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Jessie J – Big White Room

Sitting in a big white room alone, Tilt my head back, feel the tears fall down Close my eyes to see in the dark, I feel numb, broken, and so so scared (mmm) I don’t wanna be here anymore, I wanna be somewhere else, Roaming free, like I used to

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Jessie J – Silver Lining (crazy Bout You)

Call me crazy In a world where no one, no one understands It’s good to finally find someone, someone who can You know me Better than I know myself Don’t care what they say Don’t care what this world thinks We got each other That’s all we need And you

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Justin Moore – Back That Thing Up

I Know You Scared Of That Cock A Doodle Do Don’t Worry He Ain’t Gonna Hurt You I Know You Ain’t Never Milked A Cow Before You Ain’t Never Slung Hay From A Second Floor Barn Door You Never Heard Of Daisy Or Of Ellie May Well, That’s Okay ’cause

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Justin Moore – Small Town USA

A Lot Of People Called It Prison When I Was Growin Up But These Are My Roots And This Is What I Love ‘Cause Everybody Knows Me And I Know Them And I Believe That’s The Way We Were Supposed To Live I Wouldn’t Trade One Single Day Here In

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Jessie J – Nobody’s Perfect

When I’m Nervous I Have This Thing Yeah I Talk Too Much Sometimes I Just Can’t Shut The Hell Up It’s Like I Need To Tell Someone Anyone Who’ll Listen And That’s Where I Seem To Fuck Up, Yeah I Forget About The Consequences, For A Minute There I Lose

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John Lennon – Love

Love Love is realreal is love,love is feeling,feeling love,love is waitingto be love.Love is touchtouch is love,love is reachingreaching love,love is askingto be love.Love is askingto be love,love is you,you and me,love is knowingwe can be.Love is free,free is love,love is living,living love,love is needing,to be love.

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Jason Aldean – Take A Little Ride

Been Going ’round And ’round All Day Bailin’ Some Hay And Stackin’ It All Up Can’t Wait For The Sun To Go Down Roll Into Town, Shine The Ol’ Truck Up Swing By The Quick Stop, Grab A Little Shiner Bock Then Ease On Out Your Way To Your Place

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