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The Uncle Bill Roach Band: I Like Trains Lyrics

Sixteen Miles From Arkadelphia
Right Near The Texas Border
Traffic Was Stopped At A Railway Crossing
I Took It To The Border
I Stoked The Kettle I Put It To The Metal
I Shook The Gravel Loose
I Missed The Train But I Was Happy With
A Glimpse Of The Caboose

Cause I Like Trains
I Like Fast Trains
I Like Trains That Call Out Through The Rain
I Like Trains
I Like Sad Trains


I Like Trains That Whisper Your Name
I Was Born On A Greyhound Bus
My Momma Was A Diesel Engine
They Tried To Put Me Behind The Wheel
But I Wouldn’t Let Them
You Should Have Seen The Look In Their Eyes
And How It Turned To Tears
When I Finally Told Them I Wanna Be An Engineer

Now You Think I’ve Got Someone New
But Darlin That Ain’t True
I Could Never Love Another Woman Besides You
Its Not Some Dewy Eyed
Darlin Darling Thats Gonna Drive You Insane
But Anymore I’d Be Listenin For
The Sound Of A Big Ol Train