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Adam Harvey – The House That Jack Built

I Knew A Man Named Jack Who Built A Little Shack A House He Could Call His Home And Love Came A Callin And Pretty Soon He Was Fallin And He Didnt Have To Live Alone Well The Name Was Jill And She Made Jack Feel Like A King In

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Alan Jackson – So You Don’t Have To Love Me Anymore

I’ll Be The Bad Guy, I’ll Take The Black Eye. When I Walk Out, You Can Slam The Door. I’ll Be The S.o.b. If Thats What You Need From Me, So You Dont Have To Love Me Anymore. When You And Our Friends Talk, Make It All My Fault. Tell

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Avril Lavigne – Sk8er Boi

He was a boy, she was a girl Can I make it anymore obvious? He was a punk, she did ballet What more can I say? He wanted her, she’d never tell Secretly she wanted him as well But all of her friends, stuck up their nose They had a

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Avril Lavigne – Why

Why, do you always do this to me? Why, couldn’t you just see through me? How come, you act like this Like you just don’t care at all Do you expect me to believe I was the only one to fall? I can feel, I can feel you near me,

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Adele – I’ll Be Waiting

Hold me closer one more time Say that you love me in your last goodbye Please forgive me for my sins Yes, I swam dirty waters but you pushed me in I’ve seen your face under every sky Over every border and on every line You know my heart more

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Aerosmith – Cryin

There was a time When I was so broken hearted Love wasn’t much of a friend of mine The tables have turned, yeah Cause me and them ways have parted That kind of love was the killin’ kind Now listen All I want is someone I can’t resist I know

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Arcade Fire – Black Mirror

I Walked Down To The Ocean After Waking From A Nightmare. No Moon No Pale Reflection. Black Mirror Black Mirror Shot By A Security Camera You Can’t Watch Your Own Image And Also Look Yourself In The Eye. Black Mirror Black Mirror Black Mirror I Know A Time Is Coming

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