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Elvis Presley - Don't Video

Elvis Presley - Don't (Official Lyric Video)

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Elvis Presley: Don't Lyrics

Don’T, Don’T, That’S What You Say
Each Time That I Hold You This Way
When I Feel Like This And I Want To Kiss You
Baby, Don’T Say Don’T

Don’T, Don’T Leave My Embrace
For Here In My Arms Is Your Place
When The Night Grows Cold And I Want To Hold You
Baby, Don’T Say Don’T

If You Think That This Is Just A Game
I’M Playing
If You Think That I Don’T Mean
Every Word I’M Saying
Don’T, Don’T, Don’T, Don’T
Don’T Feel That Way
I’M Your Love And Yours I Will Stay

This You Can Believe
I Will Never Leave You
Heaven Knows I Won’T
Baby, Don’T Say Don’T