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Muse – Time Is Running Out

Time Is Running Out i think i´m drowningasphyxiatedi wanna break this spellthat you´ve createdyou´re something beautifula contradictioni wanna play the gamei wan´t the frictionyou will be the death of meyou will be the death of mebury iti won´t let you bury iti won´t let you smother iti won´t let you

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Motley Crue – Girls, Girls, Girls

Girls, girls, girls Friday night and I need a fightMy motorcycle and a switchblade knifeHandful of grease in my hair feels rightBut what I need to make me tight areGirls, Girls, GirlsLong legs and burgundy lipsGirls,Dancin’ down on Sunset StripGirlsRed lips, fingertipsTrick or treat-sweet to eatOn Halloween and New Year’s

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Maroon 5 – Sugar

I’m hurting baby, i’m broken down I need your loving, loving I need it now When i’m without you I’m something weak You got me begging, begging I’m on my knees I don’t wanna be needing your love I just wanna be deep in your love And it’s killing me

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Miley Cyrus – See You Again

I’ve got my sight set on you And I’m ready to aim I have a heart that will Never be tamed I knew you were somethin’ special When you spoke my name Now I can’t wait To see you again I’ve got a way of knowin’ When somethin’ is right

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Michael Jackson – Will You Be There

Hold Me Like The River Jordan And I Will Then Say To Thee You Are My Friend Carry Me Like You Are My Brother Love Me Like A Mother Will You Be There ? Weary Tell Me Will You Hold Me When Wrong, Will You Skold Me When Lost Will

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Metallica – Nothing Else Matters

So close no matter how far Couldnt be much more from the heart Forever trusting who we are And nothing else matters Never opened myself this way Life is ours, we live it our way All these words I dont just say And nothing else matters Trust I seek and

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Miley Cyrus – My Heart Beats For Love

I’ve been stranded on a lonely street Got lost in the shadows Fell hard in the battle The cries and the suffering I walked through the darkness Left broken and heartless I’m calling out, can you hear my voice? I’m gonna find you through all the noise, oh whoa You

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