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1 Shinedown - The Sound of Madness (Full Album)
By: Lyqu
Duration: 78.27 min.
Views: 1954396
Rating: 4.924699
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Buy the album! Shinedown - The Sound of Madness Track List: 1. Devour 0:00 2....

2 Shinedown - Through The Ghost [Official Video]
By: Shinedown
ID: CNfYcPpgzgw
Duration: 4.05 min.
Views: 1047337
Rating: 4.9381547
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'Amaryllis' featuring 'Bully' 'Enemies' 'Unity' 'I'll Follow You' & 'Adrenaline' Available Now! Lyrics: SPE...

3 Shinedown - I'll Follow You [Official Video]
By: Shinedown
ID: 2IF5TfnmV0k
Duration: 4.08 min.
Views: 5433971
Rating: 4.908056
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Lyrics: If I could find assurance to leave you behind I know my better half would fade And all my doubt is a staircase for you Opened out of this maze The fi...

4 Shinedown - Enemies [Official Music Video]
By: Shinedown
Duration: 4.17 min.
Views: 4698995
Rating: 4.9463253
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2012 WMG. new album 'Amaryllis' available now on iTunes! Directed By: Darren Doane Connect With Shinedown:

5 Shinedown - Amaryllis (Full Album)
By: Lyqu
Duration: 44.27 min.
Views: 1193803
Rating: 4.892572
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Buy the album! Shinedown - Amaryllis Track List: 1. Adrenaline 0:00 2. Bully 3:26 3. Amar...

6 Shinedown - Sound Of Madness (Video)
By: Shinedown
ID: WGt-8adyabk
Duration: 4.25 min.
Views: 12604616
Rating: 4.9391356
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2009 WMG Sound Of Madness (Video) Connect With Shinedown: http:...

7 Shinedown - If You Only Knew (Video)
By: Shinedown
Duration: 3.80 min.
Views: 10489709
Rating: 4.946574
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2009 WMG If You Only Knew (Video) Connect With Shinedown: http:...

8 Shinedown - Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom) - Official Video
By: Shinedown
ID: hez6tDpiWDA
Duration: 4.87 min.
Views: 6848489
Rating: 4.9593825
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2010 WMG Shinedown - Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom) - Official Video From The Expendables courtesy of Lionsgate Connect With Shinedown: https://www....

9 Shinedown - Live from Kansas City (Acoustic Show)
By: DiscoNinja10
Duration: 117.80 min.
Views: 57856
Rating: 4.9561815
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1. "Heroes" 2. "Save Me" 3. "If You Only Knew" 4. "Sound of Madness" 5. "Shed Some Light" 6. "45" 7. "I Dare You" 8. "Times Like These" (Foo Fighters cover) ...

10 SHINEDOWN - The Crow & the Butterfly (Official Music Video)
By: Shinedown
ID: 1B89Osfj8dg
Duration: 4.50 min.
Views: 4735891
Rating: 4.9567146
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SHINEDOWN - The Crow & the Butterfly (Official Music Video) Visit for exclusive videos, music, news, photos and more! Connect With Shine...

11 Shinedown - Simple Man (Video)
By: Atlantic Records
ID: rgFQ6WmxdMs
Duration: 4.28 min.
Views: 11818057
Rating: 4.9287004
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Artist: Shinedown Label: Atlantic Records.

12 Shinedown - Save Me (Video)
By: Atlantic Records
ID: T8dyxGiBx3g
Duration: 3.55 min.
Views: 5475248
Rating: 4.9570274
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Artist: Shinedown Label: Atlantic Records.

13 Shinedown - Second Chance (Video)
By: Atlantic Records
Duration: 3.73 min.
Views: 8024177
Rating: 4.9553013
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Artist: Shinedown Label: Atlantic Records.

14 Shinedown - 45 (Video)
By: Shinedown
ID: MLeIyy2ipps
Duration: 4.17 min.
Views: 5241435
Rating: 4.9480944
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2009 WMG 45 (Video) Connect With Shinedown:

15 Call Me - Shinedown Lyrics
By: MikeyBack
Duration: 3.75 min.
Views: 8594668
Rating: 4.9324465
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Sorry for the wait on this one. This song let me just say means a lot to me and the lyrics are very powerful. I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG, THE LYRICS TO THIS SONG...

16 Rocksmith 2014 Edition DLC - Shinedown
By: Rocksmith 2014 - The Fastest Way to Learn Guitar
ID: r8XBxZzV8ss
Duration: 4.15 min.
Views: 700
Rating: 4.705263
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Learn to play five hits from American rock band Shinedown. “Second Chance,” “Enemies,” “45,” “Bully,” and “Sound Of Madness” are available today on Xbox Live, PlayStation...

17 Shinedown - Bully (Official Music Video)
By: Shinedown
Duration: 4.17 min.
Views: 6733695
Rating: 4.933896
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Lyrics: It's 8 AM, this Hell I'm in Seems I've crossed the line again For being nothing more than who I am So break my bones and throw your stones We all kno...

18 Shinedown - Us And Them (Full Album)
By: Lyqu
ID: Xok6ryfD6CI
Duration: 48.95 min.
Views: 254024
Rating: 4.909794
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Buy the album! Shinedown - Us And Them Track List: 1. The Dream 00:00 2. Heroes 00:59 3. ...

19 Shinedown: Live At The Colonnade Hotel (full show)
By: WAAF 97.7/107.3 FM | Boston's Rock Station
ID: N0FsaYdUvDw
Duration: 47.57 min.
Views: 84862
Rating: 4.8896103
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On June 13th, 2013 the band Shinedown performed for an exclusive group of AAF Army listeners. You too can be a part of the action. Just go to http://army.waa...

20 Shinedown Sound Of Madness Deluxe 20 Breaking Inside (Feat. Lzzy Hale Of Halestorm)
By: RockinDanny2010
ID: TD2G83wZ514
Duration: 3.80 min.
Views: 20196
Rating: 4.978261
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Artist: Shinedown Album: Sound Of Madness Deluxe Edition Song: Breaking Inside (Feat. Lzzy Hale Of Halestorm) Track: 20.

21 Shinedown - Unity [Official Music Video]
By: Shinedown
ID: _gVdi6sizeY
Duration: 4.63 min.
Views: 1151643
Rating: 4.9724426
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2012 WMG. new album 'Amaryllis' available now on iTunes! Connect With Shinedown:

22 "I'll Follow You" (Live) Shinedown captured in The Live Room
By: The Live Room powered by Warner Music
ID: ECEK-g7xayc
Duration: 4.20 min.
Views: 1701084
Rating: 4.91425
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Shinedown perform their song, "I'll Follow You" in an exclusive live recording session at Henson Recording Studios in Hollywood, CA. Buy it on Itunes: http:/...

23 Shinedown - Devour (Video)
By: Shinedown
Duration: 3.82 min.
Views: 3792879
Rating: 4.946313
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2009 WMG Devour (Video) Connect With Shinedown: http://www.yout...

24 Shinedown - Through the Ghost
By: GevMusic
ID: tIFFH2mokKc
Duration: 3.98 min.
Views: 313284
Rating: 4.976901
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I do NOT own this song. All the rights goes to shinedown.

25 Shinedown - What a shame (Video)
By: Mario C
ID: ZblazK4PcJk
Duration: 4.32 min.
Views: 850335
Rating: 4.9396863
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26 Shinedown - Leave A Whisper (Full Album)
By: Lyqu
Duration: 61.00 min.
Views: 606918
Rating: 4.919741
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Buy the album! Shinedown - Leave A Whisper Track List: 1. Fly From The Inside ...

27 Shinedown : Breaking Inside with Lzzy Hale
By: Sanitaruim444
ID: _C_eUhI-n3M
Duration: 3.82 min.
Views: 173452
Rating: 4.963889
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The very talented Lzzy Hale from Halestorm assists Shinedown on Breaking Inside, I hope everyone else enjoys it!

28 Enemies - Shinedown lyrics
By: adayonceforgotten
ID: WqOC8g9pH-g
Duration: 3.23 min.
Views: 15704
Rating: 4.8778625
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enemies by shinedown. I OWN NOTHING.

29 Shinedown - Simple Man Live From Kansas City ( Acoustic )
By: timj92
Duration: 6.47 min.
Views: 458040
Rating: 4.948276
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Shinedown performing '' Simple Man '' live in Kansas City Ripped from their new dvd called ''Somewhere In The Stratosphere''

30 Shinedown - Burning Bright (lyrics)
By: Josh Hough
Duration: 3.80 min.
Views: 1394581
Rating: 4.8906784
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I feel like there is no need for conversation Some questions are better left without a reason And I would rather reveal myself than my situation Now and then...

31 Shinedown - Adrenaline [Official Video]
By: Shinedown
Duration: 3.58 min.
Views: 415049
Rating: 4.9283314
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32 Shinedown - 45 (Acoustic)
By: git44r
Duration: 4.60 min.
Views: 49465
Rating: 4.9473686
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Song: 45 (Acoustic) Band: Shinedown Album: Leave a Whisper Lyrics: Send away for a priceless gift One not subtle, one not on the list Send away for a perfect...

33 Shinedown - Bully LYRICS
By: Angie Loader
ID: KWPjk5iwGac
Duration: 4.03 min.
Views: 502059
Rating: 4.9331684
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Bully By Shinedown, lyrics on screen and description. Tell me your story about bullies down below. If you have any suggestions for lyric videos, comment or i...

34 Shinedown Greatest Hits album (CUSTOM MADE)
By: CMHeel
ID: t7qFTbTSlb4
Duration: 60.22 min.
Views: 78222
Rating: 4.8104267
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NOTE! This is not a real album! I custom made it. I think these are Shinedown's best songs. All rights go to Shinedown! Devour 0:00 Adrenaline: 3:47 Sound of...

35 2Pac Ft Shinedown ~ Call Me A Sinner Call Me A Saint
By: DJay Sabri
Duration: 4.55 min.
Views: 39380
Rating: 4.804598
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FOR PROMOTION USE ONLY- "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, ...

36 Shinedown - Second Chance (Live Acoustic 2013)
By: Jack&Leanne
ID: 2KvMO778UM8
Duration: 3.57 min.
Views: 6775
Rating: 4.707317
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Brent Smith & Zach Myers of Shinedown performing Second Chance in the Mix Lounge.

37 Her Name Is Alice - Shinedown Lyrics
By: TheMagentaPhoenix
ID: 3wnrc76EQUI
Duration: 3.65 min.
Views: 95217
Rating: 4.947438
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"If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense" "Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't" I invite you to a world w...

38 Shinedown - "Unity" Live Acoustic Music Video @betarecords
By: betarecords
ID: bf-oDwWi4Fw
Duration: 4.45 min.
Views: 73306
Rating: 4.968051
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39 Simple Man - Shinedown (subtitulado español)
By: Andres Joven
Duration: 5.12 min.
Views: 43859
Rating: 4.883333
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TRIBUTO A PAUL GRAY POR PARTE DE SHINEDOWN, adjunto pagina para los que dudan del tributo, gracias!

40 97X Green Room - Shinedown (Fly From The Inside)
By: 97XVideos
ID: ky_9kWTRuRc
Duration: 4.25 min.
Views: 177408
Rating: 4.854118
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From The 97X Green Room Vault. Shinedown performs "Fly From The Inside" in the 97X Green Room, November 2, 2005.

41 Through the Ghost lyrics, Shinedown.
By: septemberinthe90s
ID: 9gN4bKRxUbM
Duration: 4.03 min.
Views: 53900
Rating: 4.9164786
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I don't own this music, all rights go to Shinedown. I did make a few lyric mistakes in the video and I apologize for that. Enjoy c:

42 Shinedown - Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide (Lyrics) HQ Sound
By: MrsHellman
Duration: 3.20 min.
Views: 9019
Rating: 5.0
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Verse: She's a steel thrill suicide they say, Cyanide in her plastic veins She's a mannequin of misery, She's on a bender, But she ain't gonna break. Hey, he...

43 Shinedown - Devour Live From Washington State
By: timj92
Duration: 3.93 min.
Views: 30974
Rating: 4.954023
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Shinedown performing '' Devour'' from therir new dvd called ''Somewhere In The Stratosphere''

44 Promise Land feat. Alicia Madison - Sun Shine Down (Flatdisk Remix)
By: ProgressivePleasure
Duration: 5.60 min.
Views: 19873
Rating: 4.9386973
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Your daily dose of electro & progressive house music: Support the artist, buy this track on beatport: http://www.beatport...

45 Shinedown - Crow and the Butterfly
By: shinedownfan845
Duration: 4.53 min.
Views: 187230
Rating: 4.9399247
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I found this awesome video and put Shinedowns' "Crow and the Butterfly" to it. Hope you like it! Here's the original video link:

46 Shinedown - Breaking Inside
By: MsNarutard101
Duration: 3.78 min.
Views: 1626158
Rating: 4.9590516
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Lyrics to Breaking Inside. I do not own this song at all. I completely guessed on the lyrics, so if some aren't accurate, that's why :P.

47 shinedown-second chance lyrics
By: 619thepunkcholanikki
ID: OpqjmD9kOd8
Duration: 3.68 min.
Views: 248790
Rating: 4.9204664
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hey you guys!!!! this is one of my favorite songs!!! i love it i hope you guys love it 2.I DO NOT OWN ANY THING!!!! please rate comment sub and add song:seco...

48 If You Only Knew - Shinedown Sub. Español
By: Judith Rodríguez Santana
ID: Fyi9cAGOfjY
Duration: 3.80 min.
Views: 17142
Rating: 4.957672
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Canción: If You Only Knew Autor: Shinedown.

49 Shinedown, featuring Lzzy Hale - Shed Some Light, Studio Version with Lyrics
By: thekev2020
ID: Yym2scj73x4
Duration: 3.67 min.
Views: 8705
Rating: 5.0
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Shinedown -- Shed Some Light - All copyright protected materials belong to others, assembled only for personal enjoyment and education in accords with United...

50 Shinedown - I Dare You (Acoustic) lyrics
By: MsCamillaC
Duration: 3.77 min.
Views: 48573
Rating: 4.9510202
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i dont own the rights.