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The Band Perry – You Lie

It Ain’t Complicated Well, I’ve Grown To Hate It I Never Liked The Taste Of Crow But Baby I Ate It They Tried To Warn Me They Said That You Were Ornery So Don’t Bring Me Those Big Brown Eyes And Tell Me That You’re Sorry Well You Might As

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Taylor Swift – Back To December

I’m So Glad You Made Time To See Me How’s Life, Tell Me How’s Your Family I Haven’t Seen Them In A While You’ve Been Good, Busier Than Ever We Small Talk, Work And The Weather Your Guard Is Up And I Know Why Because The Last Time You Saw

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Toby Keith – Country Comes To Town

Well The Weatherman Said It Might Storm Today I Gotta Hit The Field Gotta Bale Some Hay And I Can’t Let It Rain On My Daddy’s Farm Till I Get It All Stacked High In The Barn And I’m Gonna Call My Baby She’s Been Waiting On Me She Lives

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The Whigs – Kill Me Carolyne

Kill Me Carolyne Just leave my memory away And try, I’ll try to make my case And you give me authority You give me authority You give me authority to lie Kill, kill me Carolyne I know you love me But you’d feel better If you just suck it up

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Toby Keith – Honkytonk U

My Grandmother Owned A Nightclub On The Arkansas-oklahoma Line Momma Put Me On A Greyhound, And I Went To Stay With Her In The Summertime I’d Box Up Those Empty Longnecks And Stack ’em In The Back And Make A Hand Then At Night She’d Let Me Sneak Out Of

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The Uncle Bill Roach Band – Ding Dong Daddy From Dumas

Words And Music By Mike Slagle Well I’m A Ding Dong Daddy From Dumas.Yeah I Love That Panhandle Town Just A Little North Of Amarillo,a Little West Of Where The Sun Goes Down And If You Come On Up To Dumas You Can Be A Ding Dong Daddy As Well

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Toby Keith – Cryin’ For Me (wayman’s Song)

Got The News On Friday Morning But A Tear I Couldn’t Find You Showed Me How I Am Supposed To Live Now You Showed Me How To Die I Was Lost Til Sunday Morning I Woke Up To Face My Fear While Writing You This Good Bye Song I Found

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