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My Heart Has Arrived
Love Lives In Your Eyes
And I Need To Know
What You See In Mine
I’ve Been Shattered And Healed
Searching For Something That’s Real
Where Do You Stand?
How Do You Feel?

If I Run Will You Run After Me
If I Walk Will You Wait Patiently
If I Fall Will You Have Sympathy
If I Run
If I Run Will You Run After Me

Yeah, Yeah

I’ve Dreamed Of A Place
Of White Satin And Lace
Black On A Tie
And Cake On My Face
Wicker Rocking Chairs
Salt And Peppered Hair
When That Day Comes ’round
Will You Still Be There

(Repeat )

Ooh Yeah

I Won’t Baby
And If I Run
Oh If I, If I, If I Run

(Repeat 2x)

Oh Yeah
My Heart Has Arrived

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The Harters – If I Run