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1 charice To Love You More and All By Myself new
By: Nikoloz Doijashvili
ID: db5GFpLBs6U
Duration: 11.17 min.
Views: 1515914
Rating: 4.9353943
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2 Charice: 'Equality on Ellsworth' Pittsburgh Pride — World Tour 2014
By: ice3353
ID: 01abs7cgVrI
Duration: 39.42 min.
Views: 135603
Rating: 4.6852303
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Charice performs at the Pittsburgh Pride kick-off, 'Equality on Ellsworth' street festival. June 8, 2014.

3 Charice World Tour 2014: Connecticut - June 14, 2014: Charice & Alyssa - 'Almost Is Never Enough'
By: Angelia K.
Duration: 8.20 min.
Views: 153294
Rating: 4.365462
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Charice World Tour 2014: Live In Connecticut Mohegan Sun (Uncas Ballroom) - June 14, 2014: 8pm Charice performed an impromptu duet of 'Almost Is Never Enough...

4 Charice - Pyramid [featuring Iyaz] (Viral Video)
By: charice
ID: BhT2HhEllpw
Duration: 3.92 min.
Views: 41686218
Rating: 4.92762
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2010 WMG Pyramid [featuring Iyaz] (Viral Video)

5 Charice - All By Myself, David Foster Mandalay Bay LV Oct 15/2010
By: Charice Pempengco
ID: 99Vgd--oaCA
Duration: 4.45 min.
Views: 3358757
Rating: 4.9357944
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The One and Only Hit-Man David Foster and Friends Returns to Mandalay Bay Events Center on October 15, 2010 featuring our C-H-A-R-I-C-E. Charice sang a group...

6 Charice — "Note to God", on Oprah
By: ChariceZone
ID: ju_A-T4ZjUo
Duration: 4.27 min.
Views: 912165
Rating: 4.9535503
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ca. May 18, 2009—Charice performs her debut single "Note to God" on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Written by Diane Warren and produced by David Foster. http://www....

7 Charice - Bodyguard Medley, David Foster Manila Philippines Oct 23 2010
By: chariceconcerts
ID: rDmTdN1jJrI
Duration: 7.18 min.
Views: 2103560
Rating: 4.9080553
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The One and Only Hit-Man David Foster and Friends ("DFF") comes to Manila's Araneta Coliseum on October 23 2010. This is David Foster's first ever concert in...

8 Charice in Italy: 'Listen' — the Rehearsal
By: ChariceZone
ID: 4O7wvrD1mZc
Duration: 5.72 min.
Views: 37321
Rating: 4.9477124
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Charice rehearses for her performance of 'Listen' on a musical variety show in Sanremo, Italy — ca. April 4, 2009. Fixed AR—video is 3blessedsoul3. She recou...

9 CHARICE feat - ALYSSA QUIJANO: How Could An Angel Break My Heart [Official Music Video]
By: ABS-CBN Starmusic
Duration: 4.33 min.
Views: 286255
Rating: 4.785714
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Words and Music by Kenneth 'Babyface' Edmonds, Toni Braxton Music Produced by Jonathan Manalo Directed by Paolo S. Ruiz Get a copy Charice - Chapter 10 album...

10 Charice- My Heart Will Go On
By: TheOfficialCharice
ID: tf8qPPUdfUs
Duration: 4.73 min.
Views: 171798
Rating: 4.883019
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11 Charice On Stage and On Point At ASAP Live In LA 2014
By: SideburnerSol
Duration: 10.05 min.
Views: 8992
Rating: 4.928571
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Charice brings her world class performing talents to the stage of ASAP Live In LA and Chasters are grateful for another chance to sample her proper sound. Be...

12 CHARICE AND AIZA Anong Nangyari Sa Ating Dalawa / Yakap
By: Noel Kreiss
ID: W5pA8itaoYk
Duration: 12.40 min.
Views: 60446
Rating: 4.9238095
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CHARICE and AIZA Power Of Two Concert Araneta Coliseum September 28, 2013.

13 Charice - "One Day" Official Music Video
By: charice
ID: uxXj1_fhDSQ
Duration: 3.22 min.
Views: 4325395
Rating: 4.945064
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2011 WMG One Day (Video) Charice's official music video for "One Day". The track is out now on iTunes:

14 Charice Pempengco Listen (Beyoncé)
By: corynthio
ID: 2gzOs5lNO7k
Duration: 4.08 min.
Views: 1232529
Rating: 4.9050956
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Charice Pempengco Listen The Best Performance. Beyoncé.

15 Charice crying while singing Maghintay Ka Lamang
By: Hachie Simon
ID: Wdtku1dqJo0
Duration: 5.95 min.
Views: 686259
Rating: 4.8651423
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Please subscribe to my channel :) Gobless you! Maghintay Ka Lamang by Charice Pempengco on GMA SNBO presents Charice Home for the Valentines Special.

16 Charice Pempengco singing God Bless America (full video)
By: seadinks
Duration: 3.40 min.
Views: 1448578
Rating: 4.9426003
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I took the full video live on 1/18/2009 at the Martin Luther King Awards Ceremony in DC. Per popular request...I do not have any other videos other than this...

17 Charice - Whitney Houston medley (Live in Calgary 2014)
By: missjaneybabe
ID: V6ZgVxohpB0
Duration: 5.02 min.
Views: 152406
Rating: 4.5928574
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Great show! and Charice as usual was incredible! Charice World Tour. Live at Casino Resort, Calgary Alberta. (March 28, 2014)

18 'The Charice Pempengco Story' on Magpakailanman (w/ English Subtitles)
By: ChariceCove
Duration: 55.97 min.
Views: 243496
Rating: 4.528782
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Charice—in her come-out story on GMA's Magpakailanman. Aug. 10, 2013. English subtitle transcripts c/o Capofret (Thank you Capo!)

19 Charice: San Diego Pride Music Festival Re-Upload With Full Video (07-20-2014)
By: SideburnerSol
ID: vmdoKcbWjcU
Duration: 49.35 min.
Views: 24093
Rating: 4.765854
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Charice lays down the love in San Diego, performing as, "The Real Charice!". Online information and links to Charice's World Tour events and ticket sales: ht...

20 Charice — Live Online Chat with Chasters, #AskCharice (Aug. 15, 2014)
By: ice3353
ID: shctOfdoGP8
Duration: 106.18 min.
Views: 3766
Rating: 5.0
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Delightful Charice, with Alyssa at her side, answers questions with Chasters in an online, live chat session. 'Soft Kitty' for Anj - 1:13:16 'All Of Me' - 1:...

21 Charice - I will always love you
By: Nataniel Garcia
Duration: 4.43 min.
Views: 2088350
Rating: 4.9219637
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Informação geral------------ - Nome completo : Charmaine Clarice Relucio Pempengco - Nascimento : 10 de Maio de 1992 (22 anos, em 2014) - Origem :...

22 Charice on Oprah - I Have Nothing
By: The Spirit
ID: gZA0Papzvj8
Duration: 6.38 min.
Views: 60268
Rating: 4.93865
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Oprah Winfrey dubbed Charice "the most talented girl in the world" after her stunning debut appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show May 12, 2008 edition of the ...

23 Charice Perfect Performance #10 - Charice's Highest Note.flv
By: annaferg
ID: vuVIlIHuvek
Duration: 2.83 min.
Views: 202483
Rating: 4.9375
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Reposted: TY WEBSCRIBES. ONE MOMENT IN TIME - The Grand Finale - Christmas Special, Special Global Pinoy Edition - ASAP MUSIC ROOM SPECIAL EDITION, ASAP'08-D...

24 CHARICE's amazing version of - I BELIEVE - with LYRICS
By: manlengo1
Duration: 4.43 min.
Views: 139939
Rating: 4.92638
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CHARICE's amazing version of - I BELIEVE - with LYRICS, featuring the Banaue Rice Terraces, Ifugao, Philippines.

25 Charice, "Jingle Bell Rock" & "Grown-Up Christmas List" @ The Grove 11/21/10
By: SideburnerSol
ID: oIsBnVV7Uys
Duration: 6.85 min.
Views: 562379
Rating: 4.9406238
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Charice makes the season bright when she performs at The Grove's Christmas Tree Lighting event hosted by Mario Lopez. Charice sings her renditions of "Jingle...

26 Charice - San Diego Pride Music Festival 7-20-2014
By: SideburnerSol
ID: eQ9KYll5bRA
Duration: 49.33 min.
Views: 35108
Rating: 4.733333
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Charice lays down the love in San Diego performing as "The Real Charice!". Note that this video has been re-uploaded to overcome a technical problem occurrin...

27 ♫♪ Whitney Houston - Charice Pempengco - I Have Nothing with lyrics ♫♪
By: SuriPower
ID: 5au2XQO70iI
Duration: 4.92 min.
Views: 6999837
Rating: 4.886229
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Twitter @BSoekhram ♫♪♫♪ LYRICS: Share my life Take me for what I am Cause I'll never change All my colors for you Take my love I'll never ask for too much Ju...

28 Charice - To Love You More
By: ChariceListen
ID: zrFkMEt4y2M
Duration: 3.90 min.
Views: 265259
Rating: 4.911111
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Sound quality revision 48.0KHz 224kbps.

29 Charice With Celine Dion - Because You Loved Me
By: Mark Gool
ID: KswFC1i2aEM
Duration: 3.48 min.
Views: 75388
Rating: 4.959322
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Charice Live.

30 Charice Pempengco - Wind beneath my wings w/ lyrics
By: richelle silva
ID: 1ISan_fRib4
Duration: 5.30 min.
Views: 115994
Rating: 4.940594
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Love song.

31 Charice and Alyssa Quijano (duet) - Just Give Me A Reason
By: jabes_12
ID: 37L8NoMQFbg
Duration: 3.92 min.
Views: 138509
Rating: 4.768014
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meet and greet 7-28-13.

32 20100731 The Muzit Ep. 01 K.Will & Charice - Endless Love
By: kwillshows2
Duration: 4.07 min.
Views: 692837
Rating: 4.942662
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The first episode of K.Will's Music Show "The Muzit" Credit :

33 Charice on Oprah singing " In This Song" with David Foster
By: Oni Caro
ID: xq_m0pstLsU
Duration: 2.68 min.
Views: 154057
Rating: 4.9407053
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a stunning rendition of In this Song....courtesy of the maestro Hertzblaster.

34 Charice in Vegas with David Foster -Bodyguard Medley
By: Oni Caro
ID: OeVsKetpMh8
Duration: 5.52 min.
Views: 176393
Rating: 4.916558
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a stunning performance of Charice of the Bodyguard Medley at David Foster and Friends Concert in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas.

35 Charice - Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough
By: Aishi Teru
ID: TgYHs0aEgM0
Duration: 4.43 min.
Views: 82119
Rating: 4.8084507
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Please grab a copy of her album in Itunes and Mymusicstore. Charice Chapter 10 Tracklist: 1. Unexpected Love 2. Everything I Do, I Do It For You 3. Sometimes...

36 夏芮絲Charice 響徹雲霄Louder
By: 華納音樂 Warner Music Taiwan Official
ID: zO8Q55fw6_A
Duration: 3.17 min.
Views: 170994
Rating: 4.94005
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無法預期的音樂爆發力證明人生無限可能今年期待指數最高的音樂奇蹟地球上唯一震撼人心的動人歌聲! 夏芮絲Charice 最新暢銷大碟《∞愛無限》 2011/10/28領先歐美率先上市.

37 Charice and Gary V. duet — Sana Maulit Muli
By: ChariceCubby
ID: -1aejRcxEYU
Duration: 4.00 min.
Views: 81721
Rating: 4.886121
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Charice and Gary Valenciano sing "Sana Maulit Muli" in a duet on ASAP — ca. Oct 14, 2012.

38 Charice Pempengco Showdown w/ Sarah Geronimo At ASAP09
By: Romel Agpoon
Duration: 6.63 min.
Views: 1679217
Rating: 4.7531433
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tHe pHilippine POp Princess & InternatioNAl sINging sEnsation CHArice Pempengco sHowdown At ASAP09.... ill always love you & i Have nothing video source: htt...

39 Charice — 'Make You Feel My Love', on FOX 4
By: CharicePlace
ID: cop7EoJ5paI
Duration: 3.70 min.
Views: 22242
Rating: 4.7297297
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Charice sings 'Make You Feel My Love', on FOX 4 'Good Day'. Dallas, Texas. June 26, 2014.

40 Charice - Minsan Lang Kitang Iibigin - One For The Heart Valentines 2012
By: alleba22
ID: puFJNzHJhls
Duration: 5.48 min.
Views: 105384
Rating: 4.826087
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Part 5 of 12. Song starts at 1:25. This is a Filipino (or Tagalog) song meaning "I Will Love You Only Once." Courtesy of GMA7, no copyright infringement inte...

41 Thank You - Charice (lyrics)
By: koolb jeongshin
ID: BsV_w0yiQJQ
Duration: 4.30 min.
Views: 587574
Rating: 4.950417
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"When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on. " ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt.

42 Charice Sing Dakilang Lahi Live On Wowowee
By: R Jay Aldueza
ID: 97seSGhngbM
Duration: 8.80 min.
Views: 217527
Rating: 4.8245125
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Charice Pempengco - High Quality Isang Lahi Lipad Ng Pangarap Dakilang Lahi & Interview Album other tags : charice wowowee teen singers fans idol barack obam...

43 Charice My Heart Will Go On
By: tekwin20
ID: M1AXfg0O4pg
Duration: 3.78 min.
Views: 1058909
Rating: 4.9341855
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Amazing Charice.

44 Charice performs 'In This Song' on VOA's Border Crossings
By: VOAMusic
Duration: 4.98 min.
Views: 54158
Rating: 4.97757
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Charice sings 'In This Song' at VOA's studios with host Larry London.

45 CHARICE - You Raise Me Up ( popularized by Josh Groban )
By: starbrightzzz
ID: Up7-sBSuFpI
Duration: 4.93 min.
Views: 374575
Rating: 4.908233
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From her Album "My Inspiration" Produced by Jonathan Manalo Under Star Records Phils. *** Grab a copy now! ***

46 Charice Pempengco - To Love You More ( 9 years old )
By: x. tin
ID: dSaSEM-ydbU
Duration: 4.52 min.
Views: 1975435
Rating: 4.8842373
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Charice Pempengco - To Love You More ( 9 years old ). NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED.

47 17-Year-Old "Charice Pempengco" From The Philippines Does Whitney Houston Tribute & She Did That!
By: vh1music1
ID: -cwtUyyjn50
Duration: 7.20 min.
Views: 1027442
Rating: 4.9004025
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Female Cover Of The Week: 17-Year-Old "Charice Pempengco" From The Philippines Does Whitney Houston Tribute & She Did That! Sasha Allen Does Whitney Houston ...

48 Yakap - Charice (Muling Buksan ang Puso OST Lyrics)
By: The Adventures of Ella Banana
ID: lBDs_RP68Qo
Duration: 4.57 min.
Views: 437604
Rating: 4.858361
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NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. I do NOT own the music used in this video. Images used: The Adventures of Ella Banana ...

By: luckycura85
ID: BB_hybC9bm4
Duration: 5.40 min.
Views: 1598004
Rating: 4.9088845
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CHARICE PEMPENGCO LIVE ON ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW (12/19/07) showing her vocal prowess with a stunning rendition of Dreamgirls' And I Am Telling You (Complete V...

50 Charice feat. Taylor Swift - Nobody's Singin' to Me (Music Video)
By: zsarlynne16
ID: opF9kLfWClU
Duration: 3.70 min.
Views: 232531
Rating: 4.8069963
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music video of nobody's singin' to me by charice feat. taylor swift.