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1 Crossfade - Crossfade (Full Album)
By: ramadearbol666
ID: mcJZN6R0ozE
Duration: 34.30 min.
Views: 314015
Rating: 4.839658
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THANKS FOR THE VIEWS! The first album they released as Crossfade, it came out in 2004 via Columbia Records. 1. Starless 0:00 2. Cold 3:55 3. So Far Away 7:09...

2 Crossfade - Cold
By: CrossfadeVEVO
ID: Vrr3lRLjZ1Y
Duration: 3.48 min.
Views: 23801509
Rating: 4.931209
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Music video by Crossfade performing Cold. (C) 2004 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT.

3 Crossfade - Colors
By: CrossfadeVEVO
Duration: 3.40 min.
Views: 1428821
Rating: 4.922738
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Music video by Crossfade performing Colors. (C) 2005 Sony Music Entertainment.

4 Crossfade - Prove You Wrong
By: CrossfadeVEVO
Duration: 3.33 min.
Views: 623062
Rating: 4.94548
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Music video by Crossfade performing Prove You Wrong. (C) 2011 Eleven Seven Music.

5 Crossfade - So far away
By: Chril91
ID: ne49DaLbo2I
Duration: 3.45 min.
Views: 1456107
Rating: 4.92098
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Crossfade - So far away: Lyrics I've been changin' but you'll never see me now (I've been changin' but you'll never see me now) Now I'm blaming you for every...

6 Crossfade - Falling Away (Full Album)
By: ramadearbol666
Duration: 39.80 min.
Views: 64654
Rating: 4.8444443
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Second album by the band, released in 2006 via Columbia Records. 1. Washing The World Away 0:00 2. Already Gone 3:53 3. Someday 7:22 4. Invincible 11:17 5. F...

7 Crossfade - Already Gone (Lyrics)
By: lolcookie13
ID: e4f_z2XJdpI
Duration: 3.43 min.
Views: 435824
Rating: 4.9209676
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Enjoy this video with the band Crossfade and their song Already Gone.

8 Crossfade - Dear Cocaine
By: CrossfadeVEVO
Duration: 4.98 min.
Views: 219613
Rating: 4.895363
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Music video by Crossfade performing Dear Cocaine. (C) 2012 Eleven Seven Music.

9 Crossfade - No Giving Up
By: Onewecallgod
ID: iqB_cZq7Clw
Duration: 3.58 min.
Views: 1275162
Rating: 4.9385543
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CROSSFADE release new album WE ALL BLEED on April 12th 2011 Subscribe for more lyrics videos.

10 Crossfade - Killing Me Inside
By: CrossfadeVEVO
Duration: 3.75 min.
Views: 587768
Rating: 4.9345603
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Music video by Crossfade performing Killing Me Inside. (C) 2010 Eleven Seven.

11 Crossfade Invincible
By: Hasan Moinuddin
ID: v31cOQWzd-I
Duration: 3.92 min.
Views: 7289
Rating: 4.9259257
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12 Crossfade: Dead Skin
By: conroyfan22
Duration: 3.90 min.
Views: 412247
Rating: 4.887065
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Crossfade's song Dead Skin NOTE: I DO NOT own the copyright to this song. Woot over 400 views! Thanks to all who've viewed! *Edit* 6/14/09 over 8000 views! *...

13 Crossfade- everything's wrong (with lyrics)
By: Aycaire Nai
ID: Vhssu6Qqb64
Duration: 3.45 min.
Views: 213638
Rating: 4.952772
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crossfade- everything's wrong ^ ^

14 Crossfade- The deep end
By: zubzero1
Duration: 3.40 min.
Views: 946494
Rating: 4.89609
Watch On YouTube Salute to all on Duty and Veteran Soldiers all across the World! Keep your chin up soldier. Do not allow life situ...

15 Crossfade - Cold live, Rock Allegiance Tour 2011, Nashville
By: Syun Ilyasa
ID: gS7qQlrJbuY
Duration: 4.48 min.
Views: 23622
Rating: 4.9365077
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Please watch in HD!!! 9/18/2011.

16 Crossfade - Breathing Slowly
By: Henrik Krieger
ID: GjtWheoIZw8
Duration: 3.28 min.
Views: 28177
Rating: 4.8674035
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From the album "Falling Away (2006)". I do not own or claim any rights for this material! Lyrics: Who am I to save you, To try and tame you, And now that you...

17 GusGus - Crossfade (Maceo Plex Remix) [played by Adriatique]
By: DanceTrippinOfficial
ID: FchFMXeO690
Duration: 6.77 min.
Views: 2897
Rating: 5.0
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Taken from DanceTrippin Episode 366 - Adriatique at Diynamic Festival, Amsterdamse Bos Watch full length episode → Our full catal...

18 Cold by Crossfade (Lyrics)
By: sarabug252
ID: QuzDghzyVjk
Duration: 3.30 min.
Views: 6281958
Rating: 4.8979425
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Hello everyone! UPDATE to any & all crossfade fans! New album coming out "We All Bleed" set for 2011 release. SHOUT OUT TO "93JPH' " for this update. Keep on...

19 Crossfade - Cold
By: Evan Costain
ID: -b41JAqbuiw
Duration: 3.23 min.
Views: 2591
Rating: 5.0
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Song: Cold. Artist: Crossfade. Album: Crossfade. Genre: Rock. Free Download:

20 Crossfade - Why (Lyrics)
By: jc51992
ID: 4lsimEbeN1o
Duration: 3.73 min.
Views: 127103
Rating: 4.9358974
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Walking madly - feeling strangely and I'm not sure where to go I got a funny feeling - Have I lost my meaning I wish I could go home When you said you were l...

【rerulili official account】/【 れるりり公式アカウント】 現代社会を漂流し続ける少女たち。 やがて辿り着く"地獄型人間動物園"そこは天国?はたまた地獄? 人気ボカロP・クリエイター陣が変幻自在にユーモアやアイロニーを織り交ぜ、破壊的・衝動的な音で奏でる異色のコンセプトアルバム、遂に完成...

22 Crossfade - Cold Live
By: jkb styx
Duration: 4.32 min.
Views: 7710
Rating: 5.0
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Crossfade - Cold Live Great Quality!!! ST. Louis MO.

23 GusGus - Crossfade (Michael Mayer Mix)
By: dimmet667
ID: Z9sU2VWr0pU
Duration: 6.15 min.
Views: 656
Rating: 5.0
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24 [Crossfade] Under ! Where
By: Baby thethao
Duration: 2.63 min.
Views: 46456
Rating: 4.9537573
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Member: Cross/fade * Studio: AMP * Title: Under ! Where ? * Premiered: 2011-11-16 * Categories: o Comedy o Fun o Other * Song: o Royal Republic Underwear *...

25 Crossfade - Open Up Your Eyes
By: Henrik Krieger
ID: -gkLXg2-2LA
Duration: 3.95 min.
Views: 6576
Rating: 4.8095236
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I do not own or claim any rights for this material! From the album "We All Bleed (2011)". Lyrics: You can hear clearly now The ringing in my head Do you beli...

26 So far Away- Crossfade (Lyrics)
By: flipalot24
ID: Occovyt0kdg
Duration: 3.78 min.
Views: 1101987
Rating: 4.9238315
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So Far Away- Crossfade (lyrics)

27 Like Tomorrow - Crossfade (official video)
By: LTofficial
ID: k6_jwQcR-iQ
Duration: 3.65 min.
Views: 31702
Rating: 4.140187
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Music video for the song Crossfade from Like Tomorrow's Perfect World EP [2010]. Music video was filmed by Pete-Jukka Rinteelä, Anu Ekman & Joonas Salo and E...

28 Crossfade-The Deep End(Lyrics on Screen HD)
By: Jali343
ID: _vJ9qIVqzfw
Duration: 3.43 min.
Views: 7207
Rating: 4.9365077
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i do not own the songs shown in the video.

29 Crossfade - Cold (Live On Kimmel) - 2004
By: CrossfadeTube
Duration: 3.38 min.
Views: 44569
Rating: 4.8816566
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All copyrights owned by ABC, no infringment intended.

30 Crossfade - Cold (Remix) & Lyrics
By: BabySmile92
ID: 1lhfgKBsRWM
Duration: 2.80 min.
Views: 28732
Rating: 4.633803
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Crossfade - Cold (Lyrics)

31 Colors-Crossfade Lyrics
By: SupernaturalTwilight
ID: 2S1JnJJ2Rbc
Duration: 3.33 min.
Views: 357476
Rating: 4.887314
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Lyrics to the song "Colors" by Crossfade. :) i like how it came out...entertaining..

32 Crossfade Cold acoustic
By: tyranist
ID: LK8_RKwZbj4
Duration: 3.38 min.
Views: 19140
Rating: 4.9432626
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Me and my son playin Cold outside of a bar near Peoria IL. Yep we may have had a few adult beverages :) Hope you like... To the ppl that asked.. yeah I sing ...

33 Crossfade everything's wrong (HQ+ Lyrics)
By: Naf' Manson
ID: djAp_4pndX4
Duration: 3.45 min.
Views: 17090
Rating: 5.0
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Crossfade everything's wrong hq + lyrics.

34 Crossfade - Cold (Tradução) Pt - Br
By: aej8144
ID: SmhtB7wymcs
Duration: 3.43 min.
Views: 8704
Rating: 5.0
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Crossfade - Cold Tradução Crossfade é uma banda de Metal Alternativo originária de Columbia, Carolina do Sul.O grupo iniciou-se em 1999 com o cantor/guitarri...

35 "Cold" by Crossfade guitar cover.
By: Ben Hischak
ID: YvZeo1Sj5C0
Duration: 3.35 min.
Views: 9663
Rating: 4.68
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Me (Ben Hischak) doing a cover of "cold" by crossfade. for those of you who dont know, it iss in Drop D tuning. ..really good song, i like it a lot. hope you...

36 Crossfade - So Far Away
By: gooould
ID: IqVb7xk0PNU
Duration: 3.47 min.
Views: 733254
Rating: 4.9059234
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good song.

37 Breathig Slowly-Crossfade
By: Spencer Weddle
ID: G4Z7qEc_7fA
Duration: 3.27 min.
Views: 50284
Rating: 4.9413795
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Breathing Slowly by Crossfade from thier Falling Away album.

38 Crossfade No giving up sub español
By: TheMetalisEverything
ID: z1-mXYB0l94
Duration: 3.60 min.
Views: 14926
Rating: 4.943128
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Nunca hay que rendirse sin importar las circunstancias ;) Si quieren escuchar esta cancion en un video de futbol, vean este video

39 Crossfade - Washing The World Away - Lyrics
By: Jordan Castle S.
ID: -RkKg5RqsVg
Duration: 3.90 min.
Views: 7109
Rating: 4.9
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CROSSFADE - Washing The World Away complete lyrics I don't own this song, i just use the product to entertainment use So I do not infringe the rights of copy...

40 Crossfade - Starless "Legendado"
By: Apocaliptery
ID: eoUTGsw89pg
Duration: 3.95 min.
Views: 3134
Rating: 5.0
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Crossfade é uma bela banda, e aqui está um dos sucessos deles, Starless.. como vi que não tinha ela traduzida no youtube, então fiz um video dela legendada, ...

41 Someday - Crossfade
By: XforgottenXonesX
ID: 0kj9kRJu0Ls
Duration: 3.98 min.
Views: 562087
Rating: 4.9497356
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A really good song in my opnion(sp?) and some really beautiful pictures to go with it. Also thank you all for giving me sooooo many veiws! This is my best vi...

42 Crossfade - No Giving Up
By: Capricornus Astud
Duration: 3.58 min.
Views: 4340
Rating: 4.757576
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"Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, ...

43 Crossfade - Someday (lyrics)
By: THRiina
ID: pAfl_w4rYuU
Duration: 3.97 min.
Views: 380305
Rating: 4.935065
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The lyrics to the song "Someday" by Crossfade. ^__^

44 Learn to Play Cold By Crossfade
By: acs100289
ID: 10Hy5NlfeHQ
Duration: 3.05 min.
Views: 71739
Rating: 4.864486
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In this video I show you how to play the song Cold By Crossfade.

45 Colors - Crossfade - Español
By: Feryuk Velazquez
ID: tGDSxikmBvc
Duration: 3.57 min.
Views: 3724
Rating: 5.0
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Intro 0:10 Vídeo Petición "Colores" por ahí un pequeño de error donde dice color Si te gusta dale like, comenta, suscribete, y comparte enserio...

46 Crossfade. Dead skin lyrics.
By: xxxToriHaidenxxx
ID: H_YnJyjXmlc
Duration: 3.90 min.
Views: 37811
Rating: 4.914163
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47 Crossfade - Dear Cocaine (END Sessions)
By: 1065TheEndCharlotte
Duration: 4.70 min.
Views: 34825
Rating: 4.98916
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Crossfade stopped by the 1065 The END studios to perform "Dear Cocaine," and "Killing Me Inside" for END Sessions. Recorded live at WEND on May 20, 2011 at 1...

48 crossfade starless
By: gizzymonser
Duration: 3.95 min.
Views: 483257
Rating: 4.9093566
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this is crossfade's song starless with album cover.

49 Crossfade - So far Away (HD + Lyrics)
By: MrWehage
ID: uxlgbBZPcPI
Duration: 3.45 min.
Views: 8874
Rating: 4.9
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A fantastic song by the outstanding band 'Crossfade'. Lyrics are in the video, and you might want to expand or turn to fullscreen, to read the lyrics properl...

50 Crossfade - Colors w. Lyrics
By: jjoonash
ID: 1bZ2eYqGtI4
Duration: 3.33 min.
Views: 6115
Rating: 4.902439
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I do not own any copyright of this song.