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Lady Antebellum – Somewhere Love Remains

Here We Go Again Sitting On The Edge Of Leaving You Don’t Have To Speak I Can See It In Your Eyes I Know You Too Well You Know I Can Tell Your Hiding Something Inside Baby Just Breathe In Breathe Out Before You Turn Around Just Slow Down Think

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Leann Rimes – Life Goes On

You Sucked Me In And Played My Mind Just Like A Toy, You Would Crank And Wind Baby, I Would Give Till You Wore It Out You Left Me Lying In A Pool Of Doubt And You’re Still Thinkin’ You’re The Daddy Mac You Should’ve Known Better But You Didn’t

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Limp Bizkit – Sour

Sour mellow outbitchI thought I knew yatook the time to throw my love into yascrew yacuz now you got me sittin’ in the sewerI’m through with all them roller coaster ridessee, I ain’t forgot about the knots that you beein’ tieing with my insidesI dropped my pridewithout you I was

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Linkin Park – Faint

Faint I amLittle bit of lonelinessA little bit of disregardA handful of complaintsBut I can’t help the factThat everyone can see these scarsI amWhat I want you to wantWhat I want you to feelBut it’s likeNo matter what I doI can’t convince youTo just believe this is realSo I let

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Little Mix – Dna

Does He Tell You He Loves You When You Least Expect It? Does He Flutter Your Heart When He Kisses Your Neck No Scientist, Or Biology It’s Obvious, When He’s Holding Me It’s Only Natural That I’m So Affected And My Heart Won’t Beat Again If I Can’t Feel Him

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Lady Antebellum – Perfect Day

Been Walking Through Town Just The Other Day With Nothing Much To Do As The Sun Came Breaking Down Through The Clouds I’d Never Seen The Sky So Blue I Saw A Cajun Man With A Red Guitar Playing On The Side Of The Street I Threw A Handful Of

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Lady Gaga – Born This Way

It Doesn’t Matter If You Love Him Or Capital H-i-m Just Put Your Paws Up ’cause You Were Born This Way, Baby My Mama Told Me When I Was Young We Are All Born Superstars She Rolled My Hair And Put My Lipstick On In The Glass Of Her Boudoir

Posted by Free Music Videos - November 25, 2017 at 7:07 pm

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