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Epica – Solitary ground

Solitary ground Solitary Ground Living at different places Evading into various spaces My compass has broken I’m losing the way An ongoing madness has led me astray My past breathes down my neck And it seems now that all I can do is Go back to beginnings when all lay

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Epica – Cry For The Moon

Cry For The Moon Follow your common sense You cannot hide yourself Behind a fairytale forever and ever Only by revealing the whole truth can we disclose The soul of this sick bulwark forever and ever Forever and ever Indoctrinated minds so very often Contain sick thoughts And commit most

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Evanescence – Field of innocence

Field of innocence I still remember the worldFrom the eyes of a childSlowly those feelingsWere clouded by what I know nowWhere has my heart goneAn uneven trade for the real worldI want to go back toBelieving in everything and knowing nothing at allI still remember the sunAlways warm on my

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Evanescence – Call me when you re sober

Call me when you’re sober Don’t cry to meif you loved me, you would be here with meyou want me, come find memake up your mind.Should’ve let you fall,lose it allso maybe you can remember yourselfcan’t keep believing,we’re only deceiving ourselvesand I’m sick of the lies,and you’re too late.Don’t cry

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