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Adam Harvey – The Shake Of A Hand

Today Grandad Came By The Office Amazed At All The Papers That I Sign I Told Him Thats How We Do Business Just A Product Of These Modden(?) Times He Shook His Head And Then Said I Dont Understand How All These Deals Are Done It Just Dont Make No

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Aaron Tippin – Goodbye Is All We Have

I’m Soaring The Sky, I Can Hear The Birds And Man They Don’t Lie How You Gonna Catch Me When I’m This High I’m Moving On I Got The Words To A Brand New Song How You Gonna Catch Me When I’m This Gone Gone Tommorow Here Today Just In

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Aaron Tippin – Angelina

I Walked Into An Elevator And You Walked Into A Wall You Said You Wanted To Be With Me I Never Dreamed I Had It All But Something Changed Hat Day Inside Me And I Believe It Changed Inside You Too Yeah, Angelina, Can You Feel It? Watching Angels As

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Avril Lavigne – Slipped Away

Na na, na na na na na I miss you Miss you so bad I don’t forget you Oh it’s so sad I hope you can hear me I remember it clearly The day you slipped away Was the day I found it won’t be the same Oh Na na,

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Adele – First Love

So little to say but so much time Despite my empty mouth the words are in my mind Please wear the face The one where you smile Because you lighten up my heart when I start to cry Forgive me first love but I’m tired I need to get away

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Aaron Tippin – She Made A Memory Out Of Me

Now Once I Stood Like A Mountain High Cold And Rough And No Sign Of Life Didn’t Need No One Didn’t Want No Love Yeah, But That Was Before I Felt Her Touch She Made A Man Out Of A Mountain Of Stone What The Whole World Couldn’t Change She

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Alan Jackson – When Somebody Loves You

When Your Heart Is All Alone Every Second Seems So Long When It’s Just You, You Can’t See Through Those Ol’ Clouds That Rain So Blue. But When Somebody Loves You There’s Nothing You Can’t Do When Somebody Loves You It’s Easy To Get Through When Somebody Loves You The

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