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1 Metallica Playlist
By: HellDamage666
Duration: 128.30 min.
Views: 3115590
Rating: 4.7125764
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2 Metallica - Greatest Hits [Full Album] Vol..1
By: Jona Solari
Duration: 108.18 min.
Views: 3960365
Rating: 4.8806944
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THE BEST OF METALLICA 1.The Four Horsemen (00:00) 2. Seek and Destroy (07:01) 3. For Whom the Bell Tolls (13:57) 4. Fad...

3 Metallica- Black album (Full album)
By: DenBesteDubbenEver
ID: DqDeH3hwxfw
Duration: 58.67 min.
Views: 3926471
Rating: 4.90929
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Metallica black album. ENJOY! I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE RIGHTS FOR THIS ALBUM. IT BELONGS TO THE MAKERS OF THIS ALBUM There is one missing song (through never)...

4 Metallica - ...And Justice For All [Full Album]
By: xMetallicSoul
ID: -BG1Ng2pU-8
Duration: 65.28 min.
Views: 2404724
Rating: 4.9109907
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Band: Metallica Album: ...And Justice for All Released: August 25, 1988 Genre: Thrash Metal Tracks: 01.Blackened [00:00 - 06:42] 02....And Justice For All [0...

5 Metallica - Enter Sandman [Official Music Video]
By: MetallicaTV
ID: CD-E-LDc384
Duration: 5.53 min.
Views: 33878365
Rating: 4.8642607
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Enter Sandman [Official Music Video] From the album "Metallica" Director: Wayne Isham Filmed in June 1991 in Los Angeles, CA Video Premiere Date: July 30, 1991 © 1991 Metallica.

6 Metallica - One [Official Music Video]
By: MetallicaTV
ID: WM8bTdBs-cw
Duration: 7.75 min.
Views: 16773135
Rating: 4.899309
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One [Official Music Video] From the album "...And Justice For All" Director: Bill Pope and Michael Salomon Filmed in December 1988 in Long Beach, CA Video Pr...

7 Metallica - Nothing Else Matters [Official Music Video]
By: MetallicaTV
Duration: 6.43 min.
Views: 11007805
Rating: 4.864132
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Nothing Else Matters [Official Music Video] From the album "Metallica" Director: Adam Dubin Filmed during the recording of The Black Album in Spring 1991 in ...

8 Metallica - Until It Sleeps [Official Music Video]
By: MetallicaTV
ID: eRV9uPr4Dz4
Duration: 4.58 min.
Views: 1333535
Rating: 4.8982835
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Download Metallica's "Load" on iTunes now: Until It Sleeps (Hetfield/Ulrich) Director: Samuel Bayer Filmed in May 1996 in Los ...

9 Metallica - Greatest Hits (Full Album)
By: micro25years
Duration: 207.87 min.
Views: 25401
Rating: 4.807229
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00:00:00 The Four Horsemen 00:07:01 Seek and Destroy 00:13:57 For Whom the Bell Tolls 00:19:12 Fade to Black 00:26:05 Master of Puppets 00:34:40 Welcome Home...

10 Metallica - Whiskey In The Jar [Official Music Video]
By: MetallicaTV
ID: boanuwUMNNQ
Duration: 4.75 min.
Views: 19740784
Rating: 4.8776445
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Whiskey In The Jar [Official Music Video] From the album "Garage Inc." Director: Jonas Akerlund Filmed in November 1998 in Brooklyn, NY Video Premiere Date: ...

11 Metallica - Nimes 2009 [Full Concert] HD.mp4
By: Varga Sanyi
Duration: 132.02 min.
Views: 2031474
Rating: 4.8712993
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A Metallica egy amerikai thrash metal és heavy metal együttes, amely 1981-ben alakult Los Angeles-ben. Az utóbbi évtizedek egyik legsikeresebb együttese, az ...

12 Metallica - The Day That Never Comes [Official Music Video]
By: MetallicaTV
ID: mRitfbhITLM
Duration: 8.42 min.
Views: 10009913
Rating: 4.9000688
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The Day That Never Comes [Official Music Video] From the album "Death Magnetic" Director: Thomas Vinterberg Filmed in August 2008 outside of Los Angeles, CA ...

13 Metallica - Master Of Puppets (Live)
By: MetallicaVEVO
ID: kV-2Q8QtCY4
Duration: 8.50 min.
Views: 8519508
Rating: 4.9035373
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Recorded live in Canada in August 2012 and featured in the motion picture Metallica Through the Never. Metallica Through the Never in IMAX 3D theaters on Sep...

14 Metallica - Master Of Puppets [Full Album]
By: xMetallicSoul
Duration: 55.02 min.
Views: 2508462
Rating: 4.923913
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Band: Metallica Album: Master of Puppets Released: March 3, 1986 Genre: Thrash Metal Tracks: 1.Battery [0:00 - 5:10] 2.Master Of Puppets [5:11 - 13:45] 3.Wel...

15 Metallica - RaR - Rock am Ring - 2014 - HD
By: Petra Over
ID: 3PCFt3so9AM
Duration: 140.88 min.
Views: 396544
Rating: 4.9012346
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Live from "Rock am Ring" - 08.06.2014 Rock am Ring Playlist - - Setlist - 1:28 Ecstat...

16 A Year And A Half In The Life of Metallica part 1
By: metallica19888
Duration: 93.80 min.
Views: 34765
Rating: 4.9384613
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A Year And A Half In The Life of Metallica part 1 More Videos At

17 METALLICA by Request - Warsaw,Poland 11 july 2014 - full show multi-cam HD
By: Александр Толкач
Duration: 169.62 min.
Views: 7027
Rating: 4.971223
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Metallica ,Sonisphere 11.07.2014 - full show multi-cam HD Setlist: 1. Battery 2. Master of Puppets 3. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Half) 4. Ride The Lightning ...

18 Metallica S&M 1999 Full Concert
By: Satel Honkisz
Duration: 149.10 min.
Views: 838325
Rating: 4.95583
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Recorded and released in 1999 the album "S & M", which shows the biggest heavy metal band in the world, combined with nearly a hundred orchestral musicians i...

19 Metallica - Fade To Black (Music Video)
By: EspEetFukExplorer
ID: IfRY3SsozuM
Duration: 7.03 min.
Views: 3575140
Rating: 4.9307795
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Metallica - Fade To Black (Music Video) -Twitter -

20 Metallica Live Rock in Rio 5 19 09 2013 720pby E S P
By: Breades
ID: s_nL9Ydyqow
Duration: 130.05 min.
Views: 14259
Rating: 4.9733334
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21 Metallica's James Hetfield At Guitar Center
By: Guitar Center
Duration: 13.53 min.
Views: 2930176
Rating: 4.958139
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James Hetfield, the man himself, sat down with us at Guitar Center in San Francisco. In the small room, he shared stories about becoming a musician, rising t...

22 Metallica Live June 1993 Istanbul Turkey
By: angelheart2006
ID: dbE5BgEtOuU
Duration: 85.13 min.
Views: 40404
Rating: 4.961696
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This was filmed by me when I was very young, so excuse the camera work. This is, I believe, the only known footage from this concert (transferred it from 8mm...

23 Metallica & Ozzy Osbourne • Iron Man and Paranoid (Subtitulado) • HD
By: Necronomicon5
ID: _pS5JgD5XDw
Duration: 5.65 min.
Views: 164905
Rating: 4.93177
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24 Top 30 songs of Metallica
By: Child in Time
ID: PAgSYanlb94
Duration: 180.28 min.
Views: 24237
Rating: 4.5844154
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I do not want to write the album and what is the year XD 30. 00:00 Orion 29. 08:26 Enter Sandman 28. 13:58 Escape 27. 18:22 Hit The Lights 26. 22:41 Welcome ...

25 Metallica (Rock Am Ring 2012) 2 Hours 10 Minutes
By: Multi Genre Music Connection
Duration: 130.07 min.
Views: 4627
Rating: 0
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Metallica Rock Am Ring 2012 2 Hours 10 Minutes.

26 Metallica Fan Can 5 "Full concert"
By: Andres Felipe Roldan Zapata
ID: tx8EXcHwI1Y
Duration: 102.57 min.
Views: 246520
Rating: 4.92002
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tracklist Raiders Gig (19/1/2003 - Oakland, CA - Network Coliseum Parking Lot) Fuel Master of Puppets For Whom the Bell Tolls Sad But True Seek & Destroy Bat...

By: Matt Demarre
Duration: 326.28 min.
Views: 372652
Rating: 4.9128385
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0:00 Hit The Lights 4:17 Four Horsemen 11:28 Anesthesia 15:45 Whiplash 19:53 Seek and Destroy 26:46 Fight Fire With Fire 31:34 Ride The Lightning 38:11 For W...

28 Metallica - Nothing Else Matters Live Nimes HD
By: juandeoz05
ID: N2KpugdsI_I
Duration: 7.33 min.
Views: 910571
Rating: 4.9394655
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Metallica - Nothing Else Matters Live Nimes HD.

29 Metallica: The Thing That Should Not Be (Live - Seattle '89) [Live Shit: Binge & Purge]
By: MetallicaTV
ID: qgeSScjSU7U
Duration: 7.27 min.
Views: 26892
Rating: 4.980247
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Download Metallica's "Live Shit: Binge & Purge" on iTunes now: & Buy it in the Met ...

30 Metallica - One (Live - Mexico City, Mexico) - MetOnTour
By: MetallicaTV
Duration: 17.90 min.
Views: 428291
Rating: 4.931723
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Footage of Kirk and Rob in the meet and greet (0:12), Helpless in Tuning (1:54), One from the show (7:50), and James getting pied for his birthday at the end...

31 Metallica - ONE [Powersurge cover]
By: Abhie Zibran
ID: 00rMQQBpybA
Duration: 10.88 min.
Views: 2657
Rating: 4.9384613
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Call'erGaan 2014 find the rest of the songs from the show in this playlist - get subscribed –

32 Metallica - Nothing Else Matters (S&M) [HD]
By: Cristian avelino de oliveira
ID: im1vsfATR_k
Duration: 6.28 min.
Views: 135170
Rating: 4.9555554
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The eleventh song from the S&M (San Francisco Symphony & Metallica) album and DVD is Nothing Else Matters, originally from the album "Metallica" (also known ...

By: Milanicachannel
ID: XluL5WHO3uk
Duration: 65.62 min.
Views: 92113
Rating: 4.90518
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Follow us on....Facebook and Twitter !!! xD Monsters...

34 Metallica - The unforgiven II [Lyrics]
By: Pedro
ID: ea--faRAoBM
Duration: 6.68 min.
Views: 2287796
Rating: 4.9420395
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Lyrics of the song: The Unforgiven II of MetallicA.

35 Metallica - Hell And Back ( new song 2013 )
By: Ônly Metallıca
ID: Ftcde-B9q4o
Duration: 6.97 min.
Views: 150398
Rating: 4.7802196
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click here to be fan ╚▻ Look at fb james Hetfield o.O ╚▻ Original & ...

36 Metallica - Freeze 'Em All: Live in Antarctica (FULL CONCERT) [HD]
By: MetallicaTV
ID: 2Hi2u98VKxc
Duration: 72.35 min.
Views: 1342658
Rating: 4.9279704
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On December 8, 2013 we set a world record by becoming the first and only band in history to perform concerts on all seven continents in under a year! Watch u...

37 The Shortest Straw Metallica
By: GraffitiArtist01
ID: m2pQ7EEzwC4
Duration: 6.57 min.
Views: 1641630
Rating: 4.954924
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The Shortest Straw.

38 Metallica - Turn the Page [Official Music Video]
By: MetallicaTV
Duration: 5.83 min.
Views: 5321268
Rating: 4.909465
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Turn the Page [Official Music Video] From the album "Garage Inc." Director: Jonas Akerlund Filmed in October 1998 in Los Angeles, CA Video Premiere Date: Oct...

39 Metallica - Tuning Room, Rehearsal, Making Of Fan Can 6 [Fan Can 6 2010]
By: MetallicaLiveHD
Duration: 23.72 min.
Views: 231197
Rating: 4.8790035
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Metallica's Fan Can 6 "Backstage" part of the DVD.

40 Metallica - Ride The Lightning [Full Album]
By: Dirtounet Elvoclya
ID: FgT9dOzsXJ4
Duration: 47.42 min.
Views: 350175
Rating: 4.9243855
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1.Fight Fire With Fire 0:00 - 4:44 2.Ride The Lightning 4:44 - 11:21 3.For Whom The Bell Tolls 11:21 - 16:25 4.Fade to Black 16:25 - 23:26 5.Trapped Under Ic...

41 Metallica - Funny Moments Compilation (1983 - 2014)
By: ThePresidioAlbum2
ID: d3SPP45rhxw
Duration: 116.32 min.
Views: 19738
Rating: 4.9840636
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Metallica - Funny Moments Compilation. "Funny Metallica Moments"

42 Metallica - The Four Horsemen w/John Bush
Duration: 9.67 min.
Views: 75631
Rating: 4.90681
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Metallica performing The Four Horsemen with John Bush at XXX anniversary shows. Follow us!

43 Hero of the Day - Metallica & San Francisco Symphonic Orchestra
By: aishkajol
ID: AuQn6t48DvE
Duration: 5.15 min.
Views: 208167
Rating: 4.9510283
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Hero of the Day Metallica S&M.

44 Metallica & Lemmy - Live in Nashville - September 14, 2009
By: metfan921
Duration: 8.93 min.
Views: 7573
Rating: 5.0
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Metallica playing with Lemmy, Damage Case and Too Late Too Late. Song rights go to Motorhead.

45 Metallica - I Disappear [Official Music Video]
By: MetallicaTV
Duration: 4.48 min.
Views: 6065550
Rating: 4.9168277
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I Disappear [Official Music Video] From the original motion picture soundtrack "M:I-2" Director: Wayne Isham Filmed in April 2000 in Monument Valley, AZ Vide...

46 Metallica - Live - Moscow - 1991 [Full Concert] (Tushino Airfield)
By: MetallicaLiveHD
ID: jyfiEq4urpY
Duration: 81.15 min.
Views: 2118445
Rating: 4.933532
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Follow me on Instagram!! - Like my fan page on Facebook: Metallica Live Monster...

47 Metallica - Fade To Black (Live México) Traducción
By: Ivan Sircko
Duration: 7.45 min.
Views: 903766
Rating: 4.9588733
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Para mi, una de las mejores rolas de Metallica \m/

48 Metallica - 5.12.1999 - Santiago, Chile - Pista Atletica Del Estadio Nacional (Full Concert)
By: Judas Kiss
ID: lqbKl2XmZY8
Duration: 132.02 min.
Views: 6013
Rating: 5.0
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01. Breadfan - 0:00 02. Master of Puppets - 4:01 03. Of Wolf & Man - 13:20 04. The Thing That Should Not Be - 17:48 05. Fuel - 25:23 06. The Memory Remains -...

49 Metallica - The Memory Remains Feat. Marianne Faithfull (Official Music Video)
By: Alberto Cruz
Duration: 4.68 min.
Views: 1819323
Rating: 4.9517393
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The Memory Remains es una de las canciones presentes en el séptimo disco de Metallica, ReLoad, que fue además editada como single en 1997. La letra habla de ...

By: meytalll
Duration: 9.07 min.
Views: 2340538
Rating: 4.928045
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