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1 Seether - Isolate And Medicate Deluxe Edition (2014) FULL ALBUM HD
By: IronBoys2000
ID: D3bRDdkiJ9A
Duration: 53.88 min.
Views: 395996
Rating: 4.882998
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Seether - Isolate And Medicate (2014) FULL ALBUM in HD Special for Listen to this and if you like the album then buy it! Every doll...

2 Seether - Same Damn Life
By: SeetherVEVO
Duration: 4.60 min.
Views: 52853
Rating: 4.924737
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Order now iTunes: Amazon: More information including news, tour dates, music, and more, please visit http://www.seether.c...

3 Seether - Words As Weapons
By: SeetherVEVO
ID: 202fjZZO-tI
Duration: 3.98 min.
Views: 2426667
Rating: 4.9268155
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Seether - Words As Weapons (Lyric Video) Purchase Now! Amazon: iTunes: Music video by Seether performing Words As...

4 Seether feat. Amy Lee - Broken ft. Amy Lee
By: SeetherVEVO
ID: hPC2Fp7IT7o
Duration: 4.37 min.
Views: 39410716
Rating: 4.9502754
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Music video by Seether feat. Amy Lee performing Broken. (c) 2002 Wind-up Records, LLC.

5 Seether - Remedy
By: SeetherVEVO
Duration: 3.45 min.
Views: 15850433
Rating: 4.9299583
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Music video by Seether performing Remedy. (c) 2005 Wind-Up Records, LLC.

6 Seether - Same Damn Life (Lyric Video)
By: SeetherVEVO
ID: 4eVmZ2UHjro
Duration: 3.40 min.
Views: 121734
Rating: 4.9078107
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Music video by Seether performing Same Damn Life. (C) 2014 The Bicycle Music Company. Manufactured and distributed by Concord Music Group, Inc.

7 Seether | Words As Weapons
By: Seether
ID: 43ZNtVffOu8
Duration: 4.03 min.
Views: 1299567
Rating: 4.9033523
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Seether's new album "Isolate and Medicate" is out now via The Bicycle Music Company. Order now at iTunes: Order at http://foun...

8 Seether - Weak (Lyric Video)
By: SeetherVEVO
ID: xbW_b8SEV0A
Duration: 3.80 min.
Views: 1482915
Rating: 4.941341
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Download Seether: 2002-2013 iTunes & Amazon MP3 CD from Best Buy & St...

9 Seether - Fine Again
By: SeetherVEVO
ID: ET3-t1jFmo0
Duration: 4.07 min.
Views: 5960764
Rating: 4.9398346
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Music video by Seether performing Fine Again. (C) 2002 Wind-up Entertainment, Inc.

10 Seether - Fake It
By: SeetherVEVO
Duration: 3.37 min.
Views: 5378133
Rating: 4.9248695
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Music video by Seether performing Fake It. (c) 2007 Wind-Up Records, LLC.

11 Seether - Breakdown
By: SeetherVEVO
Duration: 3.48 min.
Views: 5009792
Rating: 4.9512196
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Music video by Seether performing Breakdown. (C) 2007 Wind-Up Records, LLC.

12 Seether - Karma And Effect (2005) Full Album!
By: Ultraciki Blog
Duration: 55.95 min.
Views: 315584
Rating: 4.9344263
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Grunge | South Africa 1. "Because of Me" 0:00 2. "Remedy" 03:36 3. "Truth" 07:03 4. "The Gift" 10:54 5. "Burrito" 16:28 6. "Given" 20:19 7. "Never Leave" 24:...

13 SEETHER - ONE COLD NIGHT (live unplugged) [Full Concert]
By: BbYyTtOo
Duration: 52.33 min.
Views: 187492
Rating: 4.9461756
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0:00 - "Gasoline" 2:53 - "Driven Under" 7:51 - "Diseased" 11:37 - "Truth" 16:54 - "Immortality" (Pearl Jam cover) 21:55 - "Tied My Hands" 27:11 - "Sympatheti...

14 Seether - Rise Above This
By: SeetherVEVO
Duration: 3.50 min.
Views: 5135609
Rating: 4.9486365
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Music video by Seether performing Rise Above This. (C) 2008 Wind-Up Records, LLC.

15 Seether - Country Song
By: SeetherVEVO
ID: 4NMxwbn_QoU
Duration: 3.85 min.
Views: 5808418
Rating: 4.928844
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Seether's Official music video for "Country Song" from the album, "Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray" released on Wind-up Records on May 17, 2011. Buy...

16 Seether - Driven Under
By: SeetherVEVO
ID: QkJzemljk8s
Duration: 4.58 min.
Views: 2777243
Rating: 4.9456635
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Music video by Seether performing Driven Under. (c) 2002 Wind-up Records, LLC.

17 Seether - Truth
By: SeetherVEVO
Duration: 3.82 min.
Views: 4570425
Rating: 4.9494987
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Music video by Seether performing Truth. (c) 2005 Wind-up Records, LLC.

18 Seether - Tonight
By: SeetherVEVO
ID: sCzdecygpmg
Duration: 3.78 min.
Views: 3087451
Rating: 4.9362974
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Seether's Official music video for "Tonight" from the album, "Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray" released on Wind-up Records on May 17, 2011. Buy the ...

19 Seether - Gasoline
By: SeetherVEVO
ID: mF53On_P7qI
Duration: 2.80 min.
Views: 3613338
Rating: 4.942214
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Music video by Seether performing Gasoline. (c) 2003 Wind-Up Records, LLC.

20 Seether - Careless Whisper
By: SeetherRarities
ID: I7imqO-OBVk
Duration: 4.95 min.
Views: 12507525
Rating: 4.8753796
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Seether - Careless Whisper This is the Seether cover of "Careless Whisper", originally by Wham/George Michaels. You can download this song at:

21 Seether - Holding Onto Strings Better Left To Fray (Deluxe Version)
By: Kenny Romero
Duration: 65.55 min.
Views: 55619
Rating: 4.839416
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Lista de temas: Standar Version 01. Fur Cue 00:00 02. No Resolution 03:50 03. Here And Now 06:58 04. Country Song 10:54 05. Master Of Disaster 14:45 06. Toni...

22 Seether- Disclaimer II Full Album (2004) (Explicit)
By: Sonic The Hedgehog 2 fan
ID: B4_uat-1_gE
Duration: 76.80 min.
Views: 16379
Rating: 4.962617
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Check out my new video *Really don't know why someone would dislike this, there is ...

23 Seether - Tied My Hands (Live)
By: SeetherVEVO
ID: pULe7-6yRo4
Duration: 5.28 min.
Views: 497525
Rating: 4.917439
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Music video by Seether performing Tied My Hands (Live). (c) 2006 Wind-up Records, LLC.

24 Seether - The Gift
By: SeetherVEVO
ID: vJUuzAnaWp0
Duration: 4.38 min.
Views: 1600137
Rating: 4.9374685
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Music video by Seether performing The Gift. (c) 2006 Wind-up Records, LLC.

25 Seether - "Gasoline" "Fine Again" & "Burrito" Live Richmond Va. 4/19/14
By: Dennis Justus
ID: fllSowngFc0
Duration: 17.02 min.
Views: 10972
Rating: 4.9402986
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"Seether" opens the show with their songs "Gasoline" and "Fine Again" followed by "Burrito" Live at The XL102 Chili Cook Off at The Richmond International Ra...

26 Seether feat. Amy Lee - Broken Sub. Español e Inglés
By: Videosevanescence455
ID: crldXzE4lww
Duration: 4.32 min.
Views: 1386
Rating: 4.6190476
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27 Seether- Fuck It (with lyrics)
By: xxfallenxxmistakexx
Duration: 2.83 min.
Views: 353314
Rating: 4.900375
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LYRICS:: I guess I like it when we play (The way you drag me down) I guess I like it when you hate me (The way you drag me down) Cause I cant face myself in ...

28 Fine Again - Seether(Lyrics)
By: Sienna Nicole
Duration: 4.03 min.
Views: 143403
Rating: 4.8340025
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My second lyrics video (I'll stop counting after this one lo cx ) And one of my favorites from Seether :)

29 Tonight - Seether Lyrics
By: LyricsToYouForYou
ID: 3RHX-FmfuzQ
Duration: 3.72 min.
Views: 21783
Rating: 4.8940396
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I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THIS MUSIC/SOUND Another LyricsToYouForYou I'm not gonna waste this This opportunity's mine I'm sick of complaining About a beautiful lif...

30 Seether-Holding onto strings better left to fray(Full Album)
By: MrDestroyer31112
Duration: 62.73 min.
Views: 43373
Rating: 4.898734
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31 Fine Again by Seether (lyrics)
By: YamiyoHayashi
Duration: 4.63 min.
Views: 2853057
Rating: 4.9047046
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This was kinda easy. Started it a few days ago and open the file again to find it more than halfway done. Heh, sweet. I take requests, if I have a song you a...

32 Remedy By Seether Lyrics
By: Reiji The Undertaker
Duration: 3.45 min.
Views: 23054
Rating: 4.84375
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I hope you enjoyed this video like the last one it was awesome. But i do not own the music Song: Remedy By: Seether I do like rock if your wondering but chec...

33 Seether- Walk Away From the Sun lyrics
By: Amelias EpicFails
ID: A1aj3RumZ3o
Duration: 4.18 min.
Views: 61702
Rating: 4.8832116
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I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG OR PICTURE. You can see lyrics in the video if you keep annotations on MESSAGE ME OR COMMENT IF YOU WANT OTHER LYRIC VIDEOS *Lyrics* W...

34 Seether - Pass Slowly
By: SeetherVEVO
Duration: 3.45 min.
Views: 176123
Rating: 4.9092317
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Music video by Seether performing Pass Slowly. (C) 2013 Wind-Up Records, LLC.

35 Amy Lee ft Seether - Broken (Tradução)
By: Isa Dadario
ID: dqq9T6aev1w
Duration: 4.20 min.
Views: 21581
Rating: 5.0
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Feito Por IsahDadario.

36 Seether- Walk away from the sun Lyrics
By: Outlier
Duration: 4.25 min.
Views: 1543176
Rating: 4.9393444
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The lyrics to Seether's song Walk away from the sun from their album Finding Beauty in Negative spaces.

37 Seether - Words As Weapons (Lyrics - Subtítulos Español)
By: CapoLP1994 Rebellion!
Duration: 4.27 min.
Views: 5823
Rating: 4.928571
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2014 The Bicycle Music Company, Concord Music Group Seether - Words As Weapons (Lyrics - Subtítulos Español) Seether - Words As Weapons - Lyrics on screen ...

38 Seether - Seether ( Veruca Salt Cover)
By: Stanislaw Sosabowski
Duration: 3.73 min.
Views: 43491
Rating: 4.7080293
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Seether - Seether ( Veruca Salt Cover) WARNING: Non-official video. All rights reserved of your legal owners Lyrics: Seether Seether is neither loose nor tig...

39 Seether The Gift Lyrics
By: Ace8485
Duration: 5.43 min.
Views: 228007
Rating: 4.890311
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Seether The Gift Lyrics.

40 Seether My Disaster
By: tgs2006
ID: yxnhH6DMVyU
Duration: 4.53 min.
Views: 42826
Rating: 4.949527
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New single from Seether from their new album ''Isolate & Medicate''

41 Seether - Like suicide
By: Tudork05
ID: wnkt5H5cu1M
Duration: 4.25 min.
Views: 1345335
Rating: 4.9297314
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Lyrics/Letra de la canción: Premeditation will kill the trust They'll never know if you fear me With every second collecting dust I feel so bloated and weary...

42 Seether -Never Leave
By: metalchic5
ID: Khl8MxDKnuY
Duration: 4.95 min.
Views: 195469
Rating: 4.945487
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song:never leave by seether.

43 Seether- Heart Shaped Box
By: LemonBazil
ID: jd1-ZU0KlrU
Duration: 5.43 min.
Views: 172026
Rating: 4.899107
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this is Seether playing heart shaped box by Nirvana.

44 Seether - Careless Whisper Twilight Music Video
By: PudgeProduction
ID: F2yL__ciZ9E
Duration: 4.98 min.
Views: 1255304
Rating: 4.643264
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DISCLAIMER: The Footage that you are about to see does not belong to me in anyway. This is purely a fan-made video supporting the cast of and the movie, Twil...

45 Seether - Broken (Live)
By: SeetherVEVO
ID: srRRYZpb6Mg
Duration: 4.22 min.
Views: 445909
Rating: 4.9410443
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Music video by Seether performing Broken (Live). (c) 2006 Wind-up Records, LLC.

46 Seether - Sold Me
By: kurnx
Duration: 3.72 min.
Views: 258143
Rating: 4.937895
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Its just the song, no video only the cover pic First attempt to do anything like this...Doesnt seem hard. More to come perhaps. Love this song though.

47 Seether - Here and Now(New Song)
By: TudoracheMG
Duration: 3.93 min.
Views: 523624
Rating: 4.9370966
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New song from the album to be released on 17th May.I do not own this song.

48 Seether - Truth Acoustic
By: seetherfanvids
Duration: 5.28 min.
Views: 183581
Rating: 4.9661703
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If You Like Seether Join This Group

49 Seether - Broken feat. Lzzy Hale
By: Skilled44
Duration: 4.75 min.
Views: 494646
Rating: 4.724026
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Seether performing 'Broken' with the lead singer of Halestorm Lzzy Hale at 'Welcome to Rockville' in Jacksonville, FL on May 8th, 2011.

50 Seether - Walk Away From The Sun
By: JerrBerry
ID: NX-vfaEXpb0
Duration: 4.38 min.
Views: 231614
Rating: 4.899517
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