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1 https://youtube.com/devicesupport
By: YouTube Help
Duration: 3.93 min.
Views: 1844811
Rating: 0
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2 Godsmack-Self Titled-Full Album-HD
By: adam
Duration: 51.18 min.
Views: 627242
Rating: 4.86711
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1. "Moon Baby" Erna 0:00-4:17 2. "Whatever" Erna, Rombola 4:17-7:45 3. "Keep Away" Erna 7:45-12:40 4. "Time Bomb" Erna 12:40-16:34 5. "Bad Religion" Erna, Stewart 16:39-19:...

3 Godsmack - I Stand Alone
By: GodsmackVEVO
ID: OYjZK_6i37M
Duration: 4.93 min.
Views: 37272075
Rating: 4.9068127
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Music video by Godsmack performing I Stand Alone. (C) 2001 Universal Motown Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc. Distributed by Universal Music & Video Distribution Corp.

4 Godsmack - 1000hp
By: GodsmackVEVO
ID: 6rL4em-Xv5o
Duration: 3.90 min.
Views: 1993204
Rating: 4.89614
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Purchase the new album "1000hp" from Godsmack! iTunes: http://smarturl.it/Godsmack1000hpiT Amazon: http://georiot.co/Godsmack1000hpAZ Google Play: http://smarturl.it/Godsmack1000hpGP.

5 Godsmack - Cryin' Like A Bitch!!
By: GodsmackVEVO
Duration: 3.80 min.
Views: 14193990
Rating: 4.9089046
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Music video by Godsmack performing Cryin' Like A Bitch!!. (C) 2010 Universal Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

6 Godsmack - Awake
By: GodsmackVEVO
ID: opU1urLhw50
Duration: 4.88 min.
Views: 12620831
Rating: 4.9216213
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Music video by Godsmack performing Awake. (C) 2000 Universal Motown Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

7 Godsmack - Voodoo
By: GodsmackVEVO
Duration: 4.28 min.
Views: 19169911
Rating: 4.8951445
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Music video by Godsmack performing Voodoo. (C) 2002 Universal Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

8 Godsmack - Keep Away
By: GodsmackVEVO
ID: 1uvwGmRf5M8
Duration: 5.12 min.
Views: 8321091
Rating: 4.9142976
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Music video by Godsmack performing Keep Away. (C) 2002 Universal Motown Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

9 Godsmack Live Concert (Full Length)
By: Pyrrhic Victory
ID: eVLZlP0kvi4
Duration: 82.42 min.
Views: 846887
Rating: 4.9098473
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Live At Worcester No copyright infringement intended. ~FAIR USE~ Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such...

10 Godsmack - Serenity
By: GodsmackVEVO
ID: 2A4Km5PTu5o
Duration: 4.55 min.
Views: 4802891
Rating: 4.931713
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Music video by Godsmack performing Serenity. (C) 2003 Universal Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

11 Godsmack Changes (Full Concert HD)
By: Ezequiel Elias
Duration: 127.08 min.
Views: 446349
Rating: 4.8427725
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Recital Completo de Godsmack en HD disfrutenlo Godsmack es una banda estadounidense de rock originaria de Lawrence, Massachusetts, formada en 1995 e integrada por el líder, vocalista y ...

12 Godsmack - Something Different
By: Godsmack
ID: qKFP0a63p1U
Duration: 4.75 min.
Views: 46614
Rating: 4.9632416
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New video from Godsmack featuring their song, "Something Different". Director: Paris Visone Buy Godsmack's new album "1000hp" at: http://smarturl.it/Godsmack1000hpiT Godsmack's website:...

13 Godsmack - Straight Out Of Line
By: GodsmackVEVO
ID: z9FmOc0ofGc
Duration: 4.05 min.
Views: 9128663
Rating: 4.936917
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Music video by Godsmack performing Straight Out Of Line. (C) 2003 Universal Motown Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

14 Godsmack - Rocky Mountain Way
By: GodsmackVEVO
Duration: 4.00 min.
Views: 2495844
Rating: 4.8701816
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Buy Now! iTunes: http://smarturl.it/godsmackalbumitunes Amazon: http://smarturl.it/godsmackalbumAMZ Music video by Godsmack performing Rocky Mountain Way. (C) 2012 Universal Republic ...

15 Godsmack - Whatever
By: GodsmackVEVO
ID: ME3Ahe8z16k
Duration: 3.48 min.
Views: 5404682
Rating: 4.9050193
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Music video by Godsmack performing Whatever. (C) 1998 Universal Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

16 Godsmack - Greed
By: GodsmackVEVO
Duration: 3.87 min.
Views: 6830033
Rating: 4.9195724
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Music video by Godsmack performing Greed. (C) 2000 Universal Motown Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

17 Godsmack - Something Different (1000hp) 2014
By: Grungi N
ID: l-Cet-O9s9E
Duration: 4.72 min.
Views: 37036
Rating: 4.9310346
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NOTICE** I do not own anything in this video. No copyright infringement intended. New song from their sixth album "1000hp"

18 Godsmack - Drum Battle HD - Sully Erna vs Shannon Larkin - Batalla De Los Tambores (HD).flv
By: Vlad Zibluk
ID: iJ8-r_hd5PY
Duration: 7.72 min.
Views: 794816
Rating: 4.952689
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19 Godsmack - Speak
By: GodsmackVEVO
ID: v8ueA9FNb0U
Duration: 3.98 min.
Views: 5340775
Rating: 4.9362764
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Music video by Godsmack performing Speak. (C) 2006 Universal Records a division of UMG Recordings Inc.

20 An Evening With Godsmack
By: BrAin Candy
ID: TwPcNq3zsbo
Duration: 64.03 min.
Views: 2640
Rating: 5.0
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An Evening With Godsmack.

21 Godsmack - IV (Deluxe Edition) (2006) [Full Album]
By: osman felipe bulladicto starscream
ID: Gs0Wc7Zi4KE
Duration: 67.18 min.
Views: 820
Rating: 5.0
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Tracklist 01.Livin' In Sin (00:00 - 04:40) 02.Speak (04:41 - 08:39) 03.The Enemy (08:40 - 12:47) 04.Shine Down (12:48 - 17:49) 05.Hollow (17:50 - 22:22) 06.No Rest For The Wicked (22:23 -...

22 Godsmack- Love-Hate-Sex-Pain (Off of the Oracle!)
By: MonsterMetalMusic
ID: 4MSk6PSpQ8s
Duration: 5.27 min.
Views: 929253
Rating: 4.9417653
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Godsmack's newest song, "Love-Hate-Sex-Pain" off of their upcoming album "The Oracle" out May 4th. Get pumped up! This song was released on April 6. 100k views July, 9th.

23 Godsmack - Come Together
By: Godsmack
ID: kPi-MOxR0l4
Duration: 4.08 min.
Views: 888948
Rating: 4.9449687
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Godsmack - "Come Together" from the album "Live & Inspired". Available Now on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/live-inspired/id521387688 Video directed by Ian Barrett Buy Godsmack's...

24 Godsmack- Temptation
By: souldaimon
ID: DVm3sMoxZdk
Duration: 4.12 min.
Views: 274347
Rating: 4.941007
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this is one of my favorite songs.

25 Turning To Stone (acoustic) - from The Walking Dead Soundtrack
By: Godsmack
Duration: 4.12 min.
Views: 19062
Rating: 5.0
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Taken from The Walking Dead Season 4 Soundtrack: Songs of Survival Vol 2, available exclusively at Walmart. http://bit.ly/1AeDzcs Buy Godsmack's new album "1000hp" at: http://smarturl.it/Godsmack1 ...

26 Godsmack - Good Times, Bad Times
By: GodsmackVEVO
ID: 0pXxVm-hdEo
Duration: 3.60 min.
Views: 2022921
Rating: 4.870269
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Music video by Godsmack performing Good Times, Bad Times. (C) 2007 Universal Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

By: Godsmack
ID: JkmZz-nrlyg
Duration: 3.78 min.
Views: 647047
Rating: 4.857492
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Buy Godsmack's new album "1000hp" at: http://smarturl.it/Godsmack1000hpiT Godsmack's website: http://www.godsmack.com Like Godsmack on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/godsmack Follow ...

28 Godsmack - Generation Day,Cryin' Like a Bitch(Live at White River Amphitheatre 2014)
By: Ma44de
ID: 17bTNdu8ozc
Duration: 10.93 min.
Views: 22593
Rating: 5.0
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All rights belong to Godsmack Thank you Yahoo Screen for streaming this amazing concert.

29 Godsmack I fucking hate you Lyrics
By: Steven Ford
ID: _ejnctN5evM
Duration: 4.13 min.
Views: 175519
Rating: 4.939946
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godsmack-I Fucking Hate You.

30 Godsmack - Nothing else matters
By: Sparky60719
ID: pNupIgPNwpA
Duration: 6.45 min.
Views: 46429
Rating: 4.9674797
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Sully Erna preforming Nothing else matters out of the Live & Inspired album. One hell of a cover! I do not own this song - it's property of Godsmack. Smacker 4 life \m/

31 Godsmack - Full Concert - 07/25/99 - Woodstock 99 West Stage (OFFICIAL)
By: Hard Rock on MV
ID: NZQiJSgwzbs
Duration: 50.87 min.
Views: 9714
Rating: 4.9384613
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Godsmack - Full Concert Recorded Live: 7/25/1999 - Woodstock 99 West Stage (Rome, NY) More Godsmack at Music Vault: http://www.musicvault.com Subscribe to Music Vault: http://goo.gl/DUzpUF...

32 Godsmack-Love,Hate,Sex,Pain
By: FuckinMetal3694
ID: NU41o6Z-UlY
Duration: 5.28 min.
Views: 651036
Rating: 4.946741
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n this life I'm me, Just sitting here alone By the way I tried to say I'd be there For you Walk the silent emptieness That leaves me by my hands And throw away What I don't understand, as a...

33 Godsmack-Moon Baby
By: FuckinMetal3694
ID: tgrJFWugLLs
Duration: 4.40 min.
Views: 165719
Rating: 4.9209156
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Let's take a blast to the moon, baby. (I'll sit around wishing you well). How I'm craving you, yeah. Every time I'm near you (I always wanna swallow you down). I'll be right here if you need...

34 Godsmack (The Oracle) - What If?
By: baylivinlegend
Duration: 6.60 min.
Views: 14547
Rating: 4.9375
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(GODSMACK - THE ORACLE) [2010 HOT NEW ALBUM!!!!!] 1. Cryin Like A Bitch 2. Saints and Sinners 3. War And Peace 4. Love-Hate-Sex-Pain 5. What If? 6. Devils Swing 7. Good Day To Die 8.

35 Godsmack - The Other Side EP (2004) [Full Album]
By: David Hausmaan
ID: N2orttabfK0
Duration: 29.93 min.
Views: 11983
Rating: 4.919192
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Support the Artists: http://www.godsmack.com/ Tracklist: 1.Running Blind [00:00] 2. Re-Align [04:00] 3. Touche [08:22] 4. Voices [12:00] 5. Keep Away [15:45] 6. Spiral [20:34] 7. Asleep [25:56]

36 Godsmack - Awake (2000) [Full Album]
By: osman felipe bulladicto starscream
ID: Z6C3rkUvkRc
Duration: 45.82 min.
Views: 3295
Rating: 4.851852
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Tracklist 01.Sick Of Life (00:00 - 03:53) 02.Awake (03:54 - 08:59) 03.Greed (09:00 - 12:29) 04.Bad Magick (12:30 - 16:48) 05.Goin' Down (16:49 - 20:14) 06.Mistakes (20:15 - 26:14) 07.Trippin'...

37 Godsmack - Faceless (2003) [Full Album]
By: osman felipe bulladicto starscream
ID: uH80DyGa5lw
Duration: 47.12 min.
Views: 6627
Rating: 4.8139534
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Tracklist 01.Straight Out Of Line (00:00 - 04:19) 02.Faceless (04:20 - 07:56) 03.Change (07:57 - 12:17) 04.Make Me Believe (12:18 - 15:58) 05.I Stand Alone (15:59 - 20:05) 06.Re-align (20:06...

38 Godsmack - Livin in Sin
By: demonic power
ID: zChO-TPd9eg
Duration: 4.68 min.
Views: 20756
Rating: 4.848101
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Livin in sin by godsmack. Comment and rate.

39 Godsmack- Keep Away lyrics
By: Godsmacklyricsonscre
Duration: 4.85 min.
Views: 19823
Rating: 4.8315787
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I do not own any copyright Godsmack does. This song was made by Godsmack in 1998 in the album, "Godsmack"

40 Godsmack- Awake
By: twodumb2live
ID: jlWQ9exDx8E
Duration: 5.10 min.
Views: 1324370
Rating: 4.938565
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These are the lyrics for Awake by Godsmack. I did not make this song copyrighted by godsmack. Godsmack owns this song!! Enjoy and be sure to watch Vice President Under Fire!!!

41 “Something Different” Godsmack@Susquehanna Bank Center Camden, NJ 8/26/14 Uproar Festival
By: Jim Powers
Duration: 5.23 min.
Views: 59541
Rating: 4.9302325
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Something Different, Godsmack, Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden, New Jersey; August 26th, 2014; Uproar Festival.

42 Godsmack-Voodoo
By: FuckinMetal3694
ID: BbUj3NTcsX8
Duration: 9.08 min.
Views: 34681
Rating: 4.8958335
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I'm not the one who's so far away when I feel the snake bite into my veins. Never did I wanna be here again, and I don't remember why I came. Candles raised by desire, why I'm so far away....

43 Godsmack Shine Down Live
By: BarbieDoll
ID: 7Bw7gh1SGKU
Duration: 4.50 min.
Views: 153867
Rating: 4.91866
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Godsmack Shine Down Live.

44 Disturbed, Godsmack, Limp Bizkit - Blood in my eyes
By: TheCircleOfSeven
Duration: 3.77 min.
Views: 25562
Rating: 4.908046
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remake of video with right lyrics, Ooo Whatcha gonna do now Whatcha gonna do when they rhythm comes kicken you Tryin to make me bleed in to My resent so definite evident Breath life a disease...

45 Godsmack - 28 Febuary 2015 - Soundwave, Brisbane FULL SHOW
By: ss9ball
Duration: 60.27 min.
Views: 10702
Rating: 4.8461537
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(FULL SHOW) Godsmack - 28 Febuary 2015 - Soundwave, Brisbane Check out my other full live shows http://www.youtube.com/user/ss9ball?feature=mhee comment and share.

46 Godsmack - Keep Away (HD)
By: ComingHomeMedia
ID: iih71tbl9bg
Duration: 4.85 min.
Views: 214202
Rating: 4.915084
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From "An Evening With Godsmack", an acoustic performance of "Keep Away"

47 GODSMACK 'GENERATION DAY' [official audio]
By: Godsmack
ID: _LPXa_fidPw
Duration: 6.20 min.
Views: 74913
Rating: 4.8985076
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1000hp available for Pre-Order NOW on iTunes. Order today and get an instant download of "Generation Day" at: http://apple.co/1nswCe4 Buy Godsmack's new album "1000hp" at: http://smarturl.it/Gods ...

48 Godsmack - Touché (Live from House of Blues, Las Vegas 2004)
By: kontiki3105
Duration: 3.67 min.
Views: 128629
Rating: 4.9569893
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Godsmack live unplugged in Las Vegas with John Cosco.

49 Godsmack - Serenity
By: Acer High
Duration: 4.67 min.
Views: 804253
Rating: 4.954162
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Godsmack - Serenity , enjoy. As I sit here and slowly close my eyes I take another deep breath And feel the wind pass through my body I'm the one in your soul Reflecting inner light Protect...

50 Godsmack - I Stand Alone (Lyrics)
By: Jmasta120
Duration: 4.00 min.
Views: 16664
Rating: 4.972028
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i love this band and this song is one of my favorite no copyright was used.