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Royal Bliss – Save Me

You don’t know me, No you don’t know a thing about my love Or life in between i’m screaming through your door Leave me tonight How could you mean that she said Oh i turn my back, my eyes full red I don’t believe that she said You’re out of

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Rihanna – Do Ya Thang

Know I’m Missing That Kissing All Over Boy What I’m Feeling Never Feel About Another I Need You, Why Can’t You Come Over And You My Lover But I Love You Like A Brother Babe Be The One At The End Of The Day You Are Who You Are And

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Raf – Self Control

Oh the night is my world City life painted girls In a day nothing matters It’s the night time that flatters Oh the night no control Through the wall something breakin’ Wearin’ white as you’re walkin’ Down the streets of my soul You take my self you take my self

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Rihanna – Farewell

Wherever You’re Going I Wanna Go Wherever You’re Heading Can You Let Me Know I Don’t Mind Catching Up I’m On My Way Just Can’t Take The Thought Of You Miles Away And I Know You’re Going Somewhere To Make A Better Life I Hope That You Find It On

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Revive – Blink

Teach me to number my days   And count every moment before it slips away   Taking all the colors before they fade to gray   I don’t want to miss even just a second more of this     It happens in a blink   It happens in a

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Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines

If you can’t hear what i’m tryin’ to say If you can’t read from the same page Maybe i’m going deaf (hey hey hey) Maybe i’m going blind (hey hey hey) Maybe i’m outta my mind (hey hey hey) (everybody get up) Ok now he was close Tried to domesticate

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Randy Rogers Band – In My Arms Instead

All The Leaves Have Turned To Rust, The Air Is Getting Thin I Can See My Breath, The Night Is Rollin’ In The Sky Is Gray, It’s Cold As A Stone It’s Just The Kind Of Day, I Can’t Stand To Be Alone ‘Cause You, You’ve Been On My Mind

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