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1 I Surrender - Hillsong Live (Cornerstone 2012 DVD Album) Lyrics/Subtitles (Best Worship Song)
By: ilovepi227
ID: HcnfT4arZtI
Duration: 10.45 min.
Views: 22150847
Rating: 4.8678923
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Hillsong - I surrender Hillsong Live New DVD Album, Cornerstone, 2012, Name of Song: I surrender Here I am Down on my knees again Surrendering all Surrenderi...

2 Throught it All - Hillsongs [with lyrics]
By: dolphinsm
Duration: 5.25 min.
Views: 122183
Rating: 4.768953
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Through it all by hillsongs w/ lyrics :) all the pics are from my youthgroup--sorry about that. lol. video is made by mee.

3 Hillsong - At the Cross - With Subtitles/Lyrics
By: WimNL
ID: eOY0mjjmx8Y
Duration: 7.33 min.
Views: 20438349
Rating: 4.8902245
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Hillsong - At The Cross - With Subtitles/Lyrics - Migthy to Save DVD - Darlene Zschech Oh Lord You've searched me You know my way Even when I fail You I know...

4 Hillsong UNITED Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) Lyric Video
By: hillsongunitedTV
ID: dy9nwe9_xzw
Duration: 9.02 min.
Views: 16851907
Rating: 4.886339
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Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) Lyric Video. Buy Zion: http://smarturl.it/ituneszion More information: http://www.hillsongunited.com.

5 Hillsong - Beneath the Waters (I will Rise) - with subtitles/lyrics
By: TwilightWaterfall
Duration: 6.50 min.
Views: 3769980
Rating: 4.895142
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Hillsong Live - Beneath the Waters (I will Rise) Album: Cornerstone DVD This is my revelation Christ Jesus crucified Salvation through repentance At the cros...

6 Hillsong United - "Oceans" (Live at RELEVANT)
ID: 1m_sWJQm2fs
Duration: 5.85 min.
Views: 8494260
Rating: 4.930193
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Hillsong United performs an acoustic version of "Oceans" from the album "ZION" live for RELEVANT magazine. Subscribe to RELEVANT's YouTube channel for more R...

7 Hillsong - Mighty to Save - With Subtitles/Lyrics
By: WimNL
Duration: 7.12 min.
Views: 24410470
Rating: 4.88312
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Hillsong - Mighty to Save - With Subtitles/Lyrics - Mighty to Save DVD Everyone needs compassion, Love thats never failing Let mercy fall on me Well everyone...

8 Hillsong United - Hosanna (HD)
By: kluschei
Duration: 5.47 min.
Views: 6175596
Rating: 4.9071503
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Brooke Fraser singing her most popular song, well she wrote it but its not her song really its more Jesus' song but hey you all know what i mean, listen to it!

9 Hillsong - A Beautiful Exchange - With Subtitles/Lyrics - HD Version
By: Hillsongenerationtv
ID: r-bUZj1bkoE
Duration: 10.82 min.
Views: 3178594
Rating: 4.9246182
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https://www.facebook.com/Hillsongeneration Hillsong United - A Beautiful Exchange - With Subtitles/Lyrics - HD Version - A Beautiful Exchange DVD You Can Buy...

10 TD Jakes at Hillsongs Conference
By: Jobey Thomas
ID: PFUzgOiuJ3s
Duration: 68.20 min.
Views: 34164
Rating: 4.808
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11 Lead me to the Cross - Hillsongs
By: paikimchung
ID: vdq9Q8wJdjc
Duration: 4.27 min.
Views: 10091161
Rating: 4.9217744
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Call to worship based on Lead me to the Cross by Hillsongs. Visit our church at www.phillycgc.org.

12 Reaching For You - Hillsongs
By: graceitta
ID: l8IfUghCteY
Duration: 6.45 min.
Views: 120978
Rating: 4.8659005
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Reaching For You.

13 Still - Hillsong United with Lyrics
By: winterangel27
ID: z3wwWFsSlNQ
Duration: 6.48 min.
Views: 8823907
Rating: 4.8622136
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My 3rd video is all about appreciating God's love for us as He died on the cross to save our souls and how we are lucky to have Him as our creator, mentor an...

14 No more than a Heartbeat by Hillsong
By: Maricar Buenvenida
ID: vsjAkWE5jTE
Duration: 5.02 min.
Views: 28868
Rating: 5.0
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Thanks to Hillsong..

15 Best of Bud Spencer & Terence Hill Songs
By: spencerhill95
Duration: 9.85 min.
Views: 451006
Rating: 4.922614
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Die 5 besten Bud Spencer und Terence Hill Songs, zusammen mit Bildern zum jeweiligen Film: 1) Zwei wie Pech und Schwefel - Dune Buggy / Die Miami Cops - Miam...

16 Hillsong - The Difference (Lyrics) HQ
By: ManuMishu
ID: 0hAGpbA0YBw
Duration: 3.82 min.
Views: 61304
Rating: 4.9117646
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VERSE 1: You are the difference in us You've broken the past And set us apart You caused the darkness... You lifted our heads To know You again PRE-CHORUS: L...

17 the more i seek you (HILLSONGS)
By: sadet sarichesse
Duration: 4.05 min.
Views: 77510
Rating: 4.952
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un chant magnifique qui exprime l'amour que j'ai pour mon Seigneur Jésus Christ, il est la vie en moi ,c'est n'est plus moi qui vit mais c'est Jésus qui vit ...

18 Hallelujah (Hillsongs)
By: WestneyOnline
Duration: 4.32 min.
Views: 19817
Rating: 4.6666665
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Featuring the combined vocal teams at Westney, and the guitar stylings of Ian Head, this Hillsong composition, written by Marty Sampson and Jonas Myrin, reve...

19 Hillsong Kids - Free
By: jnienlinea
ID: USOcPsol-1w
Duration: 3.95 min.
Views: 728834
Rating: 4.7739816
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SuperStrongGod Free.

20 I Will Never Be The Same Again - Hillsongs w lyrics
By: daphez2009
ID: yptnKmsVmgo
Duration: 4.32 min.
Views: 294583
Rating: 4.8826184
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Worship video.

21 hillsong - still
By: Edwin WJ
Duration: 6.33 min.
Views: 1068924
Rating: 4.8640866
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hillsong - still Hide me now Under your wings Cover me within your mighty hand When the oceans rise and thunders roar I will soar with you above the storm Fa...

22 Hillsong Mighty to save
By: Nono Bear
ID: CLUfo2sSbhU
Duration: 107.33 min.
Views: 235174
Rating: 4.7563024
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23 Hillsong United - "Scandal of Grace" (Live at RELEVANT)
ID: mug65w5AgMg
Duration: 4.33 min.
Views: 1056264
Rating: 4.940107
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Hillsong United performs "Scandal of Grace" from the album "ZION" live with RELEVANT Magazine before a show in Tampa. http://www.relevantmagazine.com/ https:...

24 Hillsong - Saviour King - LIVE
By: Luar Noremlas
Duration: 91.68 min.
Views: 299226
Rating: 4.827427
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Title - Worship leader "Saviour King" [introduction] (Marty Sampson) "I'm Not Ashamed" (Marty Sampson) "Break Free" (Joel Houston) "Hosanna" (Brooke Fraser a...

25 When I think about the Lord - Hillsongs
By: rhose52
ID: vWxkSAG9vGw
Duration: 5.03 min.
Views: 359107
Rating: 4.884393
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26 Hillsong Live - Anchor (Acoustic)
By: Chuyy94
ID: xiYq7dAYrd0
Duration: 4.47 min.
Views: 879366
Rating: 4.9467697
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ANCHOR In Acoustic version of Hillsong Live, Album Glorious Ruins. With: Dave Ware, Nigel Hendroff, Matt Crocker and MORE !! Greats Blessings To YOUR LIFE :D...

27 Hillsong - Stronger
By: Ziyu Lu
Duration: 4.45 min.
Views: 312801
Rating: 4.895
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CCLI Song # 5060810 Ben Fielding | Reuben Morgan © 2007 Hillsong Music Publishing (Admin. by EMI Christian Music Publishing) There is love, that came for us ...

28 Hillsong - He Is Lord - With Subtitles/Lyrics
By: WimNL
Duration: 5.48 min.
Views: 3624481
Rating: 4.9208384
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Hillsong - He Is Lord - With Subtitles/Lyrics - This Is Our God DVD.

29 Still - Hillsong
By: Hiroshi26
Duration: 6.42 min.
Views: 3222356
Rating: 4.8831
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Still - Hillsong Lyrics http://www.godtube.com/artist/hillsong-live/ "All rights reserved to the respective owners" "Copy Right Hillsongchurchsydney"

30 Hillsong - Unending Love - with subtitles/lyrics
By: TwilightWaterfall
ID: sDIuFrdKiXg
Duration: 6.30 min.
Views: 943744
Rating: 4.94555
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Hillsong - Unending Love - God is able DVD VERSE 1: There's no silver or gold And no treasure untold That could draw me away from Your heart Neither love of ...

31 In Your hands - hillsong
ID: zou8dMFJlx0
Duration: 3.85 min.
Views: 744346
Rating: 4.9155846
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dedicated this video to: JESUS CHRIST THE LIVING ROCK FELLOWSHIP.. Kindly watch my other hillsong video here at youtube.com thanks for watching and hope you ...

32 Heaven in my heart (Acoustic) by Hillsongs Australia
By: jhazkawaii
ID: 7LsQ8Ce_qQo
Duration: 3.77 min.
Views: 45204
Rating: 4.9479165
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heart moving^^

33 Hillsong - To Know Your Name - Saviour King (HD)
By: kluschei
ID: hK80n34OQkA
Duration: 6.83 min.
Views: 1249682
Rating: 4.9435344
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From the Saviour King DVD this song is sung by Jad Gillies.

34 Beneath The Waters (I Will Rise) - Hillsong Live
By: Hillsong Worship
ID: 8TXs9jrkZnA
Duration: 6.15 min.
Views: 240520
Rating: 4.9474626
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"We were therefore buried with Him through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too ...

35 Lifted Me High Again by Hillsongs
By: Earnest Fantin
ID: eLk5wxcX5Hs
Duration: 3.33 min.
Views: 6675
Rating: 4.6666665
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Lifted Me High Again by Hillsongs , Jesus is our everything he will lead and guide us when we believe him with all our hearts;-)

36 Now That You're Near by Hillsongs (with Lyrics and Chords)
By: Guitar2ner14
ID: 1i96I5E-Nm8
Duration: 4.12 min.
Views: 91249
Rating: 4.8899083
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This song is owned by Hilsongs not me! Now That You're Near by Hillsongs. This video is with lyrics to the song. Enjoy! This is my first video so please comm...

37 Oceans Will Part - Hillsong
By: Mike Davies
ID: --8t0dMcJRI
Duration: 5.05 min.
Views: 564327
Rating: 4.9159465
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Oceans Will Part - Hillsong.


39 Hillsong - The Stand
By: Thais T.
ID: cAQ61KH7qRc
Duration: 10.43 min.
Views: 1945000
Rating: 4.879381
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hillsong the stand.

40 Hillsong - Stronger - (This is Our God)
By: oreopiacookies
ID: FiicZMV98tY
Duration: 4.47 min.
Views: 371973
Rating: 4.8647923
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7. Hillsong - Stronger - off their new album, This is Our God.

41 Power Of Your Love - Hillsongs Karaoke with lyrics
By: gentry811
Duration: 4.53 min.
Views: 150399
Rating: 4.8139534
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Power Of Your Love by Hillsongs. A Karaoke version with lyrics and HD pics background.

42 Saving Grace - Hillsong
By: Denise Calazans Kobayashi
ID: hCkfu4nzBtk
Duration: 7.20 min.
Views: 812096
Rating: 4.9249363
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Saving Grace - Hillsong.

43 Hillsong - Adonai
By: Philip Ho
ID: mobwNDOGcsg
Duration: 4.47 min.
Views: 2946881
Rating: 4.8905044
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44 Hillsongs Kids - Jesus You're My Superhero
By: TracyJ001
ID: 6-vtflKzeNU
Duration: 3.10 min.
Views: 2854601
Rating: 4.6830997
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45 Everyday - Hillsong
By: siuo7
Duration: 5.83 min.
Views: 1540145
Rating: 4.876828
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What to say, Lord? It's You who gave me life and I Can't explain just how Much You mean to me now That You have saved me, Lord I give all that I am to You Th...

46 Cantaré de Tu amor por siempre Hillsongs Karaoke
ID: s6tIZGMm-mc
Duration: 3.43 min.
Views: 19532
Rating: 4.6923075
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47 Jesus, You're All I Need - Hillsongs Music Australia
By: Maestro Warren L. Gilmore
Duration: 6.02 min.
Views: 59136
Rating: 4.904762
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"Jesus, You're All I Need" Hillsongs Music Australia This is from their 1998 Live Album "Touching Heaven, Changing Earth", one of my favorite 'Live' albums. ...

48 Adonai - Hillsong
By: Guffguy
ID: h5G6txRkFLc
Duration: 4.47 min.
Views: 249334
Rating: 4.862004
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I lift my voice I lift my praise to You I lift my hands I lift my worship to You And I love You more than I can say Oh I love You more than I can say Ever I ...

49 With All I Am (By Hillsong)
By: Charlesc28
ID: FMrAafe7Mns
Duration: 5.07 min.
Views: 24802278
Rating: 4.9088397
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I know about the typo on the word BELONE to be BELONG. If you download this video on my site you will have the new video with the right word BELONG. Thanks a...

50 Hillsong - You Alone Are God
By: rayswmail
ID: 0FcoWLeEdtQ
Duration: 6.38 min.
Views: 3169529
Rating: 4.8955545
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Hillsong - Mighty To Save - You Alone Are God.