Taylor Swift – Teardrops On My Guitar

Drew Looks At Me, I Fake A Smile So He Won’t See That I Want And I’m Needing Everything That We Should Be I’ll Bet She’s Beautiful, That Girl He Talks About And She’s Got Everything That I Have To Live Without Drew Talks To Me, I Laugh ’cause It’s

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Dierks Bentley – The Woods

I Know A Little Place We Can Go Two Rights, A Left, Right Passed The Liquor Store There’s A Little Trail Only Me Might Know With Nothing But Top Cards In My Hand To Hold Is Where I Smoke My First Smoke Drank Beer From A Can Kissed The First

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Taylor Swift – Safe And Sound

I Remember Tears Streaming Down Your Face, When I Said I’ll Never Let You Go. When All Those Shadows Almost Killed Your Light, I Remember, You Said “Don’t Leave Me Here Alone..” But All That’s Dead And Gone And Past, Tonight; Just Close Your Eyes, The Sun Is Going Down.

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Carrie Underwood – Crazy Dreams

Hello You Long Shots, You Dark Horse Runners Hairbrush Singers, Dashboard Drummers Hello You Wild Magnolia’s, Just Waiting To Bloom There’s A Little Bit Of All That Inside Of Me And You Thank God Even Crazy Dreams Come True I Stood At The Bottom Of Some Walls I Thought I

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Cary Ann Hearst – Hells Bells

Well Hell’s Bells, What You Trying To Sell? Put It On The Table Before They Take Us To Jail. What You Say, Got A Bottle To Your Head, And You Never Saw It Coming, And You Pretty White Shirt Is Red! Well, Guess That’s What You Get! When You Leaned

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Aaron Tippin – Look It Up

The Word Is Faithful, Look It Up It Don’t Mean (dm) Sneakin’ Around Behind My Back Like You Ain’t Gettin’ (am) Enough How ’bout Forever, Just Look It Up It Means Through (dm) Thick And Thin And Pitchin’ In Even When The Times Get (am) Tough The Word Is Easy,

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The Harters – Gettin Out Of Dodge

Ready For A Change I’m Sick Of Walking Through The Rain I Knew That There Would Come A Day I’d Be Ready I’d Be Ready I Tiptoed Around The Glass In The Wake Of Our Aftermath So I Packed Up All These Memories Old Pictures Of You And Me And

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