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Diamond Rings – Runaway Love

I Wanna Wake Up In A Different City I Wanna Wake Up In Another Town I Wanna Wake Up And I Want You With Me And I Don’t Want Anyone Else Around We Could Be… We Could Be The Only Ones To Know We Could Also Be A Real Disaster

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Dierks Bentley – Diamonds Make Babies

Yeah Man, That Sure Is One Big Old Rock It Takes Up Half Of That Velvet Box I Know You’ve Given This A Lot Of Thought You’re Gonna Get A ‘yes’ For Sure That Thing Is More Than Just A Simple Stone It’s Got Some Crazy Powers All It’s Own

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Dierks Bentley – Gonna Die Young

I Can Feel My Heart Beat Now, Beatin’ Like A Popgun, Pow Gone Crazy, Knocked Out By The Hottest Thing This Side Of The Sun She Knows Just How To Move, Shoot The Blood Pressure Through The Roof Foggin’ Up The Kissing Booth, She’s One In A Million, I’m A

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Duran Duran – A View To Kill

A view to kill Meeting you with a view to a killFace to face in secret places feel the chillNightfall covers me but you know the plans I’m makingStill over sea could it be the whole earth opening wideA sacred why a mystery gapingInside the weekends why until weDance into

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Dave Barnes – God Gave Me You

I’ve been a walking heartache   I’ve made a mess of me   The person that I’ve been lately   Ain’t who I wanna be     But you stay here right beside me   Watch as the storm goes through   And I need you     God gave

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David Bradley – Hard Time Movin On

Hey Its Me It Know Its Kinda Strange For Me To Call Given That We’re Broken Up And All But I Could Think Of Nothing Else To Do So I Called You See I Woke Up With A Picture Of You Smiling In My Head Instinctively I Reached Across The

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Dierks Bentley – Breathe You In

I’ve Never Been The Kind To Bear My Heart And Soul. Yeah, I’ve Always Taken Pride In Stayin’ In Control. I Told Myself I’d Never Fall Too Deep. But Girl You Came Along And Made A Liar Out Of Me. I’m As Gone As I Can Be. CHORUS I Wanna

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