: 40.47 min.
Views: 108111
Rating: 4.8707223
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Hope You Enjoy! (Beatles 4 LIFE! :D) 0:00 - 1. Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band 2:02 - 2. With A Little Help From My Friends 4:50 - 3. Lucy In The Sky Wi...

14 The Beatles Anthology 4 [Legendado/Parte 1] HD
By: The Beatles Brasil
ID: g9O8M9wpNJw
Duration: 15.53 min.
Views: 9796
Rating: 4.8974357
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The Beatles Anthology é o nome do documentário feito para a televisão, uma série de álbuns e um livro feito a respeito do grupo de rock inglês The Beatles.

15 Ron Howard To Direct New Beatles Documentary Feature Film About The Band's Touring Years
By: The Beatles
ID: 55ssSDV9LWc
Duration: 5.10 min.
Views: 127103
Rating: 4.960396
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Los Angeles, July 16, 2014 -- Apple Corps Ltd., White Horse Pictures and Imagine Entertainment have announced they will produce a new authorized documentary ...

16 Paul McCartney On The Beatles' Breakup and What Lead To It (1990)
By: T2TCB1701
ID: aboVVvLgelw
Duration: 10.48 min.
Views: 515353
Rating: 4.854419
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A segment from "48 Hours with Paul McCartney" during the 1989-1990 World Tour, in which Paul is interviewed and opens up on what lead to the breakup of The B...

17 The Beatles - I Want You "She's So Heavy" (2009 Stereo Remaster)
By: aa25007
ID: mW6G3nh5S3I
Duration: 7.82 min.
Views: 1608971
Rating: 4.940847
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From "Abbey Road" (Stereo Remastered) from The Beatles Stereo Remastered Box Set.

18 Kevin Kilgore playing Yesterday by the Beatles from his Beatles Tribute
By: Kevin Kilgore
Duration: 3.15 min.
Views: 1365
Rating: 5.0
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19 The Beatles - I Want You (She's So Heavy)
By: 0037LaCkEySpLuEy
ID: x4CzqrPZtXk
Duration: 7.80 min.
Views: 2893384
Rating: 4.9349523
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"I Want You (She's So Heavy)" from the album Abbey Road. Abbey Road is the eleventh official U.K. album and seventeenth U.S. album released by The Beatles. T...

20 Beatles - Don't Let Me Down ft. Billy Preston (1969) HD 0815007
By: ForbiddenInGermany2
ID: Bbw-xw_8RNE
Duration: 3.28 min.
Views: 2187
Rating: 4.7714286
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Beatles - Don't Let Me Down, 1969, with Billy Preston.

21 Allen Stone - The Beatles' 50th Anniversary Concert Rehearsal - Behind The Scenes
By: Allen Stone
Duration: 2.73 min.
Views: 458
Rating: 5.0
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Take a look behind the scenes at Allen Stone rehearsing for The Beatles 50th Anniversary Concert at The Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, CA. August 21, 2014. http://www.f...

22 The Beatles - I'm Only Sleeping
By: fucktown
Duration: 4.68 min.
Views: 2078025
Rating: 4.9569716
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The Beatles - I'm Only Sleeping enjoy!

23 Pete Nash from The Beatles Fan Club Magazine Unboxes The Beatles Mono Vinyl Box Set
By: The Beatles
ID: TWt3xzaAdl4
Duration: 30.18 min.
Views: 10202
Rating: 4.9641256
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The Beatles in mono: This is how most listeners first heard the group in the 1960s, when mono was the predominant audio format. Up until 1968, each Beatles album was given a unique mono and...

24 The Beatles - You Know My Name (full)
By: BenefitOfMrKite
ID: 9DkaRUtp3w8
Duration: 6.22 min.
Views: 665162
Rating: 4.9256124
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The longest version of 'You Know My Name' I found, coupled with more or less rare footage from the Beatles. Recorded while 'Sgt. Pepper', released in 1970. A...

25 The Beatles - Please Mr Postman
By: Jamie Ramone
ID: AqHp3tOj870
Duration: 2.08 min.
Views: 1135622
Rating: 4.9426765
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The Beatles - Please Mr Postman HD Lyrics Wait, oh yes wait a minute mister postman Wait, wait mister postman Mister postman look and see If there's a letter...

26 The Beatles- Here Comes The Sun
By: Beatlesrockthe60s
ID: n6j4TGqVl5g
Duration: 3.08 min.
Views: 8647090
Rating: 4.9333744
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Little darling, it seems like years since it's been here....

27 Deconstructing The Beatles: Something
By: TheBeatlesRock12341
ID: i9sRZF6p-2Y
Duration: 18.40 min.
Views: 14005
Rating: 4.9661016
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Hope You Enjoy! :) BEATLES 4 LIFE! :D Deconstructing List: 0:00 - Drums and Handclaps 3:02 - Bass 6:04 - Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Piano 9:06 - Hammond Organ ...

28 The Beatles - Norwegian Wood ( HD )
By: Sean Fox
Duration: 2.08 min.
Views: 122918
Rating: 4.8718863
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Norwegian Wood. The Beatles. Rubber Soul. Track 2.

29 The Beatles - Roll Over Beethoven
By: ea33414
ID: e4-16zxVMw0
Duration: 2.93 min.
Views: 1502412
Rating: 4.931291
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A song written by Chuck Berry but covered The Beatles. I love this song. Enjoy! LYRICS: Im gonna write a little letter, Gonna mail it to my local dj. Its a r...

30 The Beatles - Yesterday
By: nashy9419
ID: S09F5MejfBE
Duration: 2.05 min.
Views: 11637585
Rating: 4.929873
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un ricordo dei grandi Beatles.

31 Funny interviews with the Beatles on Ready Steady Go! [October 4,1963]
By: Macca Rare Videos
ID: 1RUntiIPE3k
Duration: 9.77 min.
Views: 55424
Rating: 4.898734
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Funny interviews given by the Beatles during their performance in the UK TV on Ready Steady Go! October 4,1963.

By: acidinurmind
ID: 51UH_u7WxCo
Duration: 2.00 min.
Views: 270744
Rating: 4.941909
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The Beatles music video to Eleanor Rigby released in 1966 by The Beatles.

33 The End- The Beatles (Abbey Road)
By: TheBeatlesAreBeast
ID: 7a_8F6gflxQ
Duration: 2.33 min.
Views: 699781
Rating: 4.9302
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The End performed by The Beatles on the album Abbey Road.

34 Ed Sheeran In My Life "The Beatles: The Night That Changed America - A GRAMMY Salute"
By: LeoA Dion
ID: xbkOl4UMFIo
Duration: 2.05 min.
Views: 265301
Rating: 4.9445014
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This song was taken by the Beatles 50th Anniversary Show The Beatles: The Night That Changed America — A GRAMMY Salute. I DO NOT OWN THIS MP3 OR SONG. CBS OW...

35 The Beatles - "Magical Mystery Tour" (2009 Stereo Remastered) [Full Album]
By: LennMcHarriStarr64
Duration: 36.55 min.
Views: 447175
Rating: 4.886377
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01. 00:00 "Magical Mystery Tour" 02. 02:49 "The Fool On the Hill" 03. 05:48 "Flying" 04. 08:05 "Blue Jay Way" 05. 11:59 "Your Mother Should Know" 06. 14:27 "...

36 The Beatles - Here,There And Everywhere
By: fucktown
ID: 8THouU576WY
Duration: 3.80 min.
Views: 1555115
Rating: 4.951422
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The Beatles - Here,There And Everywhere one of Paul's more mature song.perfect masterpiece! enjoy! EDIT:Sorry for the pause! i forgot to edit! sorry!

37 The Beatles - Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
By: fucktown
Duration: 2.10 min.
Views: 439176
Rating: 4.9495893
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The Beatles - Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) one of my favorites! george plays the sitar,the song is the first one combining indian music.enjoy!

38 The Beatles - Obladi Oblada
By: fucktown
ID: pJhcGepfG04
Duration: 3.20 min.
Views: 7445848
Rating: 4.888184
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The Beatles - Obladi Oblada a homeage from the Beatles towards the reggae movement! (contains also Honky Tonk,dont ask me,i got that from wikipedia...) Enjoy!

39 Beatles Cartoon - Taxman
By: alanr4447a
ID: _hYpAYWqiwo
Duration: 5.35 min.
Views: 351836
Rating: 4.9235344
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From 1967, the Beatles dream they are back in the time of Merry Olde England, and try to pay Ringo's whopping tax bill with the aid of Robin Hood and that sw...

40 The Beatles She Loves You
By: Beacoro
ID: 3q7KXWzA2fQ
Duration: 2.95 min.
Views: 2555202
Rating: 4.9265633
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Beatles, She Loves You live! Please comment!

41 The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever
By: DeutschMatheLehrer
ID: eeZcI4u0ZQg
Duration: 4.07 min.
Views: 2895174
Rating: 4.9163094
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The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever 1967 "Strawberry Fields Forever" is a song by the English rock band The Beatles. Although formally attributed to John...

42 The Beatles - Revolution (Lyrics)
By: DKI Videos
ID: AqC_Gma221M
Duration: 3.38 min.
Views: 2149565
Rating: 4.9360623
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Song made by The Beatles Name: Revolution All rights reserved. Copyrights owned by their respective owners. I do not own anything, all rights goes to the own...

43 The Beatles - Rooftop Concert - Quality Restored!!!
By: GetBackEsto
Duration: 34.83 min.
Views: 23035
Rating: 4.8933334
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Now on Twitter: Track List: 1. Get Back (1) - 0:07 2. Get Back (2) - 4:13 3. Don't Let Me Down (1) - 7:32 4: I've Got A Feeli...

44 The Beatles - "Magical Mystery Demos" 1967-1968 outtakes
By: negritom1984
Duration: 63.35 min.
Views: 91044
Rating: 4.906323
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The Beatles "Magical Mystery Demos" 1967-1968 outtakes THE BEATLES :: MAGICAL MYSTERY DEMOS :: Magical Mystery Tour/Yellow Submarine Studio Outtakes 1967/196...

45 Santo Y Johnny- Interpretan Exitos De Los Beatles
By: Retromusic
Duration: 25.27 min.
Views: 9393
Rating: 4.675676
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Álbum de 1964 que reúne los primeros éxitos de The Beatles interpretados por el duo Santo y Johnny, y su buen Rock And Roll Instrumental. Un buen disco: http...

46 The Beatles I Feel Fine (2009 Stereo Remaster)
By: Trav Meek
Duration: 2.18 min.
Views: 51628
Rating: 4.9652176
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The Beatles I Feel Fine (2009 Stereo Remaster) [HD]

47 Beatles Reggea Full
By: jhon macak
Duration: 44.55 min.
Views: 6827
Rating: 4.857143
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48 The Beatles-Hey Jude
By: AllTheLoveGoneBlack
Duration: 7.07 min.
Views: 37213992
Rating: 4.8921614
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Hey, Jude, don't make it bad Take a sad song and make it better Remember to let her into your heart Then you can start to make it better Hey, Jude, don't be afraid You were made to...

49 The Beatles - The White album (Album/Full album)
By: Iconos de la música
Duration: 93.63 min.
Views: 443297
Rating: 4.87851
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El album completo.

50 The Beatles Cartoons TV Series - Episode 1
By: BeatlesPlanet
ID: Xxl8WzFynF4
Duration: 17.27 min.
Views: 124361
Rating: 4.8852224
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A Hard Day's Night & I Want To Hold Your Hand • Back to homepage: (9/25/1965) Summary: A Hard Days Night: The Beatles try to re...