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Robbie Williams – Lovelight

Lovelight What am I supposed to do to keep from going under?Now you’re making holes in my heartAnd yes it’s starting to showI’ve been holding backIs it any wonder?Since you walked right into my lifeAnd interrupted my flowAnd I wanna knowBaby when you’re with meWho do you think you’re fooling?Making

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Ryan Bingham – Country Roads

Do You Really Think You Know, Exactly Where I Stand, Or Did I Just Let You Down, When You Found Out I Was Just A Poor Man, I Might Of Took A Few Wrong Turns, Down A Few Wrong Roads, Wound Up In A Few Wrong Towns, Where Nobody Cares

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Radiohead – Just

Just Can’t get the stink offHe’s been hanging round for daysComes like a cometSuckered you but not your friendsOne day he’ll get to youAnd teach you how to be a holy cowYou do it to yourself, you doAnd that’s what really hurtsIs that you do it to yourselfJust you and

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Rihanna – We Found Love

Yellow Diamonds In The Light And We’re Standing Side By Side As Your Shadow Crosses Mine What It Takes To Come Alive It’s The Way I’m Feeling I Just Can’t Deny But I’ve Gotta Let It Go We Found Love In A Hopeless Place We Found Love In A Hopeless

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Redlight King – Comeback

Many times I’ve walked the line I’ve rolled the dice and questioned my life Many times I sacrificed and dealt with the pain I’ve been down this road before Where the dead ends are It rains and it pours I’ve been down below and It’s the price that I paid

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Rammstein – Seemann

SeemannKomm in mein Bootein Sturm kommt auf / und es wird NachtWo willst du hinso ganz allein / treibst du davonWer hält deine Handwenn es dich / nach unten ziehtWo willst du hinso uferlos / die kalte SeeKomm in mein Bootder Herbstwind hält / die Segel straffJetzt stehst du da

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Rachel Proctor – Baby Dont Let Me Go

I Say Things That I Don’t Mean You Look At Me Like I’m Crazy And Baby, Sometimes I Am There’s A Side Of Me That Wants To Run As Soon As I Get Close Enough To Love To Touch It With My Hands I Start To Feel Smothered Start To

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