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Revive – Blink

Teach me to number my days   And count every moment before it slips away   Taking all the colors before they fade to gray   I don’t want to miss even just a second more of this     It happens in a blink   It happens in a

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Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines

If you can’t hear what i’m tryin’ to say If you can’t read from the same page Maybe i’m going deaf (hey hey hey) Maybe i’m going blind (hey hey hey) Maybe i’m outta my mind (hey hey hey) (everybody get up) Ok now he was close Tried to domesticate

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Randy Rogers Band – In My Arms Instead

All The Leaves Have Turned To Rust, The Air Is Getting Thin I Can See My Breath, The Night Is Rollin’ In The Sky Is Gray, It’s Cold As A Stone It’s Just The Kind Of Day, I Can’t Stand To Be Alone ‘Cause You, You’ve Been On My Mind

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Remy Zero – Save Me

I feel my wings have broken in your hands I feel the words unspoken inside When they pull you under And I would give you anything you want Well all I wanted All my dreams have fallen down Crawling around somebody save me And two warm hands break right through

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Radiohead – No Suprises

No Suprises A heart that’s full up like a landfill,a job that slowly kills you,bruises that won’t heal.You look so tired-unhappy,bring down the government,they don’t, they don’t speak for us.I’ll take a quiet life,a handshake of carbon monoxide,with no alarms and no surprises,no alarms and no surprises,no alarms and no

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Robbie Williams – Millenium

Millenium We’ve got stars directing our fateAnd we’re praying it’s not too lateMilleniumSome say that we are playersSome say that we are pawnsBut we’ve been making moneysince the day that we we’re bornGot to slow down,Cause well low down.Round and round in circlesLive a life of solitudetill we find ourselves

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Robbie Williams – Candy

I was there to witness Candice’s inner princess She wants the boys to notice Her rainbows, and her ponnies She was educated But could not count to ten How she got lots of different horses By lots of different men And I say Liberate your sons and daughters The bush

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