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Michael Bolton – Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

You better watch out, you better not cry You better not pout, i’m telling you why Santa claus is comin’ to town Santa claus is comin’ to town Santa claus is comin’ to town Santa claus is comin’ to town He’s making a list and checking it twice Gonna find

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Muse – Supermassive Black Hole

< Supermassive Black Hole Oh baby don't you know I suffer?Oh baby can you hear me moan?You caught me under false pretensesHow long before you let me go?You set my soul alightYou set my soul alight(You set my soul alight)Glaciers melting in the dead of nightAnd the superstars sucked into

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Miley Cyrus – Stay

Well it’s good to hear your voice I hope your doing fine And if you ever wonder I’m lonely here tonight Lost here in this moment And time keeps slipping by And if I could have just one wish I’d have you by my side Oh, oh I miss you

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My Chemical Romance – Helena

Helena Long agoJust like the hearse you die to get in againWe are so far from youBurning on just like a match you strike to incinerateThe lives of everyone you knowAnd what’s the worst you take (worst you take)from every heart you break (heart you break)And like a blade you

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Muse – Undisclosed Desires

Undisclosed Desires I know you’ve sufferedBut I don’t want you to hideIt’s cold and lovelessI won’t let you be deniedSoothingI’ll make you feel pureTrust meYou can be sureI want to reconcile the violence in your heartI want to recognise your beauty’s not just a maskI want to exorcise the demons

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Miley Cyrus – Who Owns My Heart

Creation shows me what to do I’m dancing on the floor with you And when you touch my hand I go crazy The music tells me what to feel I like you now but is it real By the time we say goodnight I’ll know if this is right And

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Miley Cyrus – Breakout

Every week’s the same Stuck in school’s so lame My parents say that I’m lazy Getting’ up at 8am’s, it’s crazy Tired of bein’ told what to do, So unfair, So uncool The day’s too long And I’m holding on Till I hear the bell ring Cause that’s the time

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