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Casey James – Crazy Tonight

We’re Headed Down To Cowtown That Friday Biker Crowd Is Rolling In We Loaded Through The Back Door Pull The Guitars Out, Plug ’em In I Step Up To The Microphone Check To See The Sound Is Working Right Well I Guarantee You One Thing It’s Gonna Get Crazy Tonight

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Chris Cornell – Long Gone

Long Gone Baby I used to watch your flowers grow Now it’s raining and all your petals turns to stone I’ve been praying I turn around and see my rose But you faded You left me now it’s time to go You’re like a diamond and I’m like glass Like

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Carly Rae Jepsen – More Than A Memory

Speak to me You’re walking closer and it’s hard to breathe I should be running but the heart’s naïve And I expect too much You were good to me I left a scar that no one else can see And now you’re back here and reminding me That I lost

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Creed – What’s This Life For?

What’s This Life For? Hurray for..a child that makes it through,If there’s any way because,the answer lies in you,They’re laid to rest,before…they’ve known just what to do,Their souls are lost because..they could never find.What’s this life for?…What’s this life for?…What’s this life for?…What’s this life for?….I see your soul, it’s

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Craig Morgan – Tough

She’s In The Kitchen At The Crack Of Dawn Bacon’s On, Coffee’s Strong Kids Running Wild, Taking Off Their Clothes If She’s A Nervous Wreck, Well It Never Shows Takes One To Football And One To Dance Hits The Y For Aerobics Class Drops By The Bank, Stops At The

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Carrie Underwood – Undo It

Should’ve Known By The Way You Pass Me By There Was Something In Your Eyes And It Wasn’t Right I Should’ve Walked But I Never Had The Chance Everything Got Out Of Hand And I Let It Slide Now I Only Have Myself To Blame For Falling For Your Stupid

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Chevelle – Send The Pain Below

Send the pain below I liked,Having hurt,So send the pain below,Where I need it.You used to beg me,To take,Care of things,And smile at the thoughts,Of me failing.But long before,Having hurt,I’ll send the pain below,I’ll send the pain below.Much like suffocating,Much like suffocating,Much like suffocating (I’ll send the pain below),Much like

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