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1 CCR - 21st Anniversary Ultimate Collection - Full Album
By: LeFreak70s
ID: HjYtomSkI8I
Duration: 73.95 min.
Views: 18707
Rating: 4.9428573
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CCR - 21st Anniversary Ultimate Collection - Full Album Track List 01 - Bad Moon Rising 02 - Lookin Out My Back Door 03 - I Put A Spell On You 04 - Hey Tonig...

2 Creedence Clearwater Revival (Chronicle, Vol. 1) Part II
By: eddysun55
Duration: 29.87 min.
Views: 1052936
Rating: 4.92864
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This is the continuation of CCR 9 Top-Hits. (00:00) 1. UP AROUND THE BEND (1970) (Lyrics) (02:36) 2. FORTUNATE SON (1970) (04:51) 3. GREEN RIVER (1969) (Lyri...

3 Chronicle Vol.1 by Creedence Clearwater Revival full album
By: El Tuko
Duration: 68.27 min.
Views: 437150
Rating: 4.929863
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This is Chronicle by Creedence Clearwater Revival. I do not own any of the music nor have I had anything to do with the production of it. All rights to the s...

4 Fortunate Son -- CCR --
By: zim78234
ID: 5ScisGFllPY
Duration: 2.78 min.
Views: 4047272
Rating: 4.965342
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Fortunate Son by CCR with video clips from Tour of Duty.

5 Creedence Clearwater Revival - Have you ever seen the rain?
By: Gabriele Baldassarre
ID: TS9_ipu9GKw
Duration: 2.62 min.
Views: 33270167
Rating: 4.9545155
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I tried to improve the video quality of this old video, removing overlaied logo, cleaning noises and fixing aspect.

6 CCR - someday never comes
By: serwat1000
ID: u_CINAyjIr0
Duration: 4.05 min.
Views: 433889
Rating: 4.947259
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want to see more lyrics? Let me know!

7 CCR - Midnight Special
By: FunkyardDogg
ID: Lrj5Kxdzouc
Duration: 4.22 min.
Views: 2085329
Rating: 4.9505243
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"Midnight Special" by Creedence Clearwater Revival, off of the 1969 album Willy And The Poor Boys.

8 Creedence Clearwater Revival: Bad Moon Rising
By: masterofacdcsuckaS
ID: 5BmEGm-mraE
Duration: 2.37 min.
Views: 18224295
Rating: 4.9578013
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Creedence Clearwater Revival Bad Moon Rising Green River Lyrics: I see the bad moon rising. I see trouble on the way. I see earthquakes and lightnin'. I see ...

9 CCR-Have You Ever Seen The Rain? Lyrics
By: Dylan Drives
Duration: 2.68 min.
Views: 6694493
Rating: 4.9668355
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Creedence Clearwater Revival-Have You Ever Seen The Rain? Lyrics UPDATE 11-14-10: Come on people! This video is so close to 1000000 views! December 11th! 1...

10 Creedence Clearwater Revival - Born On The Bayou
By: garin4x4
ID: wIjUY3pjN8E
Duration: 5.27 min.
Views: 5103869
Rating: 4.965228
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Lyrics - Now, when I was just a little boy, Standin' to my Daddy's knee, My poppa said, ";Son, don't let the man get you Do what he done to me."; 'Cause he'l...

11 Creedence Clearwater Revival - Down on the Corner 1969
By: DogSwede1
ID: nJAjOlp4Tas
Duration: 2.60 min.
Views: 4862781
Rating: 4.96222
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Creedence Clearwater Revival - Down on the corner Album: Willy and the poor boys John Fogerty - Vocals Doug Clifford - Washboard Stu Cook - Washtub bass Tom ...

12 CCR - Lodi
By: Grafietstift
ID: fuqlRcmmyPw
Duration: 3.23 min.
Views: 514354
Rating: 4.957219
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Creedence Clearwater Revival.

13 I heard it through the grapevine - Creedence
By: buncalaua3
ID: 93S_l0qZrXA
Duration: 10.92 min.
Views: 3671141
Rating: 4.968561
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Vídeo que eu fiz com a música: I heard it through the grapevine do creedence. Homemade video that I made. Hope you enjoy it!

14 CCR - Long As I Can See The Light
By: FunkyardDogg
ID: g_vOX0ZjT4w
Duration: 3.53 min.
Views: 105587
Rating: 4.9719625
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"Long As I Can See The Light" by Creedence Clearwater Revival, as found on the 1970 album Cosmo's Factory.

15 プラウド・メアリー/Proud Mary/CCR
By: Fracoco OO
ID: Z8aivXfO1oY
Duration: 3.15 min.
Views: 5763
Rating: 5.0
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16 CCR - Born On The Bayou - Live at Woodstock
By: Bonsai1510
ID: _9KKo8mZ5Eo
Duration: 5.00 min.
Views: 52524
Rating: 4.925234
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17 CCR "Who'll Stop The Rain
By: King Presley
Duration: 3.90 min.
Views: 182058
Rating: 4.2917933
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Cover by Miloud Creedence Clearwater Revival Who'll Stop The Rain Long as I remember The rain been comin' down. Clouds of myst'ry pourin' Confusion on the gr...

18 CCR - Bad moon rising (Karaoke, no vocal)
By: Daniel Morency
ID: yduQoJfCTys
Duration: 2.63 min.
Views: 5889
Rating: 5.0
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Chords and Lyrics video list: http://goo.gl/b0dV2 NOTE: The guitar chord appears a split second before the tempo to allow you to play the chord on the beat. ...

19 Creedence Clearwater Revival - Ramble Tamble
By: Paul Fogerty
Duration: 7.13 min.
Views: 27546
Rating: 4.974522
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20 CCR - Cotton Fields
By: Grafietstift
ID: KjhYcXT1s-Y
Duration: 2.98 min.
Views: 171086
Rating: 4.9239907
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Creedence Clearwater Revival.

By: Ricardo Marques
Duration: 3.12 min.
Views: 10323
Rating: 5.0
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22 CCR - Bad Moon Rising, 1969
By: AlexPap48
ID: q_Psclfgfhw
Duration: 2.23 min.
Views: 369466
Rating: 4.8219066
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CCR - Bad Moon Rising, 1969.

23 雨を見たかい/Have You Ever Seen the Rain/CCR
By: Fracoco OO
ID: EkkjHBoqho0
Duration: 2.70 min.
Views: 54457
Rating: 4.949367
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24 CCR Headcleaner: "Free the freaks"
By: ::: e radio
ID: XiNxh1VSvmE
Duration: 2.95 min.
Views: 728
Rating: 3.6666667
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LAMC No. 10 (Fuzz + CCR Headcleaner split) (2014, Famous Class) http://www.radioestacion.net http://www.facebook.com/radioestacion.net.

25 CCR Have You Ever Seen The Rain bass lesson & cover with tabs
By: DaBeatleMen1
ID: Zp5ow0Su3ec
Duration: 2.63 min.
Views: 51533
Rating: 4.885246
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How to play the bass notes on this song written by John Fogerty, from Creedence Clearwater Revival's 1970 album Pendulum. See also my guitar lesson & cover o...

26 Rod Stewart ~ Have you ever seen the rain (2006) ☁ (original release CCR 1971)
By: valleynissei
ID: Ql7829EFHzw
Duration: 3.22 min.
Views: 37338
Rating: 0
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Song: 'Have you ever seen the rain' Artist: Rod Stewart Composer: John Fogerty (1970 - released 1971 with CCR) Album: 'Still the Same: Great Rock Classics of...

27 プラウド・メアリー (C・C・R)
By: 星への旅路
ID: wL7rfPLC91E
Duration: 3.10 min.
Views: 231541
Rating: 4.8764706
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メンバーのジョン・フォガティが1969年に製作した曲 ジョン・フォガティ/リード・ギター、ピアノ トム・フォガティ/リズム・ギター ステュアート・クック/ベース ダグラス・レイ・クリフォード/ドラム.

28 Credence Clearwater Revival - Cottonfields
By: jmt38002
ID: 9JjxpGpKNR4
Duration: 2.95 min.
Views: 4555269
Rating: 4.961248
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Credence Clearwater Revival - Cottonfields.

29 Suzie Q - CCR (Guitar Solo Cover)
By: TheWinter
ID: 3DyUySaXa60
Duration: 0.70 min.
Views: 549
Rating: 5.0
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J'ai décidé de refaire une vidéo de meilleure qualité pour ce magnifique solo des CCR! L'ancienne Version : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjNX25dI_5E&list=T...

30 DJ Freak - CCR Compilation ft. John & Tom Fogerty,Stu Cook and Doug Clifford
By: DJ Pazzesco
Duration: 39.15 min.
Views: 1435
Rating: 5.0
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I created a little compilation of Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR). Full with the best songs of CCR. I hope you will enjoy. DJ Freak Productions®

31 CCR - I Heard It Through The Grapevine
By: Grafietstift
Duration: 3.95 min.
Views: 32281
Rating: 4.9117646
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Creedence Clearwater Revival.

32 CCR - Bad Moon Rising
By: converter61
Duration: 2.27 min.
Views: 3005219
Rating: 4.9566555
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Hand-made video clip. The early 90's here in Finland. This has become a CCR television TV program. I had a video editor and a vinyl record. The music is a li...

33 Pentti Hietanen - CCR-medley
By: Matapoliisit12
Duration: 5.47 min.
Views: 23010
Rating: 4.7777777
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Live-esitys lokakuulta 1999 Tampereen Lastenklinikan Tuki ry.:n järjestämästä Manserockin legendat -hyväntekeväisyyskonsertista Tullikamarilta. Pentti Hietan...

34 John Fogerty (CCR) - Heard It Through The Grapevine
By: KiatMac Pattaya
ID: uIkqVngbEyU
Duration: 6.85 min.
Views: 27994
Rating: 4.6585364
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Concert John Fogerty - Wrote A Song For Everyone (Album Release Concert Live At The El Rey in Los Angeles 2013.

By: guitarraviva2
ID: XpD61jjv5G8
Duration: 2.50 min.
Views: 9845
Rating: 4.981132
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PARA VER LA CLASE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09TXGsa_sh0 guitarraviva.com.

36 CCR Susie-Q
By: berth228
ID: N3XlPUchQ5w
Duration: 3.00 min.
Views: 15501
Rating: 4.8153844
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A fun short version of Susie-Q, CCR.

37 CCR - Cross Tie Walker
By: Grafietstift
ID: 4caGt1ARqBg
Duration: 3.27 min.
Views: 68060
Rating: 5.0
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Creedence Clearwater Revival.

38 CCR-Bad moon rising, no vocals "karaoke"
By: Sheri Janczyk
ID: 1d4_Kv-wfMU
Duration: 2.48 min.
Views: 97178
Rating: 4.5350876
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Created by: Sheri Janczyk-Neufeld.

39 CCR - Have you ever seen the rain (karaoke)
By: KaraokePlace
ID: cZrsZC7fD3I
Duration: 2.80 min.
Views: 1033556
Rating: 4.7847743
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40 The C C R Crew - Stretchin' The Pieces
By: ticoinjapan
ID: SmIqGOy9xvE
Duration: 6.30 min.
Views: 6597
Rating: 4.9
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1988 Circle City Records.

41 Creedence Clearwater Revival - Sweet Hitch-Hiker (CCR)(1971) HD 0815007
By: ForbiddenInGermany2
ID: jEj3OilpsIs
Duration: 2.90 min.
Views: 43750
Rating: 5.0
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Creedence Clearwater Revival - Sweet Hitch-Hiker, a hit in 1971. HQ-video.

42 C.C.R. - Hey Tonight
By: SmilingWood
ID: muuSMQqyIz8
Duration: 2.92 min.
Views: 4098
Rating: 5.0
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A great show! If you get the chance to see these guys on their latest tour, you have to check them out. Filmed at the Enmax Center, Lethbridge, Alberta... .....

43 CCR- Have you ever seen the rain Cover
By: Stephen Lopez
ID: HhdGbv4tS-M
Duration: 2.75 min.
Views: 31933
Rating: 4.9074073
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Stephen Lopez Trying out some CCR Please rate & comment I would like to know what youtube fans think of it. Tanks :)

44 CCR August `70 Ooby Dooby - Up Around The Bend
By: Kayodleman
ID: K8Q3AdV6kqg
Duration: 4.77 min.
Views: 2708
Rating: 4.5555553
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Creedence Clearwater Revival live at the LA Forum, Saturday August 29, 1970. Up Around The Bend is incomplete due to tape flip during the original recording.

45 CCR - Before You Accuse Me
By: Grafietstift
ID: c9LYft6vKuk
Duration: 3.47 min.
Views: 48675
Rating: 4.968254
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Creedence Clearwater Revival.

46 It Ain't Me - CCR
By: DropkickMurphys12
ID: 2Beda3kFNjo
Duration: 2.37 min.
Views: 44776
Rating: 4.927602
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Vietnam War Dedication.

47 Creedence Clearwater Revival - Proud Mary (Live Best Quality) 1969
By: DiscoBar80
Duration: 3.07 min.
Views: 208614
Rating: 4.8681316
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Creedence Clearwater Revival - Proud Mary Label; Fantasy 1969 Arranged, Producer: John Fogerty.

48 Creedence Clearwater Revival: Night Time Is The Right Time
By: masterofacdcsuckaS
ID: SinNvC5t7ks
Duration: 3.18 min.
Views: 216178
Rating: 4.977528
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Creedence Clearwater Revival Night Time Is The Right Time Green River Lyrics: You know the night time, oh, is the right time To be with the one you love. I s...

49 CCR - Wrote A Song For Everyone lesson & cover
By: DaBeatleMen1
ID: D5xE_yxOYyw
Duration: 4.45 min.
Views: 11916
Rating: 4.9148936
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Song written by John Fogerty and included on Creedence Clearwater Revival's third album, Green River, from 1969. I play here, on acoustic guitar, a mix of th...

50 I Put A Spell On You - Creedence Clearwater Revival
By: kvs123
ID: 4R6nmKjcSeU
Duration: 4.05 min.
Views: 4994491
Rating: 4.9448786
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