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Helloween – Power

I cant May i take you higher feed well your desire we won’t be forgotten foes left slain and rotten i will have my way as once before others stand in awe can’t scorn at all i can, i can, i can make it all again i don’t wanna lose

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Hunter Hayes – Storm Warning

She Rolled In From The West In Her Summer Sun Dress Hotter Than The Heat In July With Her Windblown Hair It Just Wasn’t Fair The Way She Was Blowing My Mind Have You Ever Noticed Every Hurricane Gets Its Name From A Girl Like This She’s A Cat Five

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Hoobastank – If I Were You

If I Were You You seem to find the dark when everything is brightYou look for all that’s wrong instead of all thats rightDoes it feel good to you to rain on my paradeYou never say a word unless it’s to complainIt’s driving me insaneIf I were youHolding the world

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Hunter Hayes – Wanted

You Know I’d Fall Apart Without You I Don’t Know How You Do What You Do ’cause Everything That Don’t Make Sense About Me Makes Sense When I’m With You Like Everything That’s Green, Girl I Need You But It’s More Than One And One Makes Two Put Aside The

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Hilary Duff – Chasing The Sun

Why am i in such a hurry Always getting up too early So fast, everything is blurry, oh oh It’s like the clock is always racing But my time is not for wasting Someone else can do the chasin’ ’cause i’m chasing the sun I’m chasing the sun I’m chasing

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Honne – Gone Are The Days

Were we’re goin’ we won’t need air No looking back from here on in It’s moving on to better things Cause you deserve all, anything Forget everything you told It’s greener grass and then some gold And maybe i should bite my tongue No, but i can’t seem to fight

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Hoobastank – Out of control

Out of control I’ve done everything as you say, I followed your rules without question I though it would help me see things clearly but instead of helping me to see, I look around and it’s like I’m blinded I don’t wanna live like this so can you tell me?

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