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1 charice To Love You More and All By Myself new
By: Nikoloz Doijashvili
ID: db5GFpLBs6U
Duration: 11.17 min.
Views: 1407656
Rating: 4.9359393
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2 Charice: 'Equality on Ellsworth' Pittsburgh Pride — World Tour 2014
By: ice3353
ID: 01abs7cgVrI
Duration: 39.42 min.
Views: 99085
Rating: 4.675841
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Charice performs at the Pittsburgh Pride kick-off, 'Equality on Ellsworth' street festival. June 8, 2014.

3 Charice - Pyramid [featuring Iyaz] (Viral Video)
By: charice
ID: BhT2HhEllpw
Duration: 3.92 min.
Views: 41304724
Rating: 4.927693
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2010 WMG Pyramid [featuring Iyaz] (Viral Video)

4 Charice — "Note to God", on Oprah
By: ChariceZone
ID: ju_A-T4ZjUo
Duration: 4.27 min.
Views: 770195
Rating: 4.9586954
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ca. May 18, 2009—Charice performs her debut single "Note to God" on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Written by Diane Warren and produced by David Foster. http://www....

5 Charice: San Diego Pride Music Festival Re-Upload With Full Video (07-20-2014)
By: SideburnerSol
ID: vmdoKcbWjcU
Duration: 49.35 min.
Views: 19898
Rating: 4.752809
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Charice lays down the love in San Diego, performing as, "The Real Charice!". Online information and links to Charice's World Tour events and ticket sales: ht...

6 Charice World Tour 2014: Connecticut - June 14, 2014: Charice & Alyssa - 'Almost Is Never Enough'
By: Angelia K.
Duration: 8.20 min.
Views: 92398
Rating: 4.341317
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Charice World Tour 2014: Live In Connecticut Mohegan Sun (Uncas Ballroom) - June 14, 2014: 8pm Charice performed an impromptu duet of 'Almost Is Never Enough...

7 Charice - Bodyguard Medley, David Foster Manila Philippines Oct 23 2010
By: chariceconcerts
ID: rDmTdN1jJrI
Duration: 7.18 min.
Views: 1971675
Rating: 4.9101024
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The One and Only Hit-Man David Foster and Friends ("DFF") comes to Manila's Araneta Coliseum on October 23 2010. This is David Foster's first ever concert in...

8 Charice- My Heart Will Go On
By: TheOfficialCharice
ID: tf8qPPUdfUs
Duration: 4.73 min.
Views: 113684
Rating: 4.8855586
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9 Charice — Live Online Chat with Chasters, #AskCharice (Aug. 15, 2014)
By: ice3353
ID: shctOfdoGP8
Duration: 106.18 min.
Views: 2597
Rating: 5.0
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Delightful Charice, with Alyssa at her side, answers questions with Chasters in an online, live chat session. 'Soft Kitty' for Anj - 1:13:16 'All Of Me' - 1:...

10 Charice World Tour 2014—Los Angeles Concert
By: ice3353
ID: oknsped8uVM
Duration: 91.68 min.
Views: 292633
Rating: 4.3913603
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Charice performs in her first World Tour 2014 concert in LA. March 15, 2014. Tour dates and tickets: Songs: Bounc...

11 Charice - "One Day" Official Music Video
By: charice
ID: uxXj1_fhDSQ
Duration: 3.22 min.
Views: 4153044
Rating: 4.944997
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2011 WMG One Day (Video) Charice's official music video for "One Day". The track is out now on iTunes:

12 Charice - All By Myself, David Foster Mandalay Bay LV Oct 15/2010
By: Charice Pempengco
ID: 99Vgd--oaCA
Duration: 4.45 min.
Views: 3202017
Rating: 4.935437
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The One and Only Hit-Man David Foster and Friends Returns to Mandalay Bay Events Center on October 15, 2010 featuring our C-H-A-R-I-C-E. Charice sang a group...

13 Charice in Italy: 'Listen' — the Rehearsal
By: ChariceZone
ID: 4O7wvrD1mZc
Duration: 5.72 min.
Views: 21080
Rating: 4.923077
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Charice rehearses for her performance of 'Listen' on a musical variety show in Sanremo, Italy — ca. April 4, 2009. Fixed AR—video is 3blessedsoul3. She recou...

14 Charice World Tour 2014—Toronto Concert
By: ice3353
ID: PFaD-crCzY4
Duration: 97.13 min.
Views: 57611
Rating: 4.759036
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Charice's concert in Toronto — World Tour 2014. March 29, 2014. Tour dates and tickets: Songs: Bounce Back Titani...

15 CHARICE feat - ALYSSA QUIJANO: How Could An Angel Break My Heart [Official Music Video]
By: starmusicph
Duration: 4.33 min.
Views: 245255
Rating: 4.7888618
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Words and Music by Kenneth 'Babyface' Edmonds, Toni Braxton Music Produced by Jonathan Manalo Directed by Paolo S. Ruiz Get a copy Charice - Chapter 10 album...

16 Charice - San Diego Pride Music Festival 7-20-2014
By: SideburnerSol
ID: eQ9KYll5bRA
Duration: 49.33 min.
Views: 24817
Rating: 4.678832
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Charice lays down the love in San Diego performing as "The Real Charice!". Note that this video has been re-uploaded to overcome a technical problem occurrin...

17 Charice - Whitney Houston medley (Live in Calgary 2014)
By: missjaneybabe
ID: V6ZgVxohpB0
Duration: 5.02 min.
Views: 91123
Rating: 4.614325
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Great show! and Charice as usual was incredible! Charice World Tour. Live at Casino Resort, Calgary Alberta. (March 28, 2014)

18 Charice, "Jingle Bell Rock" & "Grown-Up Christmas List" @ The Grove 11/21/10
By: SideburnerSol
ID: oIsBnVV7Uys
Duration: 6.85 min.
Views: 543257
Rating: 4.944566
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Charice makes the season bright when she performs at The Grove's Christmas Tree Lighting event hosted by Mario Lopez. Charice sings her renditions of "Jingle...

19 "LISTEN-Beyonce" The Best Covering by Charice
By: Butterbee
ID: 8hRVuTE2wNs
Duration: 4.10 min.
Views: 3379430
Rating: 4.9399242
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This is the best version that I ever heard others sing "Listen-Beyonce". Many people sang great but I just found that Charice in this vdo or in this moment i...

20 Charice — 'Make You Feel My Love', on FOX 4
By: CharicePlace
ID: cop7EoJ5paI
Duration: 3.70 min.
Views: 17913
Rating: 4.7293234
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Charice sings 'Make You Feel My Love', on FOX 4 'Good Day'. Dallas, Texas. June 26, 2014.

21 Charice World Tour 2014: Live In Oklahoma - June 28, 2014
By: Angelia K.
ID: dbENn8aAq9g
Duration: 78.00 min.
Views: 19186
Rating: 4.7
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Charice World Tour 2014: Live In Oklahoma Choctaw Casino & Resort (CenterStage) - June 28, 2014: 8:30pm *Note: Some performances and parts of the video may b...

22 Charice on Oprah - I Have Nothing
By: The Spirit
ID: gZA0Papzvj8
Duration: 6.38 min.
Views: 26362
Rating: 4.9036145
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Oprah Winfrey dubbed Charice "the most talented girl in the world" after her stunning debut appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show May 12, 2008 edition of the ...

23 Charice- "Halik" & "Kailan"(Eng.Subs) with Ryan Cayabyab Singers @ PICC Manila Feb. 14, 2010
By: manette153 .
ID: tjyC8fWXcG0
Duration: 10.27 min.
Views: 193401
Rating: 4.904918
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Hello guys..I'm chaster manette and thanks for dropping by.Please check out my channel for - ALL THINGS CHARICE. All videos uploaded in this site is taken by...

24 Charice - "Louder" Official Lyric Video
By: charice
ID: vnkqL2eDXLc
Duration: 3.03 min.
Views: 8658002
Rating: 4.9557242
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2011 WMG Charice's brand new single "Louder" is out now on iTunes here: Don't forget to comment and rate the video! For more Cha...

25 Charice Sings 'The Prayer' with The Canadian Tenors
By: ChariceCubby
ID: BBz-94idmQg
Duration: 5.23 min.
Views: 369484
Rating: 4.9538803
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Beautiful Charice Sings 'The Prayer' with The Canadian Tenors, and with David Foster at the piano. CBC holiday special, "Season of Song: The Canadian Tenors ...

26 9-Year Old Charice sings 'To Love You More' on StarQuest
By: ChariceCubby
ID: zKu6S_fjltY
Duration: 4.58 min.
Views: 10505
Rating: 4.878788
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Charice sings "To Love You More" on her way to the finals on Bulilit StarQuest.

27 Charice Pempengco sings the National Anthem at Dodgers Opening Day 2009!
By: veryopinionatedpinoy
ID: 8WG4IkWqHtg
Duration: 3.40 min.
Views: 3208286
Rating: 4.901322
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Sixteen year-old singing sensation Charice Pempengco performs the "Star Spangled Banner" in front of 57099 (the largest attendance ever) at Dodger Stadium i...

28 Charice - Yakap [Muling Buksan Ang Puso OST] With Lyrics
By: Aishi Teru
ID: VeNSaaQf2kY
Duration: 4.57 min.
Views: 2081080
Rating: 4.8241844
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No copyright infringement intended. Please grab a copy of her album to be released Sept. 10. Charice Chapter 10 Tracklist: 1. Unexpected Love 2. Everything I...

29 Charice - "Louder" [Official Music Video]
By: charice
ID: NOqF-WevfUw
Duration: 3.27 min.
Views: 8037798
Rating: 4.9260244
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2011 WMG Charice's official music video for "Louder". "Louder" is out on iTunes now: For more Charice: ...

30 Yakap by Charice (Lyrics) [Muling Buksan ang Puso OST]
By: John Philip
ID: 9ZaH-vylULI
Duration: 4.60 min.
Views: 329698
Rating: 4.821229
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NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED Download Yakap by Charice now:

31 Charice - Amazing dancemoves
By: 205Demi
ID: 6ehXbzYnkqc
Duration: 8.57 min.
Views: 49539
Rating: 4.9855595
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This video shows her most amazing, recent dancemoves =) Charice isn't only an amazing singer, she also got the moves! Enjoy chasters!

32 'The Charice Pempengco Story' on Magpakailanman (w/ English Subtitles)
By: ChariceCove
Duration: 55.97 min.
Views: 199928
Rating: 4.5076923
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Charice—in her come-out story on GMA's Magpakailanman. Aug. 10, 2013. English subtitle transcripts c/o Capofret (Thank you Capo!)

33 Charice - All By Myself, David Foster Manila Philippines Oct 23 2010
By: chariceconcerts
ID: tiWkTrkH32Q
Duration: 5.48 min.
Views: 1044781
Rating: 4.9544277
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The One and Only Hit-Man David Foster and Friends ("DFF") comes to Manila's Araneta Coliseum on October 23 2010. This is David Foster's first ever concert in...

34 Charice high notes killed One Moment In Time Live
By: wizardofoz80
Duration: 2.98 min.
Views: 1815159
Rating: 4.918474
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I bet, Im not only the one who repeatedly watched this video of Charice... lets say, i watched this for several dozen times..Thumbs up if you did the same.. ...

35 Charice Pempengco • Good Morning America • with David Foster
By: ZukaManOnline
ID: koq5SQu5FuM
Duration: 4.88 min.
Views: 357368
Rating: 4.935955
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Charice Pempengco on Good Morning America with David Foster performing Celine Dion and Whitney Houston power ballads. ------------------------------- Charice...

36 Charice: 'Because You Loved Me' — Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
By: CharicePlace
ID: b74u7O5e5Pg
Duration: 2.70 min.
Views: 2654
Rating: 5.0
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Charice sings "Because You Loved Me" at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade—ca. Nov. 27, 2008.

37 Yakap - Charice [Lyrics + English Translation]
By: itsPatrickAngelo
ID: F0-V099sRN4
Duration: 4.58 min.
Views: 1284
Rating: 5.0
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A beautiful song about being with someone again after leaving them for a long time. The title of the song in English is "Embrace" and it was originally sung ...

38 Charice — 'The Prayer', with The Canadian Tenors
By: ChariceCove
ID: ozOsIGe5cYA
Duration: 5.83 min.
Views: 436829
Rating: 4.9375515
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Charice sings "The Prayer" with The Canadian Tenors and with David Foster on the piano. CBC holiday special "Season of Song: The Canadian Tenors and Friends"...

39 Charice - The Star Spangled Banner (LA Dodgers VS San Francisco GIANTS)
By: charice
ID: y9c2r8zjFkk
Duration: 4.13 min.
Views: 601607
Rating: 4.9241266
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1st time to sing the AMERICAN NATL ANTHEM. :) WHY NUMBER 8 ON MY JERSEY? CUZ THAT MEANS INFINITY.. :) my bday: May.10 hehe.

40 Charice Bday Surprise Escondido/SD 05/10/14
By: lzi So
ID: wj8chfdxHlA
Duration: 4.05 min.
Views: 43380
Rating: 4.7113404
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LABYO CHA AND CHASTERS! WE HAD SO MUCH FUN! *I'm glad that I was sitting in the middle. I was able to take more videos and pics compared to people sitting ne...

41 The Many Notes Of Charice "GoOsEbUmPs" !!!
By: LyricsHeaven1
ID: lXnxY63u47Y
Duration: 9.93 min.
Views: 264977
Rating: 4.8963485
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These are charice's longest , highest notes and best moments . i worked really hard on this video so i hope you like it :) .. GOOSEBUMPS GUARANTEED :P.

42 Charice - Maghintay Ka Lamang (You Only Have to Wait) ENGLISH SUBTITLES
By: 205Demi
Duration: 5.65 min.
Views: 107865
Rating: 4.9690523
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The video is originally uploaded by MarlejenLive, I uploaded it again with English subs =) Plz don't be rude if there are any mistakes :) Hope you'll enjoy.

43 Charice & Celine Dion Because You Loved Me at MSG_JPsub_日本語字幕
By: takechiyo156
ID: UDx2GoWcnrU
Duration: 11.62 min.
Views: 23751
Rating: 4.8095236
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ニューヨーク、マディソン・スクエア・ガーデンでのシャリースとセリーヌ・ディオンのデュエットです 日本語字幕つき.

44 Charice "The Bodyguard Medley"(Extended Footage, STEREO), An Evening with Childhelp
By: divanatic lopez
Duration: 7.13 min.
Views: 889411
Rating: 4.9429097
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04/13/10 - Charice displays incredible range and technique in delivering a powerful medley of "I Have Nothing" and "I Will Always Love You", especially arran...

45 Charice - Toronto performance/autograph signing - Walking from Dressing Room to Stage
By: Warner Music Canada
ID: mTWcKrFkdkk
Duration: 5.25 min.
Views: 281659
Rating: 4.955056
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An angle you won't get anywhere else except - Charice walks from her dressing room to the stage, and finds 4000 people waiting ...

46 Charice ft. Drew Ryan Scott - I Did it For You Music Video
By: FaTTiesxD
ID: TeNIrzXy8xo
Duration: 4.92 min.
Views: 125010
Rating: 4.95969
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Thanks Party Pilipinas for the videos i used . I was first inspired by another music video & made this higher quality version and to expose more parts of the...

47 A Song For Mama with lyrics by Charice
By: zsazsa1961
ID: l3uvwiXXtaI
Duration: 5.13 min.
Views: 366008
Rating: 4.882491
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Title of Song: Song For Mama Artist: Charice Pempengco Nice greetings for Mother's Day! I hope you like it! :)

48 CHARICE - Far As The Sky
By: Warner Music Japan
ID: gexax1lOvzI
Duration: 5.55 min.
Views: 316084
Rating: 0
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日本テレビ水曜ドラマ「ブルドクター」主題歌: 「Far As The Sky」 着うたフル(R)がレコチョクにて独占配信中!!

49 Charice performing "Far As The Sky" in Japanese TV program Sukkiri
By: Charice シャリース
ID: lJmCyGvYb-k
Duration: 3.23 min.
Views: 2598
Rating: 5.0
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For more Charice: http://twi...

50 Charice - "God Bless America", David Foster & Friends in New York
By: lantaoislands
ID: GzAhrjec04M
Duration: 5.88 min.
Views: 283033
Rating: 4.9179106
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CHARICE's Debut Int'l Album ♥ ♥ CHARICE - A Star is Born ♥ Available Worldwide on May 11, 2010 ···························· ♥ Please Follow Charice in her ...