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Phillips, Craig and Dean – Great Are You Lord

The beauty of Your majesty Displayed for all the world to see Is it any wonder Is it any wonder The glory of your holiness The mercy of your faithfulness Is it any wonder Is it any wonder (And) We sing Great are You Lord For we adore You Lift

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Pink – Just Like A Pill

I’m lying here on the floor where you left me I think i took too much I’m crying here, what have you done? I thought it would be fun I can’t stay on your life support, there’s a shortage in the switch I can’t stay on your morphine, cause it’s

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Rihanna, Kanye West, Paul Mccartney – FourFiveSeconds

I think i’ve had enough I might get a little drunk I say what’s on my mind I might do a little time Cause all of my kindness Is taken for weakness Now i’m fourfiveseconds from wildin’ And we got three more days ’til friday I’m just tryna make it

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Pharrell Williams – Come Get It Bae

You miss me? I miss all of y’all All of you girls standin’ together like that, i can’t take it Women, i can do anything you like I can do anything you need And i got a better body Than the magazines you read None of them boys know the

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Phantogram – Fall In Love

Love, it wasn’t love to recognize To see of was the reason you feel sick inside Chorus: Fall in me I’ll let you breathe Cause you were fallin, i’m sorry, i may be Cause you were fallin, i’m sorry, i Love, it cut a hole into your eyes You couldn’t

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Pharrell Williams – Marilyn Monroe

Different This one goes out to all the lovers What can we do? we’re helpless romantics We can not help who we’re attracted to So let’s all dance, and elevate each other Dear diary, it’s happenin’ again This energy, like i’m ’bout to win I just close my eyes and

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Pharrell Williams – Happy

It might seem crazy what i’m about to say Sunshine she’s here, you can take a break I’m a hot air balloon that could go to space With the air, like i don’t care baby by the way Because i’m happy Clap along if you feel like a room without

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