Bon Jovi – Thank You For Loving Me

It’s hard for me to say the things I want to say sometimes There’s no one here but you and me And that broken old street light Lock the doors We’ll leave the world outside All I’ve got to give to you Are these five words when I Thank you

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Bon Jovi – Miracle

Miracle A penny for your thoughts now babyLooks like the weight of the world’sOn your shoulders nowI know you think you’re going crazyJust when it seems everything’sGonna work itself outThey drive you right back downAnd you said it ain’t fairThat a man walksWhen a bird can flyWe have to kick

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Bon Jovi – Misunderstood

Misunderstood Should I? Could I? Have said the wrong things right a thousand times If I could just rewind, I see it in my mind If I could turn back time, you’d still be mine You cried, I died I should have shut my mouth, things headed south, YEAH As

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Bon Jovi – It’s My Life

This ain’t a song for the broken-hearted No silent prayer for the faith-departed I ain’t gonna be just a face in the crowd You’re gonna hear my voice When I shout it out loud It’s my life It’s now or never I ain’t gonna live forever I just want to

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Bon Jovi – This Ain t A Love Song

This ain t a love song I should have seen it coming when the roses diedShould have seen the end of summer in your eyesI should have listened when you said good nightYou really meant good byeBaby ain’t funny how you never ever learn to fallYou’re really on your knees

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Bon Jovi – Lie To Me

Lie To Me Rumour has it that your daddy’s coming downHe’s gonna pay the rentTell me baby, is this as good as life is gonna getIt feels like there is a stranger standing in these shoesBut, I know I can’t lose me, ’cause then I’d be losing youI know I

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Bon Jovi – In These Arms

In these arms You want commitmentTake a look into these eyesThey burn with a fire, just for you nowUntil the end of timeI would do anythingI’d beg, I’d steal, I’d dieTo have you in these arms tonightBaby I want you like the rosesWant the rainYou know I need youLike a

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