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Kelly Clarkson – Thankful

You know my soul You know everything about me there’s to know You know my heart How to make me stop and how to make me go You should know i love everything about you, Dont you know That i’m thankful for the blessing and the lessons that ive learned

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Kip Moore – Somethin’ ’bout A Truck

Something About A Truck In A Farmer’s Field A No Trespass Sign, You Got Time To Kill Nobody’s Gonna Get Hurt, So What’s The Big Deal Something About A Truck In A Farmer’s Field Something About Beer Sitting On Ice After A Long Hard Day Makes It Taste Just Right

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Kelly Clarkson – Miss Independent

Miss Independent Miss Self-sufficient Miss Keep Your Distance Miss Unafraid Miss Out of My Way Miss Don’t Let a Man Interfere, no Miss On Her Own Miss Almost Grown Miss Never Let a Man Help Her Off Her Throne So, by keeping her heart protected She’d never ever feel rejected

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Kelly Clarkson – What’s Up Lonely

Blue, I’m getting kinda close to you Like a shadow I can’t lose Hey, you’ve been hangin’ with me every day Now you’re gettin’ in my way I know you understand me But don’t ya think that maybe it’s time to move on What’s up lonely Seems you’re my only

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Kelly Clarkson – Some Kind Of Miracle

Prayed for an angel To come in the night And shine some sweet light on me Found only strangers Then you came to me Just when I’d given up, you gave me love My world was tumbling down You turned it around baby You, you’re some kind of miracle You

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Katy Perry – Unconditionally

Oh no, did i get too close? Oh, did i almost see? What’s really on the inside All your insecurities All the dirty laundry Never made me blink one time Unconditional, unconditionally I will love you unconditionally There is no fear now Let go and just be free I will

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Kelly Clarkson – Hear Me

Hear me, hear me You gotta be out there You gotta be somewhere Wherever you are I’m waiting… ‘Cause there are these nights when I sing myself to sleep And I’m hoping my dreams bring You close to me Are you listening? Hear me I’m crying out I’m ready now

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