Montgomery Gentry – Where I Come From

Don’t You Dare Go Running Down My Little Town Where I Grew Up And I Won’t Cuss Your City Lights If You Ain’t Ever Took A Ride Around And Cruised Right Through The Heart Of My Town Anything You Say Would Be A Lie We May Live Our Lives A

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Jimmy Driftwood – Lip Fever

When I Was A Hunter On The Wild Buffalo Down The White River A Courtin’ I’d Go I’d Find Me A Lassie On The Old Mississipp’ To Ease A Bad Pain That I Had In The Lip Refrain: Lip Fever, Lip Fever, It’s A Terrible Thing It Eats On Your

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Cary Ann Hearst – Hells Bells

Well Hell’s Bells, What You Trying To Sell? Put It On The Table Before They Take Us To Jail. What You Say, Got A Bottle To Your Head, And You Never Saw It Coming, And You Pretty White Shirt Is Red! Well, Guess That’s What You Get! When You Leaned

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Gary Allan – Smoke Rings In The Dark

Well, I Won’t Make You Tell Me What I’ve Come To Understand You’re A Certain Kind Of Woman I’m A Different Kind Of Man I’ve Tried To Make You Love Me You’ve Tried To Find A Spark Of The Flame That Burned But Somehow Turned To Smoke Rings In The

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Brooks And Dunn – Hillbilly Deluxe

Up In The Backwoods Down In The Holler Ole Boys Feeling Like A Dog On A Coller Keepin’ That Chain Pulled Tight Waiting On Saturday Night Put On The Smell Good Put On Skynyrd Head Into Town Like A Nascar Winner Cruisin’ Back And Forth To The Tasty Freeze Everywhere

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Miranda Lambert – Heart Like Mine

I Ain’t The Kind You Take Home To Mama I Ain’t The Kind To Wear No Ring Somehow I Always Get Stronger When I’m On My Second Drink Even Though I Hate To Admit It Sometimes I Smoke Cigarettes The Christian Folks Say I Should Quit It And I Just

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Sugarland – Joey

What If I Said Yes What If I’d Gone Out That Night What If You’d Turned Left Everything Would’ve Turned Out Alright What If I’d Spoke Up What’d If I’d Took The Keys What If I Had Tried A Little Harder Instead Of Always Trying To Please Joey I’m So

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