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1 Chante Moore - Chante's Got A Man (LYRICS + FULL SONG)
By: easylyricsorg2358
Duration: 4.47 min.
Views: 460101
Rating: 4.9688244
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Lyrics: "Chante Moore - Chante's Got A Man" Chantes got a man at home And hes sure good...

2 Chanté Moore - Jesus, I Want You (Live 2013)
By: Shanachie Entertainment
ID: O5WzrVkq9cA
Duration: 5.82 min.
Views: 120994
Rating: 4.876588
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Live rendition of her new gospel smash "Jesus, I Want You" available on her new album "Moore Is More". Check it out on... iTunes: Amazo...

3 Chante Moore - It's Alright
By: MsHoneychile
ID: cXv0eUIYwis
Duration: 4.42 min.
Views: 496006
Rating: 4.938384
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Chante Moore is one of my favorite artists...I just love her voice. Here she is with her single "It's Alright" from her debut album Precious. Enjoy the video...

4 Chante Moore (My Ultimate Whistle-Tone Singer Strikes Again) "It's Alright" LIVE
By: AnthonyAntoineTV
ID: c2tIex9KCP0
Duration: 9.47 min.
Views: 16099
Rating: 4.9448276
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Oct. 2010, I posted "Chante Moore (My Ultimate Whistle-Tone Singer) It's Alright LIVE" video to YouTube. To date, it has 38766 views and is often shared in ...

5 Chanté Moore - Bitter
By: ChanteMooreVEVO
ID: 2xUe1VdXQpo
Duration: 3.43 min.
Views: 726780
Rating: 4.900728
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Music video by Chanté Moore performing Bitter. (C) 2000 Geffen Records.

6 Keith Washington & Chante Moore - I Love You (Video) HD
By: Warren Burns
ID: PnG5pJizoh8
Duration: 5.97 min.
Views: 87652
Rating: 4.9750366
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Keith Washington & Chante Moore - I Love - from the "KW" album on MCA Records - 1998.

7 Luke James joins Chante Moore LIVE "Your Body's Callin'" ATL
By: AnthonyAntoineTV
ID: hxoWYBJtTm8
Duration: 3.27 min.
Views: 3613
Rating: 4.939394
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One of my favorite singers - one of the best to EVER do it Chante Moore was joined by Luke James at Wolf Creek Amphitheater/Wolf Creek Jazz Series on Sept. 2...

By: garrick anders
Duration: 3.33 min.
Views: 82689
Rating: 4.9652605
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9 Chante Moore - I Know, Right
By: ibm615o
ID: tjwwNoWf4eg
Duration: 3.52 min.
Views: 4982
Rating: 0
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As seen on R&B Divas: Los Angeles, the beautifully talented Chante Moore switches it up and does an uptempo song, "I Know, Right" Find it at https://itunes.a...

10 Chante Moore ft. JoJo Hailey - I See You In A Different Light - Music Video
By: lneka
Duration: 4.23 min.
Views: 222566
Rating: 4.963563
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From the album This Moment Is Mine © 1999 MCA Records.

11 It's Gonna Be Alright - Chante' Moore (Smooth Jazz Family)
By: Smooth Jazz Family .
ID: L55byi6uZJI
Duration: 7.72 min.
Views: 8224
Rating: 4.9304347
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Here's a clip of Chante' Moore performing @ the 2014 Temecula Wine & Music Festival in Temecula CA. cEnjoy and "Stay Smooooth".

12 Chante Moore - Love's Taken Over [Long Version]
By: tnmc85
ID: Pd1rYb-m7Tg
Duration: 6.62 min.
Views: 121458
Rating: 4.9783316
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Not original Video** 12" Promo Single - 1992.

13 Chante Moore - Old School Lovin
By: originalmuthapukkca2
ID: CujnlEUpjxY
Duration: 4.05 min.
Views: 121987
Rating: 4.985653
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14 Chante Moore - Straight Up
By: Tamia18
Duration: 3.80 min.
Views: 166445
Rating: 4.9532557
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Chante Moore - Straight Up.

15 Chante Moore Its all Right Precious Oakland Live Yoshi's
By: Theodore Harrison III
ID: cqocFjMjDfQ
Duration: 7.60 min.
Views: 45897
Rating: 4.9344263
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Chante Moore's best live performance Its all Right Live in Oakland, Ca.

16 Chanté Moore: Love's Taken Over, Precious, & Alone - BB King Blues Club New York, NY 5/23/14
By: LIVEfromFrontRow
Duration: 5.15 min.
Views: 4668
Rating: 4.875
Watch On YouTube May 23, 2014 - Chanté Moore performed "Love's Taken Over," "Precious," and "Alone" at her BB King Blues Club show. G...

By: garrick anders
ID: 6aD6XwECy7w
Duration: 12.63 min.
Views: 38119
Rating: 4.935065
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18 Chante Moore - Candlelight and You (Anniversary Video) HD
By: Warren Burns
ID: I75t4rvreYQ
Duration: 5.35 min.
Views: 28653
Rating: 4.9852943
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Chante Moore - Candlelight and You - from the debut album "Precious"

19 chante moore loves taking over 1992
By: rok c
Duration: 5.23 min.
Views: 18122
Rating: 4.93985
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mellow soul.

20 "Baby Can I Touch Your Body" - Pete w/ Chante Moore LIVE
By: AnthonyAntoineTV
ID: ugmo3_W9xUM
Duration: 9.02 min.
Views: 608
Rating: 5.0
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One of my joys of going to concerts is capturing the moments when many people stop recording. Chante Moore was a part of the Wolf Creek jazz series in Atlant...

21 Kenny Lattimore & Chanté Moore - You Don't Have To Cry
ID: 9GSOf87loPQ
Duration: 4.75 min.
Views: 6223
Rating: 5.0
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Kenny Lattimore & Chanté Moore - You Don't Have To Cry.

22 Chanté Moore - Bitter [HQ]
By: Claudinho Viana II
ID: KkjsthXES8A
Duration: 3.25 min.
Views: 1541
Rating: 5.0
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Orange Music Studio/OMS #24 Frames/2013 Claudinho Viana Rio de Janeiro/Brazil.

23 Chanté Moore - "I Know, Right" [Diva's Anthem: 2014]
By: Slaychelle
ID: Ll2WAy6OczA
Duration: 3.50 min.
Views: 1062
Rating: 5.0
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Chante Moore's "I Know Right". DOWNLOAD:

ID: 0-HE0B-otbA
Duration: 2.70 min.
Views: 154360
Rating: 4.893617
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25 Kenny G & Chante Moore - One More Time (traduçao)
ID: 9KGD4HlK9q4
Duration: 4.05 min.
Views: 51852
Rating: 4.9779005
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SONHAR COM VOCÊ... Sonhei com alguém como você, desde muito tempo, venho sonhando, e imaginando como seria olhar você bem de perto, tocar seu rosto, afagar s...

26 Chante Moore Vocal Range
By: raveoni926
ID: iQvivDoC88A
Duration: 6.13 min.
Views: 10139
Rating: 4.9259257
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Chante Moore...What else can I say. Dynamic voice..She can sing from the smoky contralto range all the way to sky with her dazzling whistle register..She is ...

27 Chante Moore ♥ This Time
ID: 3UtFqK38pew
Duration: 6.03 min.
Views: 2218
Rating: 0
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28 chante moore free
By: Anthony Anderson
ID: zAvtjEj7aoM
Duration: 5.83 min.
Views: 1318
Rating: 5.0
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29 Chante Moore This Moment Is Mine
By: Marvin Mason
ID: yC5G1gw8NHg
Duration: 5.28 min.
Views: 6981
Rating: 5.0
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Chante Moore - This Moment Is Mine.

30 Chante Moore - "Precious" @ Huntington Beach Library 2
By: Jack Cohen
ID: oiq2v3z16Z4
Duration: 5.87 min.
Views: 18392
Rating: 5.0
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Chante Moore - "Precious" @ Huntington Beach Library 2 for more like this:

31 Chante Moore - Montreux 1992 - As If We've Never Met
By: martyprod2
ID: TqB-AyBmm5s
Duration: 5.60 min.
Views: 33839
Rating: 4.927711
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Chante Moore in Montreux in 1992 guitar; paul jackson jr Keyboards : George duke sax : Everett Harp if anybody know the name of the others musicians, please,...

32 Chante Moore I see you in a different light
By: Mz Chris
ID: m5oU8xh54-A
Duration: 4.38 min.
Views: 2752
Rating: 4.428571
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1- I see you in a different light candle light, moon light I see you in a different way through different eyes, and it's so nice I see you like i've never s...

33 Chante Moore singing Do I do for Stevie Wonder
By: J Omarr
ID: QZeq8vK1nTA
Duration: 4.95 min.
Views: 33618
Rating: 4.9150944
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this was a tribute to Stevie Wonder Chante Moore rocked it.

34 Shanice vs. Chante Moore vs. Mariah Carey (studio vocal battle)
By: Angelfully
ID: xcc7uRn9PbU
Duration: 20.38 min.
Views: 13036
Rating: 4.7264957
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I'm such an instigator for making this video haha. (This actually took me a month to make, which explains why it is so durn long...smh never again). There we...

35 Chante Moore - As If We Never Met
By: Warren Burns
ID: lAJkWftEqkI
Duration: 3.45 min.
Views: 4761
Rating: 4.911111
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Chante Moore - As If We Never Met - from the "Precious" album.

36 Chante Moore - Mood
By: Mari PozA
ID: Hbje2oD3aTE
Duration: 4.20 min.
Views: 2955
Rating: 5.0
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Con "A Love Supreme" (1994), Chante despliega las alas y vuela realmente alto. Combinando con aire maestro lo clásico con elementos modernos del R&B, crea un...

37 Chante' Moore - Wey U [SLOWED DJ APC]
Duration: 5.70 min.
Views: 1091
Rating: 4.6
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Get Lost in the vibe "It ain't Screwed Unless Screw do it." RIP DJ SCREW - The Grey Tape Originator Artist: Chante' Moore Song: Wey U Album: Waiting To Exhal...

38 Chante Moore Interview - "Moore is More" Album and R&B Divas Enhancing her Career
By: YouKnow IGotSoul
ID: InOVtjGhwJk
Duration: 11.80 min.
Views: 3672
Rating: 5.0
Watch On YouTube Sometimes it takes reality TV for music fans t...

39 Chanté Moore's Whistle Tones: "It's Alright" - BB King Blues Club New York, NY 5/23/14
By: LIVEfromFrontRow
Duration: 7.23 min.
Views: 7453
Rating: 5.0
Watch On YouTube May 23, 2014 - Chanté Moore delivered whistle tones from the heavens on her hit "It's Alright" at her BB King Blues ...

40 Chante Moore performs at the San Jose Jazz Festival 8/15/10
By: bayareanorthernsoul
Duration: 4.25 min.
Views: 15130
Rating: 5.0
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Chante Moore performs at the San Jose Jazz Festival on 8/15/10.

41 Chante Moore - Better Than Making Love (Letra Traducida)
By: Mari PozA
ID: 2_fLrkFUCyY
Duration: 5.07 min.
Views: 451
Rating: 5.0
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"Expuesta", 4to album de Chante Moore producido en el año 2000.

42 Chanté Moore This Time Frankie Knuckles Bomb Mix
By: Beraadzaal
ID: 451sZ8lL0Jw
Duration: 10.82 min.
Views: 1409
Rating: 5.0
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Chanté Moore - This Time (Frankie Knuckles Bomb Mix)

43 I Love You~Lyrics Below~Keith Washington & Chante Moore
By: MyJason4Ever
ID: xwl4_NbmqdE
Duration: 5.98 min.
Views: 1171
Rating: 0
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Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, t...

44 Chante Moore-Precious.flv
By: vassalbenford
ID: mb3OZsh1Xt0
Duration: 5.93 min.
Views: 9759
Rating: 4.8933334
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45 Chanté Moore- This Christmas
By: BDizzleNY06
ID: 26JlcAjLWr4
Duration: 3.28 min.
Views: 11403
Rating: 4.9428573
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Chanté does a flawless live rendition of the Donny Hathaway classic.

46 Chanté Moore - Free / Sail On(Primetime Remix)
By: tmt3237
ID: UrhdIsxkTgI
Duration: 4.63 min.
Views: 12126
Rating: 4.804878
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1994. Remixed by Primetime(Andy Robinson & Liam Mullen). Originally, performed by Deniece Williams in 1976.

47 Chante Moore - Old School Lovin' (1994)
By: MekamR0809
Duration: 4.08 min.
Views: 54969
Rating: 4.964602
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48 Chante Moore - Its Alright (Extended Remix)
By: AndyManch
Duration: 5.87 min.
Views: 1324
Rating: 5.0
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Label:Silas Records, MCA Records - Country:US - Released:1993 - Genre:Soul / R'n'B -

49 Love Me Tonight - El DeBarge featuring Chanté Moore
By: SoulMusicBarSecrets
Duration: 6.20 min.
Views: 2613
Rating: 5.0
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Album "In The Storm" (1992) by El DeBarge Welcome to Soul Music Bar Secrets... delivering the spirit of Soul Music Bar -neiro- ("decent music with a decent a...

50 Kenny g & Chante Moore-One more time
By: robysoul1
ID: 3rEBe8tdjMk
Duration: 4.23 min.
Views: 5970
Rating: 5.0
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I lie half awake Late at night I reach out to touch you To feel you by my side And I reach And I reach But I never get to feel you Will I ever get to feel yo...