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Avril Lavigne – Everything Back But You

Today was the worst day I went through hell I wish I could remove it from my mind Two months away from you but I couldn’t tell I thought that everything was gonna be just fine The postcard that you wrote with the stupid little note Something wasn’t quite right

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Avril Lavigne – I Always Get What I Want

Every now and then we all want something Even if there’s no way of gettin’ it If i stomp my feet could that make me Be the way around it, could I get myself around it Get me what I want Everything I don’t got Get me what I want

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Alan Jackson – So You Don’t Have To Love Me Anymore

I’ll Be The Bad Guy, I’ll Take The Black Eye. When I Walk Out, You Can Slam The Door. I’ll Be The S.o.b. If Thats What You Need From Me, So You Dont Have To Love Me Anymore. When You And Our Friends Talk, Make It All My Fault. Tell

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Ariana Grande – One Last Time

I was a liar I gave into the fire I know i should’ve fought it At least i’m being honest Feel like a failure Cause i know that i failed you I should’ve done you better Cause you don’t want a liar (come on) And i know, and i know,

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Aerosmith – Pink

Pink Pink- it’s my new obsessionPink it’s not even a question,Pink, on the lips of your lover, ’causePink is the love you discoverPink as the bing on your cherryPink ’cause you are so veryPink it’s the color of passion’Cause today it just goes with the fashionPink it was love at

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Aaron Tippin – Youve Got To Stand For Something

Now Daddy Didn’t Like Trouble, But If It Came Along Everyone That Knew Him Knew Which Side That He’d Be On He Never Was A Hero, Or This County’s Shinin’ Light But You Could Always Find Him Standing Up For What He Thought Was Right He’d Say You’ve Got To

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Alicia Keys – Superwoman

Superwoman Everywhere I’m turningNothing seems completeI stand up and I’m searchingFor the better part of meI hang my head from sorrowstate of humanityI wear it on my shouldersGotta find the strength in meCause I am a SuperwomanYes I amYes she isEven when I’m a messI still put on a vestWith

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