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1 Chante Moore - Chante's Got A Man (LYRICS + FULL SONG)
By: easylyricsorg2358
Duration: 4.47 min.
Views: 418459
Rating: 4.9741464
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Lyrics: http://easylyrics.org/?artist=Chante+Moore&title=Chante%27s+Got+A+Man "Chante Moore - Chante's Got A Man" Chantes got a man at home And hes sure good...

2 Chante Moore (My Ultimate Whistle-Tone Singer Strikes Again) "It's Alright" LIVE
By: AnthonyAntoineTV
ID: c2tIex9KCP0
Duration: 9.47 min.
Views: 2692
Rating: 4.943662
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Oct. 2010, I posted "Chante Moore (My Ultimate Whistle-Tone Singer) It's Alright LIVE" video to YouTube. To date, it has 38766 views and is often shared in ...

3 Chanté Moore - Jesus, I Want You (Live 2013)
By: Shanachie Entertainment
ID: O5WzrVkq9cA
Duration: 5.82 min.
Views: 67592
Rating: 4.92068
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Live rendition of her new gospel smash "Jesus, I Want You" available on her new album "Moore Is More". Check it out on... iTunes: http://bit.ly/1aH04ch Amazo...

4 Chante Moore - It's Alright
By: MsHoneychile
ID: cXv0eUIYwis
Duration: 4.42 min.
Views: 473282
Rating: 4.9388413
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Chante Moore is one of my favorite artists...I just love her voice. Here she is with her single "It's Alright" from her debut album Precious. Enjoy the video...

5 Chanté Moore - Bitter
By: ChanteMooreVEVO
ID: 2xUe1VdXQpo
Duration: 3.43 min.
Views: 678163
Rating: 4.90566
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Music video by Chanté Moore performing Bitter. (C) 2000 Geffen Records.

By: garrick anders
Duration: 3.33 min.
Views: 50338
Rating: 4.9530334
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7 Chante Moore Its all Right Precious Oakland Live Yoshi's
By: Theodore Harrison III
ID: cqocFjMjDfQ
Duration: 7.60 min.
Views: 42008
Rating: 4.930521
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Chante Moore's best live performance Its all Right Live in Oakland, Ca.

8 Chante Moore - Old School Lovin
By: originalmuthapukkca2
ID: CujnlEUpjxY
Duration: 4.05 min.
Views: 113740
Rating: 4.9908395
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9 "Baby, Can I Touch Your Body" CHRISTOPHER Live at Yoshi's San Francisco
By: AnthonyAntoineTV
ID: buaD8LgAwbU
Duration: 10.47 min.
Views: 924
Rating: 5.0
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Chante Moore's new CD titled Moore Is More features the jazz classic "Cry Me a River," and the inspirational song featured on R&B Divas: LA "Jesus, I Want Yo...

10 Chante Moore "Don't Make Me Laugh" Yoshi's SF 03-08-14
By: Anthony Antoine
ID: blcR4fjzlKk
Duration: 6.68 min.
Views: 665
Rating: 5.0
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Chante Moore blessed Yoshi's Oakland with 2 sets the night before (March 7th, 2014)...and added 2 more shows at Yoshi's San Francisco the next night (March 8...

11 Chante Moore ft. JoJo Hailey - I See You In A Different Light - Music Video
By: lneka
Duration: 4.23 min.
Views: 204928
Rating: 4.969631
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From the album This Moment Is Mine © 1999 MCA Records.

12 Kenny Lattimore & Chanté Moore - Love Ballad (HQ)
By: Sugar Hill
Duration: 5.28 min.
Views: 1350
Rating: 5.0
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Slow Jam !!!

13 Chante Moore - It's Alright (Live) 2007
By: Caio Adriano
Duration: 7.60 min.
Views: 5415
Rating: 5.0
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Um live de uma das Divas do R&B, Chante Moore, em 2007. Com a musica It's Alright (1992).

14 Chante Moore - Candlelight and You (Anniversary Video) HD
By: Warren Burns
ID: I75t4rvreYQ
Duration: 5.35 min.
Views: 21644
Rating: 5.0
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Chante Moore - Candlelight and You - from the debut album "Precious"

15 Keith Washington & Chante Moore - I Love You (Video) HD
By: Warren Burns
ID: PnG5pJizoh8
Duration: 5.97 min.
Views: 61092
Rating: 4.9752383
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Keith Washington & Chante Moore - I Love - from the "KW" album on MCA Records - 1998.

16 Chante Moore: Underated Singer
By: Mariah Carey
Duration: 4.67 min.
Views: 16744
Rating: 4.84
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Twitter: http://twitter.com/Ernest_Sanchez My top 3 favorite Whistle Register Queens 1. Mariah Carey......of Course 2. Chante Moore 3. Minnie Riperton.

17 Chanté Moore This Time Frankie Knuckles Bomb Mix
By: Beraadzaal
ID: 451sZ8lL0Jw
Duration: 10.82 min.
Views: 217
Rating: 5.0
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Chanté Moore - This Time (Frankie Knuckles Bomb Mix)

18 Chante Moore - Straight Up
By: Tamia18
Duration: 3.80 min.
Views: 148628
Rating: 4.957219
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Chante Moore - Straight Up.

19 Chante Moore Interview - "Moore is More" Album and R&B Divas Enhancing her Career
By: YouKnow IGotSoul
ID: InOVtjGhwJk
Duration: 11.80 min.
Views: 2439
Rating: 5.0
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http://youknowigotsoul.com/ykigs-live-chante-moore-talks-moore-is-more-album-and-rb-divas-enhancing-her-career Sometimes it takes reality TV for music fans t...

20 Kenny Lattimore & Chanté Moore - You Don't Have To Cry
ID: 9GSOf87loPQ
Duration: 4.75 min.
Views: 854
Rating: 5.0
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Kenny Lattimore & Chanté Moore - You Don't Have To Cry.

21 Chante Moore "Jesus I Want You" LIVE - Yoshi's Oakland
By: AnthonyAntoineTV
ID: Zfq8eKP63Gc
Duration: 5.15 min.
Views: 1619
Rating: 5.0
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One of my favorite singers; literally one of the best to EVER do it graced Yoshi's Oakland for 2 sets Friday, March 7th, 8PM & 10PM show. I went to both sets...

22 Chante Moore Make Me Like The Moon
By: jdwinkfield
ID: Iozeal5C-PI
Duration: 8.25 min.
Views: 74451
Rating: 4.8965516
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The most amazing performance that I have seen by Chante Moore. The way that she hit the notes at the end of the song is amazing - effortlessly.

23 Chante Moore This Moment is Mine (hd) hi-fi
By: EyeLook2U
ID: rWYxB93GnH4
Duration: 3.30 min.
Views: 12375
Rating: 4.905512
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24 She Sangs: Chante Moore live (Episode 3)
By: Angelfully
ID: el3mXAY2HDk
Duration: 7.38 min.
Views: 2186
Rating: 4.9459457
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Chante Moore's sultry, melodic voice has been soothing the quiet storm airwaves for over twenty years. Her live vocals are a spark of spontaneous energy mixe...

25 Chante Moore - Mood
By: Maria Antonella Pozzer
ID: Hbje2oD3aTE
Duration: 4.20 min.
Views: 1806
Rating: 5.0
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Con "A Love Supreme" (1994), Chante despliega las alas y vuela realmente alto. Combinando con aire maestro lo clásico con elementos modernos del R&B, crea un...

26 chante moore - loves taken over
Duration: 6.65 min.
Views: 135
Rating: 0
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enjoy and be bless always!

27 Damion Crazy Legs Hall With Chanté Moore - Satisfy You
By: robzta1968
ID: Myu5k5edWr8
Duration: 6.07 min.
Views: 16218
Rating: 5.0
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1994 Silas Records.

28 Chante Moore - Am I Losing You (David Harness Remix)
By: Mr Eric
Duration: 10.18 min.
Views: 14414
Rating: 4.703704
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Chante Moore - Am I Losing You (David Harness Remix)

29 CHANTE MOORE Love Fell On Me R&B (Japan Only)
By: finderlostsongs
ID: IafKTkqSbnc
Duration: 3.05 min.
Views: 1349
Rating: 5.0
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Japan only release.2008 Universal Music K.K. Inc. JAPAN. Produced by GEORGE DUKE (The L.A.'s finest) R.I.P..

30 Kenny Lattimore & Chante Moore EPK
By: Souldier77
Duration: 8.65 min.
Views: 86381
Rating: 4.8285713
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Kenny & Chante talk about life, love, and their new album Uncovered/Covered!

31 Phil Perry ft. Chante Moore - Where Is The Love (Cover) w-Lyrics
By: Michael Angelo
ID: 4LjMm6esyuk
Duration: 3.65 min.
Views: 2610
Rating: 5.0
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COVER of the original classic R&B / Soul hit performed by Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway. Phil Perry and Chante Moore deliver Impeccable Vocals, with a Smo...

32 Kenny Lattimore & Chante Moore - Still (by request)
By: treborps
Duration: 4.43 min.
Views: 62066
Rating: 4.863248
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from the album Things That Lovers do...

33 Keith Washington & Chanté Moore - I Love You 1998 Lyrics in Info
By: ArchieGe
ID: hPgTHnp3zCA
Duration: 5.95 min.
Views: 475762
Rating: 4.9579134
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From Keith Washington's 1998 Album 'KW' Lyrics Sit back relax your mind Just let my love flow through you Cause all this time my love is with you And you nev...

34 "Baby Can I Touch Your Body" Anthony Antoine - Chante Moore LIVE
By: AnthonyAntoineTV
ID: GWMvszmwPT0
Duration: 0.27 min.
Views: 119
Rating: 5.0
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35 Everything We Want by Chante Moore
By: Audris Bradley
ID: xDj9tvLv0HA
Duration: 4.28 min.
Views: 1663
Rating: 5.0
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Love and Relationships.

36 Chante Moore: P. Diddy Stole My Hit Song for J.Lo
By: NPRNewsandNotesVideo
ID: jc208ExpyMQ
Duration: 6.58 min.
Views: 180931
Rating: 4.748869
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With hits like "Chante's Got A Man," "Straight Up," and "Love's Taken Over," singer Chante Moore -- who has been on the R&B scene for over a decade -- could ...

37 Chante' Moore - Easy
ID: RxB6_ccz84k
Duration: 5.68 min.
Views: 4105
Rating: 0
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38 Chanté Moore Vocal Range (C♯3 - E♭7) LIVE
By: Alberto Maracheski
ID: NETt1xjzuys
Duration: 12.13 min.
Views: 9945
Rating: 4.8378377
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With a soft voice, Chante has complete control of their vocal registers, even their whistles, which are soft and full. Voice Type: Mezzo - Soprano. Lowest No...

39 Chante Moore - Sexy Thang (Video) HD
By: Warren Burns
ID: df339rfDm08
Duration: 5.75 min.
Views: 4519
Rating: 5.0
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Chante Moore - Sexy Thang - from the "Precious" album.

40 Chante Moore-Precious.flv
By: vassalbenford
ID: mb3OZsh1Xt0
Duration: 5.93 min.
Views: 9033
Rating: 4.9428573
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41 Chante Moore - Its all Right (live - whistle register part)
By: milomariah
Duration: 4.90 min.
Views: 5925
Rating: 4.9036145
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chante moore,美国r n b女歌手,1992年出道。她的海豚音是我认为可以跟mariah carey一样运用自如,而且可以很smooth,流畅不刺耳。今年已经44岁的她实力非凡,但星运平平,可惜! 这是她1992年第一张专辑的歌曲[it's alright] 在近期的两场演唱片段,没想到她竟然在歌曲后...

42 Chante Moore "Ain't Supposed To Be That Way"
By: UrbanSoulTV
ID: 7aMk5KYSRd8
Duration: 3.73 min.
Views: 36434
Rating: 4.9537573
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Chante Moore "Ain't Supposed To Be That Way"

43 CHANTE MOORE - Heartbeat
By: Chera1953
ID: gHyHzQjjg_8
Duration: 3.50 min.
Views: 597
Rating: 0
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By: Melody Dombee
Duration: 4.00 min.
Views: 299
Rating: 5.0
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45 Chante Mooré - Don't Make Me Laugh
By: Mukda N
ID: f3AgwHt0-RA
Duration: 4.77 min.
Views: 1932
Rating: 5.0
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Request video take down if violated*** No Copyright Intended The audio and Third Party contents in this video belongs to their rightful owners. This was m...

46 Kenny Lattimore & Chante Moore- You're All I Need To Get By
By: TheOfficalPageOfTolu
Duration: 3.80 min.
Views: 16583
Rating: 4.951807
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When I heard this track as the intro of BET show " The Family Crews" I had to find the full track !I downloaded this song from MP3SKULL by the way.I have jus...

47 Chanté Moore -- I'm Keepin' You
By: atomicbounceblog
Duration: 4.62 min.
Views: 428
Rating: 5.0
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Track from Chanté Moore's 2000 fourth LP, "Exposed"

48 Chanté Moore - Give Me Time (Paolo's Cover)
By: Pao de Soul
ID: lXLtjeTZraY
Duration: 5.12 min.
Views: 4719
Rating: 4.882353
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49 Chante Moore - As If We Never Met
By: Warren Burns
ID: lAJkWftEqkI
Duration: 3.45 min.
Views: 2546
Rating: 5.0
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Chante Moore - As If We Never Met - from the "Precious" album.

50 Chanté Moore - Chante's Got A Man
ID: VTp_3efBaDQ
Duration: 4.42 min.
Views: 25648
Rating: 4.8847737
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this song is a classic plz enjoy and comment if u can.