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1 Maroon 5 - Payphone (Explicit) ft. Wiz Khalifa
By: Maroon5VEVO
ID: KRaWnd3LJfs
Duration: 4.67 min.
Views: 158614254
Rating: 4.860692
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Music video by Maroon 5 performing Payphone (Explicit) feat. Wiz Khalifa. © 2012 A&M/Octone Records Buy now! UK FANS Standard album Amazon ...

2 Maroon 5 - Payphone (Lyrics) ft. Wiz Khalifa
By: Pelas ferras
Duration: 3.92 min.
Views: 26665302
Rating: 4.894289
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Ringtone HERE: ---▻ ◅--- Maroon 5 - Payphone feat. Wiz Khalifa New with Lyrics on screen HD video Maroon 5 - Payphone Maroon 5...

3 Maroon 5 - Payphone (Lyric Video) ft. Wiz Khalifa
By: Maroon5VEVO
ID: 5FlQSQuv_mg
Duration: 3.87 min.
Views: 118580723
Rating: 4.86633
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Music video by Maroon 5 performing Payphone (Lyric Video). © 2012 A&M/Octone Records Buy It Now!

4 Payphone - Maroon 5 Lyrics
By: CocoaDoodle
ID: VNmvwz_zseM
Duration: 3.98 min.
Views: 9859269
Rating: 4.72101
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I read comments. :) Instagram: Haley_Cararini Kik: Haleycararini.

5 Payphone - Maroon 5 (cover) Megan Nicole and Dave Days
By: megannicolesite
ID: 8g-o5okJ5os
Duration: 3.83 min.
Views: 17177094
Rating: 4.8672776
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Pre-order ESCAPE now: Coming 10.14.14 Payphone cover:

6 Crown The Empire - "Payphone" Lyric Video (Punk Goes Pop 5)
By: Fearless Records
Duration: 4.17 min.
Views: 5875186
Rating: 4.937101
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Crown The Empire covers "Payphone" originally performed by Maroon 5. Punk Goes Pop 5 is available now via Fearless Records! Pick it up at Hot Topic, Best Buy...

7 Payphone - Maroon 5 (Jayesslee Cover)
By: Jayesslee
ID: qraPm7OwtVA
Duration: 3.55 min.
Views: 45380196
Rating: 4.9286475
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itunes - MP3 - Hi guys, We absolutely love this song and had a lot of fun doing this one. We hope you all enjoy and...

8 Maroon 5 - Payphone Lyrics
By: PayPhoneLyrics
ID: 6yYmtKe7UxQ
Duration: 3.87 min.
Views: 1345217
Rating: 4.9060583
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Maroon 5 - Payphone Lyrics Maroon 5 - Payphone Lyrics Maroon 5 - Payphone Lyrics Maroon 5 - Payphone Lyrics Maroon 5 - Payphone Lyrics Maroon 5 - Payphone Ly...

9 Ahmad Dhani - Maia Estianty - Lucky Laki - Payphone - Mahakarya Telkom Indonesia 16-08-2013
By: wismilak88
ID: URvn7mmHiVg
Duration: 3.98 min.
Views: 574574
Rating: 4.9191566
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Al Ghazali.

10 Maroon 5 - Payphone (Live on Letterman)
By: Maroon5VEVO
Duration: 3.85 min.
Views: 3707386
Rating: 4.870809
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Music video by Maroon 5 performing Payphone (Live on Letterman). (C) 2012 A&M/Octone Records.

11 Maroon 5 - Payphone (MattyBRaps Cover)
By: MattyBRaps
ID: oyzF8a9F5uM
Duration: 2.32 min.
Views: 15590871
Rating: 4.5366364
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HELP MATTYB TWEET THIS TO MAROON 5 & ADAM LEVINE! Click 2 Tweet: Hi B Boys and B Girls! :) Thanks for watching MattyB's acousti...

12 Payphone ( Maroon 5 ft. Wiz Khalifa Cover ) by Gamaliel & Audrey
By: gamal1990
ID: RZpRl4snWp0
Duration: 3.97 min.
Views: 1706549
Rating: 4.918007
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This is a sad song in a happy kind-of-way. So our expressions r kinda messed up by the sad lyric but happy tune. So here it it our sadly happy faces LMAO! XO...

13 Payphone - Maroon 5 ft. Wiz Khalifa (Cover by Tiffany Alvord & Jervy Hou) Official Music Cover Video
By: TiffanyAlvord
Duration: 3.97 min.
Views: 7015053
Rating: 4.8693213
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Get my new album #LEGACY :) It's finally here!!: Thanks for the love & support!! :)Support us by downloading this on iTunes!: htt...

14 Jayesslee - Payphone (Studio Version) - Lyrics Video
By: Rachel Tan
ID: Jgg4o6n3c5c
Duration: 3.10 min.
Views: 446244
Rating: 4.9658914
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Jayesslee Payphone (Studio Version) - Lyrics Video Share, comment, show your love, subscribe! :-) Thank you for your patience, the video is finally up! :) Vi...

15 Maroon 5 Feat. Wiz Khalifa - Payphone (Lyrics)
By: Blondies and Friends
Duration: 3.88 min.
Views: 9379601
Rating: 4.3080177
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Lyrics: I'm at a payphone trying to call home All of my change I spent on you Yeah, I, I know it's hard to remember The people we used to be It's even harder...

16 MAROON 5 Payphone 歌詞 和訳
By: gottykunn
Duration: 3.95 min.
Views: 140389
Rating: 4.8490567
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「Lucky Strike」→ 「Daylight」→ MAROON 5 の新曲 Payphone の歌詞と和訳です。 都合上、サビの部分が ...

17 Nightcore - Payphone (Cover)
By: NightcoreMelodyRemix
Duration: 3.20 min.
Views: 3682
Rating: 4.969112
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Song: Megan Nicole & Dave Days - Payphone Original by: Maroon 5 Facebook:!/Nightcoremelodyremix?fref=ts Twitter: Picture Link:...

18 "Payphone" - Maroon 5 (Max Schneider (MAX) and Avery iPhone cover)
By: Max Schneider
ID: mqbWnv-DLOg
Duration: 4.18 min.
Views: 3595992
Rating: 4.9529486
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"The SAY MAX EP" out on May 13th - Pre-order on iTunes for $2.99 & get an instant download of "Streets of Gold" & "Mug Shot" o...

19 "Payphone" - Maroon 5 feat. Wiz Khalifa Cover by Tanner Patrick with lyrics
By: Tanner Patrick
ID: Aq2OUTH-g6w
Duration: 3.63 min.
Views: 6171771
Rating: 4.929939
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My cover of "Payphone" by Maroon 5 (feat. Wiz Khalifa).. Enjoy! Facebook: Twitter:

20 Payphone - Maroon 5 Ft Wiz Khalifa (Alex G Acoustic Cover ft Jameson Bass) Official Cover Video
By: Alex G
ID: NdHsJlQ5gaE
Duration: 3.27 min.
Views: 14760511
Rating: 4.915614
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DEBUT ALBUM OUT NOW: On iTunes: ---- I'm SO excited about this song and...

21 "Payphone" - Maroon 5 (Alex Goot feat. Eppic)
By: gootmusic
ID: bssVzEXy80g
Duration: 4.03 min.
Views: 8992035
Rating: 4.937387
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This song on iTunes: - Check out my single + music video, "Lightning": ...

22 Maroon 5 - Payphone (Non-Rap Version Without Wiz Khalifa)
By: Gautam Gupta
Duration: 3.72 min.
Views: 1319979
Rating: 4.9502964
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New alternate version of Payphone by Maroon 5, featuring an alternate bridge without Wiz Khalifa's rap. Get the free ringtone here:

23 Payphone - Pentatonix (Maroon 5 Cover)
By: PTXofficial
ID: qYxswmJ98ZQ
Duration: 3.60 min.
Views: 10882362
Rating: 4.9573665
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24 Payphone / Em Sonho - Victor Freitas e Felipe
By: Victor Freitas E Felipe
ID: YrtcNetfpL4
Duration: 3.57 min.
Views: 96656
Rating: 4.973214
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DOWNLOAD DA MÚSICA: SOUNDCLOUD: E também no 4shared! Mash-up Sertanejo da música 'Payphone' da banda Maroon 5 com a ...

25 Maroon 5 ft. Wiz Khalifa - Payphone Lyrics (Clean Version)
By: EverythinggLyrics
ID: mBuLm5XeF44
Duration: 4.27 min.
Views: 3451853
Rating: 4.9012375
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Yes I realize I missed sh** in the rap part. You don't need to keep telling me. I already know after reading millions of comments relating to that! Maroon 5 ...

26 Maroon 5 - Payphone (VIOLIN COVER) - Peter Lee Johnson
By: PeterLeeJohnson
ID: 4kpPAWVLiw0
Duration: 4.20 min.
Views: 269673
Rating: 4.9720955
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Download Link on Facebook Page Hey everyone, hope you enjoy this one, I produced the whole ba...

27 Payphone - Maroon 5 (Cover by 12 years old Jannina W)
By: Jannina W
ID: o-rX_oRElQY
Duration: 3.55 min.
Views: 849606
Rating: 4.971919
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Im back with my new cover: Payphone! Hope you like it :) Don't forget to subscribe like, favorite and/or leave a comment below. Thanks for watching!! Don't f...

28 Maroon 5 - Payphone - Video Subtitulado en Español - HD - 3D
By: HardBoy24RD
ID: -F2DN47jX2c
Duration: 4.90 min.
Views: 545859
Rating: 4.930449
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Sígueme en Facebook: Sígueme en Twitter: Maroon 5 performing Payphone (Explicit) fea...

29 Payphone/Telephone - Maroon 5/Lady Gaga (Sam Tsui Cover)
By: TheSamTsui
ID: ndOoX9c5zbA
Duration: 4.28 min.
Views: 3438927
Rating: 4.922659
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Figured these songs sort of belong with each other, and it was a fun challenge fitting them together! (and just HAD to throw in a third song in the bridge, s...

30 Maroon 5 - Payphone feat. Wiz Khalifa Traduzione italiano
By: Ivana Ieezy
Duration: 3.85 min.
Views: 216089
Rating: 4.967258
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Traduzione testo in italiano no copyright infringement intended (c)

31 Payphone - Walk off the Earth (Loop Cover)
By: Walk off the Earth
ID: CEdD2_pdG_c
Duration: 4.20 min.
Views: 1916465
Rating: 4.957809
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"Payphone (Clean Version) Mp3 available here: Download our exclusive iTunes session here: Download our al...

32 Best of 2012 Pop Mash-Up - "Call Me Maybe" "Payphone" "Wide Awake" "Starships" - Anthem Lights
By: Anthem Lights
ID: lq3xOGbF2Po
Duration: 3.58 min.
Views: 3431314
Rating: 4.947099
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Download this song here: Check out our original music here!

33 "PAYPHONE" [PIANO instrumental/karaoke] by Maroon 5 Ft. Wiz Khalifa
By: MusicTewns
ID: S0yKvTNAfg0
Duration: 4.32 min.
Views: 4022582
Rating: 4.897043
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FREE DOWNLOAD LINK: You can use this instrumental to cover, edit, use, etc. but please credit my accoun...

34 Maroon 5 - Payphone (Piano Cover) ft Wiz Khalifa by LittleTranscriber
By: liltranscriber
ID: qW46W3aXaaI
Duration: 4.03 min.
Views: 2296625
Rating: 4.9261656
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Facebook: Learn to play @ Maroon 5 - Payphone ft Wiz Khalifa piano solo...

35 Maroon 5 - Payphone ft. Wiz Khalifa - TRADUÇÃO
By: Beto I
ID: NRvKno4swtQ
Duration: 3.95 min.
Views: 228507
Rating: 4.9336042
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36 Maroon 5 Payphone ft Wiz Khalifa LYRICS
By: Santiago Manuel
Duration: 3.97 min.
Views: 1145134
Rating: 4.890348
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I dont own this music NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGMENT INTENDED Song : Payphone Artist : Maroon 5 & Wiz Khalifa Subscribe for more LYRICS ! -------------------------...

By: Leroy Sanchez
ID: EEC_al4U0Xk
Duration: 4.00 min.
Views: 2225429
Rating: 4.9465003
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Shout Out To Russel Stevens! Thanks for making the video bro!! Everyone go to Thank you so much to Frank Romano and Danny Mor...

38 "Payphone" by Maroon 5, cover by CIMORELLI!
By: Cimorelli
ID: RbY2r0Ps81M
Duration: 8.70 min.
Views: 19669315
Rating: 4.7656016
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Go download your copy of our "Made in America" EP right here: :) Hope you enjoy our cover of Payphone by Maroon 5! We...

39 [日本語に訳して歌ってみた] Payphone (Japanese Ver.) with Kirby Henry
By: ミカエラ
ID: oc4XvKnWRPc
Duration: 4.00 min.
Views: 138799
Rating: 4.899546
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I have to apologize to Kirby because I've been sitting on this video for almost an entire year. We actually shot it twice and I had trouble just being alrigh...

40 Maroon 5 feat. Wiz Khalifa - Payphone (Cover by TwentyForSeven)
ID: CDkOs7c_9z4
Duration: 5.12 min.
Views: 504599
Rating: 4.9543757
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Grab the last TFS album/first Rajiv Dhall album here! TwentyForSeven performing a cover of Ma...

41 Akustik Gitar - Belajar Melody Lagu (Payphone - Maroon 5)
By: teoakustikgitar
ID: -tInmcn6aqA
Duration: 15.33 min.
Views: 17874
Rating: 4.85
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Like my fan page at Follow my Twitter at Visit my blog at http://belajarakustikgi...

42 ♫ "Mineshaft" - A Minecraft Parody of Maroon 5's Payphone (Music Video)
By: MineworksAnimations
ID: blKsmOP6zro
Duration: 3.68 min.
Views: 16485906
Rating: 4.855779
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Download The Song Now on iTunes and Bandcamp! iTunes @ Bandcamp @ http://mracousticd.bandcam...

43 Maroon 5 - Payphone (Behind The Scenes) ft. Wiz Khalifa
By: Maroon5VEVO
ID: C9kL2h30H6E
Duration: 4.52 min.
Views: 2153910
Rating: 4.9052
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Maroon 5, new music video, Maroon 5 behind the scenes, Adam Levine, Wiz Khalifa, M5, Payphone, Payphone behind the scenes.

44 Jayesslee | Payphone - Maroon 5 | Subbed w/ lyrics
By: ResonateChrist
ID: 2-fy-Ad3rgg
Duration: 3.00 min.
Views: 332085
Rating: 4.8001833
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itunes - alternative to itunes - Jayesslee's YouTube Channels:

45 "Call Me Maybe" / "Payphone" MASHUP! (ft. Jessica Jarrell & James Alan)
By: Kurt Hugo Schneider
Duration: 3.85 min.
Views: 10583919
Rating: 4.9130545
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SUBSCRIBE! I promise, it's fun :1 Here's a cool mashup I did of Payphone and Call Me Maybe with three very talented and AWESOME mu...

46 윤하의 별이 빛나는 밤에 - JUNIEL - Payphone, 주니엘 - 페이폰 20140405
By: MBCkpop
ID: r1wpS0C3Oe8
Duration: 3.33 min.
Views: 64405
Rating: 4.920477
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Did you enjoy this video? Plz click "like"! ☞ For more awesome videos, subscribe our channels!! Daily update available! 공식홈페이지

47 Maroon 5 - Payphone (Aula de violão) - TV Pega Cifras
By: TV Pega Cifras
ID: 3lPvj-E6n9o
Duration: 6.10 min.
Views: 152093
Rating: 4.8681316
Watch On YouTube Aprenda a tocar no violão a música "Payphone" da banda Maroon 5 com instrutor Everton Figueiredo. Cifra completa: http://pegacif...

48 How to Play "Payphone" (No Capo)
By: Maroon 5
ID: PitbtsjcZU4
Duration: 7.22 min.
Views: 193098
Rating: 4.9206567
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Learn how to play "Payphone" by Maroon 5 taught by guitarist James Valentine Buy "Payphone" here:

49 Payphone Cover (Maroon 5 ft. Wiz)- Joseph Vincent ft. Toestah
By: hoorahjencar
Duration: 4.05 min.
Views: 1083551
Rating: 4.9383516
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LOVE this songgggggggg, hope you enjoy my rendition of it ft. my talented good friend Toestah:) Toestah Amazing hip-hop artist check him out. http://youtube....

50 Maroon 5 - Payphone - Jun Sung Ahn Violin Cover
By: JuNCurryAhn
Duration: 4.60 min.
Views: 1091647
Rating: 4.9764657
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This is me playing a violin cover of Maroon 5's Payphone! :) I improvised during the rap portion so I hope you enjoy! ^^ Special thanks to Ninediamond for th...