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Zac Brown Band – Toes

I Got My Toes In The Water, Ass In The Sand Not A Worry In The World, A Cold Beer In My Hand Life Is Good Today. Life Is Good Today. Well, The Plane Touched Down Just About 3 O’clock And The City’s Still On My Mind Bikinis And Palm

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Zendaya – Replay

Make it stop Sounds so good, i just can’t take no more Turn it down, turn it up, i don’t know I don’t know (know) But don’t stop Don’t move, just keep it there (right there) Keep it right there (oh) Keep it right there (i wanna) put you on

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Zac Brown Band – Free

So we live out in our old van Travel all across this land Me and you We’ll end up hand in hand Somewhere down on the sand Just me and you Just as free Free as we’ll ever be Just as free Free as we’ll ever be Drive until the

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Zayn – Pillowtalk

Climb on board We’ll go slow and high tempo Light and dark Hold me hard and mellow I’m seeing the pain, seeing the pleasure Nobody but you, ‘body but me ‘body but us, bodies together I love to hold you close, tonight and always I love to wake up next

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Zac Brown Band – Chicken Fried

You Know I Like My Chicken Fried, And Cold Beer On A Friday Night, A Pair Of Jeans That Fit Just Right, And The Radio Up. Well I Was Raised Up Beneath The Shade Of A Georgia Pine, And That’s Home, Ya Know? Sweet Tea, Pecan Pie, And Homemade Wine,

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Zac Brown Band – Whatever It Is

She’s Got Eyes That Cut You Like A Knife And Her Lips That Taste Like Sweet Red Wine And Her Pretty Legs Go To Heaven Every Time She Got A Gentle Way That Puts Me At Ease When She Walks In The Room I Can Hardly Breathe Got A Devasating

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ZOEgirl – You Get Me

Wonderful is what I perceived this life would be Pain and problem free but over time I found reality And through it all I see That You’re the only one who gets me I may be misunderstood ’cause I wouldn’t ever fake it You’re the only one who understands my

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