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Billy Idol – Rebel Yell

Rebel Yell Last night a little dancer came dancin’ to my door Last night a little angel Came pumping cross my floor She said “Come on baby I got a licence for love And if it expires pray help from above” In the midnight hour she cried- “more, more, more”

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Billy Ray Cyrus – Ready Set Dont Go

She’s Gotta Do What She’s Gotta Do And I’ve Gotta Like It Or Not She’s Got Dreams Too Big For This Town And She Needs To Give ’em A Shot Whatever They Are. Looks Like She’s All Ready To Leave Nothing Left To Pack There Ain’t No Room For Me

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Bon jovi – Welcome To Wherever You Are

Welcome To Wherever You Are Maybe we’re different, but we’re still the same We all got the blood of Eden, running through our veins I know sometimes it’s hard for you to see You come between just who you are and who you wanna be If you feel alone, and

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Bathory – War

War The bells of war doth chime tonight and the heaven shake with fear The earth commot the sky is in flames the battle is ever near Troops of Hell tonight they storm The walls they so despise Heaven’s gates are closing in The night is filled with cries WAR,

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Blink 182 – Adams Song

Adams song I never thought I’d die aloneI laughed the loudest who’d have known?I trace the cord back to the wallNo wonder it was never plugged in at allI took my time, I hurried upThe choice was mine I didn’t think enoughI’m too depressed to go onYou’ll be sorry when

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Blink 182 – Stay Together For The Kids

Stay together for the kids Its hard to wake upWhen the shades have been pulled shutThis house is hauntedIts so patheticIt makes no sense at allI’m ripe with things to sayThe words rot and fall awayWhat stupid poem could fix this homeI’d read it every daySo here’s your holidayHope you

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