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1 The Beatles - Don't Let Me Down
By: BeatlesPlanet
Duration: 3.50 min.
Views: 2863163
Rating: 4.927079
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50 Years Ago: The Beatles Play Their Final Live Performance .On January 30th, 1969, The Beatles played a lunchtime concert on the roof of the Apple building ...

2 The Beatles: Abbey Road (2009 Mono Remaster) HD
By: Teddy Shinozuka
ID: _2zaTO7tvwQ
Duration: 47.55 min.
Views: 14473
Rating: 4.36
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Track Listing Come Together - 0:00 Something - 4:19 Maxwell's Silver Hammer - 7:21 Oh! Darling - 10:50 Octopus's Garden - 14:17 I Want You (She's So Heavy) -...

3 The Beatles - Live Empire Pool - 1965 + Presentation
By: silvertwin7
ID: uc8wtwASPhY
Duration: 20.62 min.
Views: 1625379
Rating: 4.73516
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00:00 Speech 01:23 THE BEATLES !! 02:39 I Feel Fine 05:17 She's a Woman 08:26 Baby's in Black 11:04 Ticket To Ride 14:47 Long Tall Sally 17:34 Presentation.

4 Beatles Playlist
By: BeccasBeatlesChannel
ID: RkDwtw-Dq8Q
Duration: 67.02 min.
Views: 505713
Rating: 4.819257
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Updated Beatles playlist. 25 great songs this time. List of songs and times in the description. Enjoy! 0:00 The Night Before 2:36 Drive My Car 5:07 Eight Day...

5 The Beatles - Get Back - Rooftop Concert - HQ
By: mirrorro66
ID: en-liwDGzaw
Duration: 3.05 min.
Views: 1849486
Rating: 4.8462996
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6 The Beatles - Words Of Love
By: TheBeatlesVEVO
Duration: 2.42 min.
Views: 4521199
Rating: 4.898274
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Music video by The Beatles performing "Words Of Love" (C) 2013 Apple Corps Ltd. On Air - Live at the BBC Vol. 2 Amazon: itu...

7 The Beatles - Hey Jude
By: DeutschMatheLehrer
Duration: 7.15 min.
Views: 3027572
Rating: 4.9148607
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The Beatles - Hey Jude 1968 "Hey Jude" is a song by the English rock band The Beatles. Credited to Lennon/McCartney, the ballad evolved from "Hey Jules", a s...

8 Paul McCartney On The Beatles' Breakup and What Lead To It (1990)
By: T2TCB1701
ID: aboVVvLgelw
Duration: 10.48 min.
Views: 625466
Rating: 4.8440824
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A segment from "48 Hours with Paul McCartney" during the 1989-1990 World Tour, in which Paul is interviewed and opens up on what lead to the breakup of The B...

9 The Beatles - Girl
By: TravellinStrawberry
ID: AVr_6kE1vio
Duration: 2.53 min.
Views: 3048575
Rating: 4.948564
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The Beatles - Girl.

10 The 60s,The.Beatles Decade-Episode 2: Sex,Spies and Rock and Roll
By: citizenmary
ID: btQzNak8ZMM
Duration: 44.37 min.
Views: 10873
Rating: 4.84
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11 The Beatles - The Making Of "Abbey Road"
By: DrSotosOctopus
ID: or0aEmkqlCI
Duration: 6.93 min.
Views: 336564
Rating: 4.875862
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"Abbey Road" is the 11th studio album released by the Beatles. It is their last recorded album, although Let It Be was the last album released before the ban...

12 beatles get back session mega rare video part 1
By: MegaGrigoryan
ID: ywmXmXns52E
Duration: 14.33 min.
Views: 52883
Rating: 4.9322033
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13 The Beatles Obladi Oblada OFFICIAL VIDEO
By: jonh lennon
ID: LAXc2kNzN-0
Duration: 3.18 min.
Views: 101506
Rating: 4.9287834
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14 Stars On 45 - Beatles Medley (12" mix)
By: origin4000
ID: TfILLl4n1sw
Duration: 9.80 min.
Views: 836923
Rating: 4.814144
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15 The Beatles - "Revolver" Press Conference (incomplete) Los Angeles, CA - August 24, 1966
By: Cozycriter
Duration: 14.90 min.
Views: 127187
Rating: 0
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Disclaimer: I do not own The Beatles or their music. No copyright infringement is intended. The boys hold a press conference at Capitol Records Tower where t...

16 "Some Other Guy " The Beatles at the Cabern REMASTER Take one and two.
By: Martin Dos Santos
ID: nisU8XDl-dM
Duration: 9.35 min.
Views: 79152
Rating: 4.946785
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THE Beatles some other guy.

17 The Beatles - I've Got a Feeling - Let It Be (STEREO REMASTERED)
By: BrawlDiscussion
ID: 82pmQHA-jyY
Duration: 3.63 min.
Views: 48389
Rating: 4.9534883
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From the 2009 stereo remasters now in stores. Copyright: do not own anything related to the Beatles. However, I have purchase the album which this song is co...

18 The Beatles - Penny Lane [HD] (Official Video Promo)
By: Fer Biersack McCartney
ID: 62s-Jier2yI
Duration: 3.07 min.
Views: 90465
Rating: 4.971631
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Álbum: Magical Mistery Tour (1968) "Penny Lane" es una canción de la banda británica The Beatles, escrita en 1967. Se acreditó a Lennon-McCartney, aunque McC...

19 The Beatles Love me Do [HD Subtitulado]
By: therotiv4
ID: b2OUzvDURok
Duration: 2.38 min.
Views: 1159069
Rating: 4.948232
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El video y el audio esta Remasterizado por mi :P Love Me Do es una de las primeras canciones de John Lennon y Paul McCartney, y fue acreditada a McCartney/Le...

20 Alicia Keys & John Legend - Let It Be (Beatles 50th anniversary)
By: Marley Jackson
ID: FwFgvRlSgU4
Duration: 4.47 min.
Views: 17004
Rating: 4.9731545
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Sony Music is the owner of the audio, not me.

21 Ron Howard To Direct New Beatles Documentary Feature Film About The Band's Touring Years
By: The Beatles
ID: 55ssSDV9LWc
Duration: 5.10 min.
Views: 181348
Rating: 4.9408865
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Los Angeles, July 16, 2014 -- Apple Corps Ltd., White Horse Pictures and Imagine Entertainment have announced they will produce a new authorized documentary ...

22 Take That - «The Beatles Medley» [The Ultimate Tour] [HD]
By: TakeThatHD
ID: _qWniNrZlHY
Duration: 9.72 min.
Views: 49794
Rating: 4.8398056
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Take That - «The Beatles Medley» ◈ The Ultimate Tour - HD 1080p.

23 The Beatles - Love Me Do
By: CatRevolver
ID: x_e8YAvo690
Duration: 2.42 min.
Views: 1180980
Rating: 4.952948
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The Beatles are my favorite band. Always have been since I was little. I grew up listening to this type of music, and I thank my parents for playing it 24/7 ...

24 The Beatles - Good Night (The White Album)
By: HistoryRepeats01
ID: _65Xx9kzO8k
Duration: 3.27 min.
Views: 25582
Rating: 4.904
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The Beatles is the ninth official album by the English rock group The Beatles. Lyrics: Now it's time to say good night Good night, sleep tight Now the sun tu...

25 The Bootleg Beatles - live at Crocus City Hall 07.10.2014
By: sstonedd
ID: ydn2-V0rWXU
Duration: 104.57 min.
Views: 13550
Rating: 4.9069767
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The Bootleg Beatles - live at Crocus City Hall, Moscow, Russia 07.10.2014.

26 Free As a Bird - The Beatles
By: Beatle Maniac
ID: U9N6_mFGGf4
Duration: 4.05 min.
Views: 35475
Rating: 4.8639455
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Free as a bird, it's the next best thing to be. Free as a bird. Home, home and dry, like a homing bird I'll fly as a bird on wings. Whatever happened to the ...

ID: lBZvG1WwjAs
Duration: 13.47 min.
Views: 151528
Rating: 4.828996
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28 Day Tripper by The Beatles (HD) - Remastered Stereo
By: DayTripper66
Duration: 2.78 min.
Views: 259595
Rating: 4.918443
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Under the pressure of needing a new single for the Christmas market, Lennon wrote most of the lyrics and the famous guitar hook, while McCartney helped with ...

29 23- A Day In The Life- The Beatles (Love)
By: Mike Macchione
ID: rRe86FwiPoE
Duration: 5.15 min.
Views: 104431
Rating: 4.8992043
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30 Birthday - The Beatles: Rock Band
By: Beatle Maniac
ID: If8ohRtYL1U
Duration: 2.75 min.
Views: 36072
Rating: 4.9609756
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31 Beatles Anthology (2/8) - Part 1
By: gferdinandus6
ID: 80IUhUg20_A
Duration: 10.00 min.
Views: 121400
Rating: 4.9461884
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Beatles Anthology (2/8) - Part 1.

32 The Beatles A Hard Day's Night
By: foreverWHOfan
ID: PlDdcCzKjsc
Duration: 2.73 min.
Views: 4561477
Rating: 4.9205275
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i spent a hard day's night on this! naw, more like 2 hours. =P please enjoy video #8 1000 views on May 17th, 2008!

33 The Beatles - Across The Universe (2009 Stereo Remaster)
By: aa25007
ID: s-OYQ9dJpJ4
Duration: 3.83 min.
Views: 50308
Rating: 4.964602
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From "Let It Be" (Stereo Remastered) from The Beatles Stereo Remastered Box Set.

34 The Beatles at Apple Headquarters in 1969
By: Abbey Road
ID: 4Ujujz2-Wr4
Duration: 1.57 min.
Views: 18494
Rating: 4.9444447
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Discussing the Rooftop Concert.

35 The Beatles - Twist and Shout [HD]
By: SOADShaunxp
ID: z9ypq6_5bsg
Duration: 2.55 min.
Views: 2801886
Rating: 4.9505186
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Twist and shout by The Beatles Wow 1000000 views. Appreciate it guys and gals.

36 Marionetas Beatles - Playing Help!.
By: Cly Soniko
ID: YbczC76i50Y
Duration: 2.35 min.
Views: 2839
Rating: 5.0
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37 The Beatles discografia completa MEGA
By: Argelis Rebolledo
ID: ZuNwjRH_kpg
Duration: 12.57 min.
Views: 12965
Rating: 5.0
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Abran el link, y esperen que pase la publicidad (por lo regular siempre son 5 segundos) y se abren los archivos en MEGA. He actualizado los links ya que ahor...

38 The Beatles - Mean Mr. Mustard, Polythene Pam & She Came In Through The Bathroom Window Subtitulado
By: aamacphisto
ID: U9miGu8U1t8
Duration: 4.38 min.
Views: 44921
Rating: 4.9792747
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Canciones Mean Mr Mustard Polythene Pam She Came In Through Bathroom Window del disco Abbey Road subtituladas en español sin interrupciones y audio origianl ...

39 Tom Odell - Oh Darling (The Beatles)
By: Ayelen de Oro
Duration: 3.43 min.
Views: 176027
Rating: 4.9872546
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40 The Beatles - Across The Universe (Jan 1969 Let It Be Sessions)
By: John Conant
ID: 2zPCbtZh2h8
Duration: 3.28 min.
Views: 137101
Rating: 4.8691206
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Title: Across The Universe - Recorded during the "Let It Be" sessions in Jan 1969.The Beatles had already committed the song to tape in Feb 1968 but it was l...

41 The Beatles "Mr. Moonlight"
By: TommyGarcia2
Duration: 2.67 min.
Views: 72430
Rating: 4.88046
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"Mr. Moonlight" from Beatles For Sale.

42 The Beatles in Queens, NYC on 15 August 1965
By: Abbey Road
ID: t4ofAVhXuJU
Duration: 2.25 min.
Views: 26155
Rating: 4.919192
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I Feel Fine.

43 Top 10 Most Underrated Beatles songs
By: clockworkfiction3
Duration: 6.67 min.
Views: 1671023
Rating: 4.8348713
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Purely my opinion, here's ten great songs that never seem to get any credit for being as great as they are. And I forgot to put the title in number 2, which ...

44 The Beatles II Black Album
By: soundshaper
ID: 4ez99s0862c
Duration: 127.93 min.
Views: 100806
Rating: 4.847255
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This is a response to the videos posted with interviews of the individual Beatles who still liked to play music with one another but not so much as Beatles a...

45 The Beatles - You've Really Got A Hold On Me (2009 Stereo Remaster)
By: aa25007
ID: son5GXMkYZk
Duration: 3.05 min.
Views: 85655
Rating: 4.9569893
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From "With the Beatles" in Stereo (Remastered 2009)

46 【HD】The Beatles - And I Love Her (lyrics on Screen)
By: Steve Lee
ID: lLRYfjd6AgY
Duration: 3.00 min.
Views: 61788
Rating: 4.870968
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The Beatles - And I Love Her (with lyrics & Subtitles) - "And I Love Her" is a song recorded by The Beatles, written mainly by Paul McCartney (credited to Le...

47 The Beatles - Golden Slumbers, Carry That Weight, The End (Subtitulada Inglés/Español) HD
By: david miranda
Duration: 5.65 min.
Views: 4423
Rating: 5.0
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48 The Beatles - Sun King/Mean Mr. Mustard/Polythene Pam/She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
By: lBlue Meanie
ID: rnAjhPWc0N4
Duration: 6.77 min.
Views: 19031
Rating: 4.962617
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The Beatles - Sun King/Mean Mr. Mustard/Polythene Pam/ She Came In Through The Bathroom Window (Mono) Album: Abbey Road.

49 The Beatles - Mr. Postman - Subtitulos en español -
By: Canal Dethebeatles
ID: sy5Ed012NEg
Duration: 2.55 min.
Views: 57892
Rating: 4.901961
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subtitulos en español - muy buena calidad , bota , comenta y suscribete al canal oficial de the beatles , si te suscribes podras disfrutar de todos los venef...

50 BEATLES - Let It Be [Official video] .
By: salvovsc olé
Duration: 4.00 min.
Views: 90701
Rating: 4.914209
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From namesake Beatles album, 1970 .