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1 Skillet - Rise (Full album)
By: AlexGTR10
Duration: 60.75 min.
Views: 1985065
Rating: 4.8773394
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Boldog születésnapot mindenkinek! :D Az elejétől a Deluxe-ig minden benne van :D Élvezzétek :D 1: Rise 2: Sick Of It 3: Good to be Alive 4: Not Gonna Die 5: ...

2 Skillet - "Not Gonna Die" [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]
By: skilletband
ID: fgmpWkUcpjo
Duration: 3.80 min.
Views: 6859869
Rating: 4.943161
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Official video for Skillet's "Not Gonna Die" off their new album RISE Get RISE (Deluxe Version) on iTunes: Get RISE on iTunes: htt...

3 Skillet - Monster (Official Video)
By: Atlantic Records
ID: 1mjlM_RnsVE
Duration: 3.12 min.
Views: 92482862
Rating: 4.9059515
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New Album RISE featuring "Sick of It" and "Not Gonna Die" Get RISE (Deluxe Version) on iTunes: Get RISE on iTunes: "Monster" is...

4 Skillet - Hero (Official Video)
By: Atlantic Records
Duration: 3.28 min.
Views: 52095896
Rating: 4.939014
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New Album RISE featuring "Sick of It" and "Not Gonna Die" Get RISE (Deluxe Version) on iTunes: Get RISE on iTunes: "Hero" is off...

5 skillet awake full album
By: jimmy brian
Duration: 42.33 min.
Views: 539193
Rating: 4.810988
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if you would like more of these please comment on what you would like to hear ;D Hero - 0:00 Monster - 3:05 Don't Wake Me - 6:04 Awake And Alive - 9:58 One D...

6 Skillet Top Songs
By: Alejandro Plaza
ID: llD5DOznYfo
Duration: 109.15 min.
Views: 865731
Rating: 4.856534
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Tracklist: (Thanks to user kazanLT56) ;) 0:00 - 3:03 hero 3:04 - 6:57 rebirthing 6:58 - 11:20 rise 11:21 - 14:17 monster 14:18 - 17:52 the last night 17:53 -...

7 Skillet - Comatose (Full Album) (Deluxe Edition)
By: Full Skillet Albums
ID: F7zQyr9pn9Y
Duration: 64.72 min.
Views: 663506
Rating: 4.8577404
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Tracklist: 1. Rebirthing 00:00 2. The Last Night 3:52 3. Yours To Hold 7:24 4. Better Than Drugs 11:08 5. Comatose 15:05 6. The Older I Get 18:57 7. Those Ni...

8 Skillet - "Sick Of It" Official Video
By: skilletband
ID: AHzU-9iozmo
Duration: 3.22 min.
Views: 10175710
Rating: 4.9149275
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New Album RISE featuring "Sick of It" and "Not Gonna Die" Get RISE (Deluxe Version) on iTunes: Get RISE on iTunes: http://smarturl...

9 Skillet - Awake and Alive
By: Atlantic Records
ID: 2aJUnltwsqs
Duration: 3.70 min.
Views: 28502702
Rating: 4.95597
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New Album RISE featuring "Sick of It" and "Not Gonna Die" Get RISE (Deluxe Version) on iTunes: Get RISE on iTunes: http://smarturl...

10 Skillet - Mixed Album (Hard Songs) - HQ
By: MegaGNation1
ID: nouc_NeV3ok
Duration: 65.40 min.
Views: 448665
Rating: 4.8944707
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2004 Ardent Music ©2006 Atlantic Recording Corporation ©2009 Atlantic Recording Corporation ©2013 Atlantic Recording Corporation Contains tracks from Collid...

11 Skillet - Awake & Comatose Albums
By: TheRunescapeAct
ID: qZ6Kq4EfxJs
Duration: 94.72 min.
Views: 1648267
Rating: 4.861264
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Skillet Playlist: 1. Monster - 00:00 2. Falling Inside The Black - 3:00 3. Live Free or Let Me Die - 6:31 4. Looking For Angels...

12 Skillet - Comatose (Lyrics)
By: sillyrosster
Duration: 3.85 min.
Views: 24740294
Rating: 4.942237
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Comatose By Skillet From Their Album Comatose. Comments disabled for obvious reasons. Is this a Christian band? Yes I still have questions, where should I go...

13 Skillet - Whispers In The Dark (Official Video)
By: skilletband
ID: B58OBfM-8A4
Duration: 3.38 min.
Views: 4029569
Rating: 4.956744
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New Album RISE featuring "Sick of It" and "Not Gonna Die" Get RISE (Deluxe Version) on iTunes: Get RISE on iTunes: http://smarturl...

14 Skillet - Would It Matter (Lyrics)
By: AragornPk10
ID: 82hLvgGuDu8
Duration: 4.22 min.
Views: 6103326
Rating: 4.959738
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The second song from deluxe edition of album Awake! Enjoy Lyrics: V1 if I wasnt here tomorrow would anybody care if my time was up Id wanna know You were hap...

15 Skillet - American Noise (Official Video)
By: skilletband
ID: SyvMtQaphkI
Duration: 4.17 min.
Views: 1991686
Rating: 4.9465227
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Official video for "American Noise" off of Skillet's new album RISE. New Album RISE featuring "Sick of It" and "Not Gonna Die" Get RISE (Deluxe Version) on i...

16 Skillet - "Not Gonna Die" (Lyric Video)
By: skilletband
Duration: 4.05 min.
Views: 5591392
Rating: 4.9278674
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Lyric video for Skillet's "Not Gonna Die" off their new album RISE. New Album RISE featuring "Sick of It" and "Not Gonna Die" Get RISE (Deluxe Version) on iT...

17 Skillet-Awake And Live. Full concert [DVDRip]
By: Андрей Курага
ID: fO5LK7StdcE
Duration: 125.10 min.
Views: 551510
Rating: 4.9074354
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Skillet-Awake And Live. Full concert [DVDRip] by A.Deyanov.

18 Skillet - Awake & Live (2013) Rise Deluxe DVD [HD Full Concert & Sound Fixed]
By: ChristRocking
Duration: 35.20 min.
Views: 634834
Rating: 4.921042
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[Description below the song list] ------------ SONGS 0:00 - Whispers In The Dark 3:06 - Comatose 6:57 - Awake & Alive 10:30 - Those Nights 14:42 - Hero 17:58...

19 Skillet - Rise
By: EAmusic
ID: Zk0Sr0C3yYM
Duration: 4.43 min.
Views: 2655560
Rating: 4.922601
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Skillets title track "Rise". Full album available June 25th. Subscribe to my new channel! All rights ...

20 Skillet - Awake And Alive LIVE Uproar Tour Corpus Christi, Tx. 9/3/14 [HD]
By: Chris Ramon/GSXRC1300
Duration: 4.93 min.
Views: 10079
Rating: 4.887324
Watch On YouTube Skillet performing the song Awake And Alive LIVE in concert at Concrete Street Amphitheater in Corpus Christi, Tx. on Sept...

21 Skillet - Rebirthing (Official Music Video HD) Lyrics, Subtitulado
By: SkilletYUTV21
ID: GTbKorqc56o
Duration: 4.02 min.
Views: 5163789
Rating: 4.933208
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FACEBOOK PAGE SUBSCRIBE!!! Band. Skillet Song: Rebirthing Option Subtitles: English Lyrics, Traducción/Traducido en Español (S...

22 SKILLET - A Day in the Life of Skillet 2014 (backstage, gig & interview)
By: Rocksverige I
ID: tFTq9ertVx4
Duration: 6.65 min.
Views: 39501
Rating: 4.9872203
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Follow Rocksverige behind the scenes in "A day in the life of Skillet", shot at Sweden Rock Festival 2014.

23 Skillet - No Sweat Podcast
By: skilletband
Duration: 12.82 min.
Views: 45261
Rating: 4.981472
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To balance life on the road with kids, rock-n-roll & lots of jet lag - NO SWEAT for this band. Funny & always entertaining... enjoy this episode of The Skill...

24 Skillet - Live at EO
By: dominic chev
ID: 5plNOrNx9yg
Duration: 48.13 min.
Views: 217604
Rating: 4.897664
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skillet, live at EO, (Netherlands), this is the live stream, i own nothing.

25 Skillet - One Day Too Late (Lyrics)
By: AragornPk10
ID: HNEC735juI4
Duration: 3.68 min.
Views: 6351219
Rating: 4.9598684
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Song "One Day Too Late" by "Skillet" from album "Awake" Lyrics: [V1] Tick tock hear the clock countdown Wish the minute hand could be rewound So much to do a...

26 Skillet - Monster (Lyrics)
By: AragornPk10
ID: u9NStVkSCuk
Duration: 2.95 min.
Views: 8924288
Rating: 4.8929596
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Giant Giveaways Enter to WIN $2500!!! (Must Confirm email) Click Here: Song "Monster" by "Skillet" From album "Awake". Other so...

27 Skillet "Fire and Fury" (lyric video )
By: RockyUddin
Duration: 4.10 min.
Views: 365586
Rating: 4.9237967
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typography lyric video made be me for the song fire and fury "i do not own anything" all right goes to skillet my facebook -

28 Skillet - "The Older I Get" (Official Video)
By: Atlantic Records
ID: 2Qnck1lFwjs
Duration: 3.68 min.
Views: 6874122
Rating: 4.9478188
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New Album RISE featuring "Sick of It" and "Not Gonna Die" Get RISE (Deluxe Version) on iTunes: Get RISE on iTunes: http://smarturl...

29 Skillet - Yours To Hold (Lyrics)
By: AragornPk10
ID: T6uiijYqXnI
Duration: 3.73 min.
Views: 5521848
Rating: 4.9553375
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Song "Yours to hold" by Skillet from Album "Comatose". Lyrics: I see you standing here But you're so far away Starving for your attention You don't even know...

30 Skillet | Live Free or Let Me Die | Lyrics
By: Rebecca Wheeler
ID: 4bFbEg0SwJ8
Duration: 3.78 min.
Views: 2796814
Rating: 4.940649
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Skillet's newest song "Live Free or Let Me Die" off their re-released Special Editon version of Comatose. With Lyrics! ******copyright to Skillet,John Cooper...

31 Skillet - "Rise" lyric video
By: skilletband
ID: b3jQ0tFqG_0
Duration: 3.80 min.
Views: 2623224
Rating: 4.938569
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Lyric video for Skillet's "Rise" off of their new album RISE. New Album RISE featuring "Sick of It" and "Not Gonna Die" Get RISE (Deluxe Version) on iTunes: ...

32 Skillet - Rebirthing (Live)
By: skilletband
ID: ch7gqxshCWM
Duration: 4.12 min.
Views: 352477
Rating: 4.936893
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New Album RISE featuring "Sick of It" and "Not Gonna Die" Get RISE (Deluxe Version) on iTunes: Get RISE on iTunes: http://smarturl...

33 Skillet - Falling Inside The Black |Lyrics|
By: MyFavMusic123
ID: FO3yXqhTs0I
Duration: 3.65 min.
Views: 4668304
Rating: 4.948835
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LINK TO BACKGROUND PIC: Skillet. It's a great band : )I If anyone decides they want to get into this...

34 Skillet - Rise (magyar felirat)
By: AlexGTR10
Duration: 4.38 min.
Views: 18126
Rating: 4.848485
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És itt van a cím szám is! Remélem tetszik majd. Megszenvedtem vele. ;) Rise and revolution, emberek! Várjuk azt az új albumot. :D JUNE 25.

35 Skillet - Awake - Full Album (Deluxe Edition) - HQ Sound
By: MegaGNation4
ID: NzulZNNb42k
Duration: 52.48 min.
Views: 241347
Rating: 4.8601213
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2009 Atlantic Recording Corporation 0:00 - 1. Hero 3:06 - 2. Monster 6:04 - 3. Don't Wake Me 10:00 - 4. Awake and Alive 13:32 - 5. One Day Too Late 17:12 -...

36 Skillet- Awake and Alive [HD] (WITH LYRICS) NEW SONG!
By: Skiman32
ID: iVbtek_Yh2E
Duration: 3.53 min.
Views: 396965
Rating: 4.8095236
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Song from Skillet's album "Awake", Awake and Alive. I'm at war with the world and they Try to pull me into the dark I struggle to find my faith As I'm slippi...

37 Skillet - Awake and Alive - Live Köln Essigfabrik 21.10.2014
By: DUGT67
ID: UZ0pvXq0uE4
Duration: 4.98 min.
Views: 897
Rating: 5.0
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38 Skillet - "Rise" Live @ Billboard Studios
By: Billboard
Duration: 3.80 min.
Views: 384455
Rating: 4.9697037
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Skillet Performs 'Rise' live at Billboard Studios (June 2013) Subscribe here ( for more exclusive artist interviews, weekly pe...

39 Skillet - Live In Samara, 08.11.2014 (MTL Arena) Full Show
By: TheSmrEvanS
ID: 5TxYlPLNvbg
Duration: 94.23 min.
Views: 18351
Rating: 4.950207
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0:00:00 - 01. Intro + Whispers In The Dark 0:05:04 - 02. Forsaken 0:09:12 - 03. Sick Of It 0:14:50 - 04. Not Gonna Die 0:19:02 - 05. Hero 0:22:24 - 06. Awake...

40 Skillet - Alien Youth [FULL ALBUM, HD 1080p]
By: Ludwig Albums
ID: kfhwM_MtbTo
Duration: 53.25 min.
Views: 60920
Rating: 4.7865167
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Skillet's 2001 album, 'Alien Youth' in full 1080p audio quality. Enjoy! TRACKLIST 01. Alien Youth (0:00 - 4:10) 02. Vapor (4:11 - 7:48) 03. Earth Invasion (7...

41 Skillet - Salvation Lyrics (with Intro)
By: Michael Dee
ID: S5pwCEuxEmc
Duration: 4.95 min.
Views: 19822
Rating: 4.8846154
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Skillet - Salvation with lyrics and intro Album : Rise If you enjoyed the video, please like subscribe and share for everyone to see ! No Copyright infringem...

42 Skillet - Awake and Alive [PMV]
By: Hector Luna
ID: yx4RJ6ZpYdw
Duration: 3.50 min.
Views: 44062
Rating: 4.9197993
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This year I'm Awake and Alive ((((d(-_-)b)))).Happy 2013! Have a PMV /) (I do not own the music and the footage used in this video. No copyright infringement...

43 Русские клипы глазами Skillet (Видеосалон №22)
By: MAXIM Russia
Duration: 8.63 min.
Views: 336256
Rating: 4.9227414
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Вместо традиционных экскурсий по Красной площади и тусовок в советских чебуречных Джон Купер мужественно заглянул в наш ноутбук, а там — клипы групп «Слот», ...

44 Skillet Nightcore MV / AMV Captain America: The Winter Soldier / Not Gonna Die
By: Kith Gunner
ID: w9qnpv7DRLE
Duration: 3.03 min.
Views: 116234
Rating: 4.762452
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45 Skillet Those Nights (Banjo version) Live HD HQ AUDIO!!! Winter Jam 2015
By: yupsure
ID: RLizhas1g70
Duration: 4.47 min.
Views: 10918
Rating: 4.917808
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From Santander Arena Reading, PA 01-15-15 Winter Jam 2015.

46 Skillet - Hero (Live)
By: Pedro Pacheco
ID: 3fYfB1MkdTk
Duration: 3.30 min.
Views: 573067
Rating: 4.925724
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Skillet performs "Hero" live in Michigan for their new 2013 album "Rise - Deluxe Edition"

47 Naruto AMV - Skillet - Whispers in the Dark
By: mrk42
Duration: 3.35 min.
Views: 2639622
Rating: 4.825861
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Backup Account (I HAVE TWO STRIKES): Another AMV made by mrk42 (this is my 11th AMV). Anime - Naruto Music - S...

48 Skillet ~ Never Surrender (sub español)
By: Gianny Ro
ID: 3faGZloNEn4
Duration: 3.63 min.
Views: 741939
Rating: 4.9725604
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Dedicado a todos quienes deciden luchar y darse esa nueva oportunidad en la vida...

49 Skillet- Better Than Drugs (with lyrics)
By: Pangirl777
Duration: 4.33 min.
Views: 888766
Rating: 4.930393
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"Better Than Drugs" by Skillet Album: Comatose[Deluxe Edition] Credit Song: "Collide" (Live) Album: Comatose Comes Alive ~Lyrics(in the video) & pics :) ~Pic...

50 Skillet - End Of Year 2013 Podcast
By: skilletband
ID: XwlH4a54ufA
Duration: 10.62 min.
Views: 95009
Rating: 4.972583
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Happy New Year, Rockers! Enjoy some highlights from Skillet in 2013...