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Carrie Underwood – Inside Your Heaven

I’ve been down Now I’m blessed I felt a revelation coming around I guess it’s right, it’s so amazing Everytime I see you, I’m alive You’re all I got, You lift me up. The sun and the moonlight, All my dreams are in your eyes. And I wanna be inside

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Camila Cabello – Crying In The Club

You think, that you’ll die without him You know, that’s a lie that you tell yourself You fear, that you lay alone forever now It ain’t true, ain’t true, ain’t true, no So put your arms around me tonight Let the music lift you up Like you’ve never been so

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Carrie Underwood – Before He Cheates

Right Now He’s Probably Slow Dancing With A Bleach Blond Tramp, And She’s Probably Getting Frisky… Right Now, He’s Probably Buying Her Some Fruity Little Drink Cause She Can’t Shoot Whiskey… Right Now, He’s Probably Up Behind Her With A Pool Stick, Showing Her How To Shoot A Combo… And

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Christina Aguilera – What A Girl Wants

What a girl wants, what a girl needs ~whatever makes me happy sets you free What a girl wants, what a girl needs ~Whatever keeps me (keeps me) in your arms (Yeah, come on) I wanna thank you for giving me time to breathe Like a rock you waited so

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Carly Rae Jepsen – Curiosity

Breakable Got me on my knees You break my heart Just to watch it bleed I’m sick with love Sick, could have seized Don’t call me up Just so I can please you I can’t stand the way you’re smiling I can’t stand the way I’m lying I know, I

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Cary Ann Hearst – Hells Bells

Well Hell’s Bells, What You Trying To Sell? Put It On The Table Before They Take Us To Jail. What You Say, Got A Bottle To Your Head, And You Never Saw It Coming, And You Pretty White Shirt Is Red! Well, Guess That’s What You Get! When You Leaned

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Carly Rae Jepsen – Both Sides Now

Bows and flows of angel hair And ice cream castles in the air Feather canyons everywhere I’ve looked at clouds that way Now they only block the sun They rain and snow on everyone So many things I would have done But clouds got in my way I’ve looked at

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