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Toby Keith – Stays In Mexico

His Name Was Steve Her Name Was Gina You’ve Never Been Here Before Have You [spoken] They Met At A Bar Called The Cabo Wabo Cantena He Was An Insurance Salesman From South Dakota She Was A First Grade School Teacher, Phoenix, Arizona No, My First Time Here [spoken] They

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Toby Keith – Dream Walkin’

She Left A Yellow Rose And A Long Neck Bottle On A Table Beside My Bed With A Short Little Note That Said I Had A Good Time It Was Written In Lipstick Red She Didn’t Sign Her Name I Wonder If That A Little Secret That She Keeps Ohh…

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Toby Keith – My List

Under An Old Brass Paper Weight, Is My List Of Things To Do Today: Go To The Bank And The Hardware Store, Put A New Lock On The Cellar Door. I Cross ’em Off As I Get ’em Done, But When The Sun Is Settled, There’s Still More Than A

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Toby Keith – Love Me If You Can

Sometimes Think That War Is Necessary Every Night I Pray For Peace Of Earth I Hand Down My Dollars To The Homeless But Believe That Every Able Soul Should Work My Father Gave Me My Shotgun, That I’ll Hand Down To My Son Try To Teach Him Everything It Means

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The Harters – If I Run

My Heart Has Arrived Love Lives In Your Eyes And I Need To Know What You See In Mine I’ve Been Shattered And Healed Searching For Something That’s Real Where Do You Stand? How Do You Feel? If I Run Will You Run After Me If I Walk Will You

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Toby Keith – Does That Blue Moon Ever Shine On You

Day By Day, We Let Love Just Walk Away And I’ll Be The First To Say, I Was Glad To See It Go And Day By Day, Ever Since You Went Away I’m Finding I’m Still Missing You, And I Just Got To Know Does That Blue Moon Ever Shine

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Theory Of A Deadman – Make Up Your Mind

Make up your mind Make up your mind and I’ll make up mineDon’t worry about me, I’ll be fineThose words that you said to me, why wasn’t I listening?I wish I hadn’t met you at all,I started thinkingI’ll sit back and relax and wait for the morningWe’ll wake up, we’ll

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