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Jessie J – Domino

I’m Feeling Sexy And Free Like Glitter’s Raining On Me You’re Like A Shot Of Pure Gold I Think I’m ’bout To Explode I Can Taste The Tension Like A Cloud Of Smoke In The Air Now I’m Breathing Like I’m Running Cause You’re Taking Me There Don’t You Know…

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Jake Owen – Alone With You

I Don’t See You Laugh You Don’t Call Me Back But You Kiss Me When You’re Drunk I Don’t Know Your Friends Don’t Know Where You’ve Been Why Are You The One I Want Don’t Put Your Lips Up To My Mouth And Tell Me You Can’t Stay Don’t Slip

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John Lennon – Jealous Guy

Jealous guy I was dreaming of the pastAnd my heart was beating fastI began to lose controlI began to lose controlI didn’t mean to hurt youI’m sorry that I made you cryOh no, I didn’t want to hurt youI’m just a jealous guyI was feeling insecureYou might not love me

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John Lennon – Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas! Happy Christmas Yoko,Happy Christmas JulianSo this is Christmas,and what have you donneanother year over,and a new one just begun.And so this is Christmas,I hope you have fun,the near and the dear one,the old one and the young.(CHORUS)And a very Merry Christmasand a happy new yearlet’s hope it’s a

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Jake Owen – Dont Think Cant Love You

Well, I Learned The Hard Way Real Early In Life That Money Sure Don’t Grow On A Tree And There’s A Few Things That A Dollar Can’t Buy The Best Things In Life, They Come Free So Girl, I Can’t Buy You A Big Diamond Ring No House On A

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Jason Aldean – Why

It’s 3 Am And I Finally Say I’m Sorry For Acting That Way I Didn’t Really Mean To Make You Cry Oh Baby, Sometimes I Wonder Why Does It Always Have To Come Down To You Leaving Before I’ll Say “i Love You” Why Do I Always Use The Words

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Jason Aldean – Dont You Wanna Stay

I Really Hate To Let This Moment Go Touching Your Skin, And Your Hair Falling Slow When A Goodbye Kiss, Feels Like This Don’t You Wanna Stay Here A Little While? Don’t You Wanna Hold Each Other Tight? Don’t You Wanna Fall Asleep With Me Tonight? Don’t You Wanna Stay

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