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Sugarland – Down In Mississippi

Friday, Payday, Lordy Got To Get Away Had It With The Wife Thing, Living On A Shoe String What’s A Poor Girl Got To Do Just To Have Some Fun Well, All These Years Without Any Help Guess What, Honey, Clothes Just Don’t Wash Themselves Neither Do Dishes, Neither Does

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Sugarland – Love

Is It The Face Of A Child Is It The Thrill Of Danger Is It The Kindness We See In The Eyes Of A Stranger Is It More Than Faith Is It More Than Hope Is It Waiting For Us At The End Of Our Rope I Say, It’s Love

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Sugarland – Want To

I’ve Packed A Cooler And A Change Of Clothes Let’s Jump And See How Far It Goes You Got My Heart And Your Daddy’s Boat We Got All Night To Make It Float We Could Sit On The Shore, We Could Just Be Friends Or We Could Jump In Whole

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Sugarland – Just Might (make Me Believe)

I Got Miles Of Trouble Spreadin’ Far And Wide Bills On The Table Gettin’ Higher And Higher They Just Keep On Comin’, There Ain’t No End In Sight I’m Just Holding On Tight… I’ve Got Someone Who Loves Me More Than Words Can Say And I’m Thankful For That Each

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Sugarland – Settlin’

Fifteen Minutes Left To Throw Me Together For Mr. Right Now, Not Mr. Forever Don’t Know Why I Even Try When I Know How It Ends Lookin’ Like Another “maybe We Can Be Friends.” I’ve Been Leaving It Up To Fate It’s My Life So It’s Mine To Make I

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Sugarland – Something More

Monday, Hard To Wake Up Fill My Coffee Cup, I’m Out The Door Yeah The Freeway, Standing Still Today Is Gonna Make Me Late, And That’s For Sure I’m Running Out Of Gas And Out Of Time Never Gonna Make It There By Nine There’s Gotta Be Something More Gotta

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Sugarland – All I Want To Do

I Don’t Want To Get Up Baby, Let’s Turn Off The Phone I Don’t Want To Go To Work Today Or Even Put My Makeup On I Got Better Things To Do Than My To Do List Anyway Hide Under The Covers And Waste Away The Day Let’s Just Lay

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