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Toby Keith - Honkytonk U Video

Toby Keith - Honkytonk U (Extended) (Official Music Video)

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Toby Keith: Honkytonk U Lyrics

My Grandmother Owned A Nightclub
On The Arkansas-Oklahoma Line
Momma Put Me On A Greyhound,
And I Went To Stay With Her In The Summertime
I’D Box Up Those Empty Longnecks And
Stack ’Em In The Back And Make A Hand
Then At Night She’D Let Me Sneak Out Of The Kitchen
And Sit In With The Band

Yes, I Have Sacked Some Quarterbacks And Broke
My Share Of Bones Along The Way
I Knew It Wouldn’T Last Forever,
Semi-Pro Always Means Semi-Paid
I Started Climbin’ Drillin’ Rigs,
I’M Oil Field Trash And Proud As I Can Be
Then I Took My Songs And Guitar
And Sang ’Em To A Man From Tennessee

I’Ve Played Every Beer Joint Tavern
From New York City Out To Pasadena
Every Corn Dog Fair And Rodeo
And Sold Out Every Basketball Arena
I Like To Get Down With My Boys From Afghanistan And Baghdad City Too
I Am A Red, White And Blue Blooded Graduate Of Honkytonk U

A Star Can’T Burn Forever, And The Brightest Ones Will Someday Lose
Their Shine
But The Glass Won’T Ever Be Half Empty In My Optimistic Mind
I’Ll Still Have A Song To Sing And A Band To Turn It Ip And Play It
Loud, As Long As There’S A Bar Room With A Corner Stage And A Honkytonk