Shania Twain – Don’t!

Shania Twain – Don’t! Lyrics

Don’t! Don’t You Wish We’d Tried?
Do You Feel What I Feel Inside?
You Know Our Love Is Stronger Than Pride
No! Don’t Let Your Anger Grow
Just Tell Me What You Need Me To Know
Please Talk To Me — Don’t Close The Door

Cause’ I Wanna Hear You,
Wanna Be Near You

Don’t Fight! Don’t Argue You!
Give Me The Chance To Say That I’m Sorry
Just Let Me Love You
Don’t Turn Me Away — Don’t Tell Me To Go

Don’t! Don’t Give Up On Trust
Don’t Give Up On Me — On Us
If We Could Just Hold On Long Enough

We Can Do It!
We’ll Get Through It!

(repeat )

Don’t Pretend That It’s Okay
Things Won’t Get Better That Way
Don’t Do Something You Might Regret Someday

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Shania Twain – Don’t!