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Lady Antebellum – When You Got A Good Thing

Verse 1: Everybody Keeps Telling Me I’m Such A Lucky Man, Looking At You Standing There I Know I Am. Barefooted Beauty With Eyes That Blue, Sunshine Sure Looks Good On You, I Swear. Oh I Can’t Believe I Finally Found Ya Baby, Happy Ever After After All This Time.

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Lady Antebellum – Love Dont Live Here

Well This Heart Of Mine Has Been Hardened Like A Stone It Might Take Some Time To Get Back What Is Gone But I’m Movin’ On And You Don’t Haunt My Dreams Like You Did Before When I Would Curse Your Name Hey Well I Heard The News That You

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Lincoln Brewster Featuring Darlene Zschech – Power Of Your Name

Surely children weren’t made for the streets And fathers were not made to leave Surely this isn’t how it should be Let Your Kingdom come Surely nations were not made for war Or the broken meant to be ignored Surely this just can’t be what You saw Let Your Kingdom

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Lucy Hale – Lie A Little Better

I just missed my exit Last night i lost my keys I’m fumbling over the words i Don’t feel a bit like me these days I would be a liar if i said i was fine But i cant help being honest And i know now is not the time

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Limp Bizkit – Sour

Sour mellow outbitchI thought I knew yatook the time to throw my love into yascrew yacuz now you got me sittin’ in the sewerI’m through with all them roller coaster ridessee, I ain’t forgot about the knots that you beein’ tieing with my insidesI dropped my pridewithout you I was

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Linkin Park – Not Alone

Not Alone I break down, fear is sinking in The cold comes, racing through my skin Searching for a way to get to you Through the storm you… Go, giving up your home Go, leaving all you’ve known You are not alone With arms up, stretched into the sky With

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