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Naughty Boy – Wonder

I can beat the night, I’m not afraid of thunder, I am full of light, I am full of wonder. Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh I ain’t falling under, Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh I am full of wonder. Though I feed my deach The World’s

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Neil Diamond – Red Red Wine

Red, red wine Go to my head Make me forget that i Still need her so Red, red wine It’s up to you All i can do, i’ve done But memories won’t go No, memories won’t go I’d have sworn That with time Thoughts of you Would leave my head

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Nirvana – Come As You Are

Come as you are, as you were, As i want you to be As a friend, as a friend, as an old enemy Take your time, hurry up The choice is yours, don’t be late. Take a rest, as a friend, as an old memory Memoria Memoria Memoria Come doused

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Nicky Jam – Travesuras

Hola bebe Ya que contigo no Sirve la labia Y te cree muy sabia Pero vas a caer Te lo digo mujer Eeahh Yo se acabo de conocerte Y es muy rápido pa tenerte Yo lo que quiero es complacerte eeeh Tu tranquila déjate llevar Dime si conmigo quiere ser

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Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj – Bang Bang

She got a body like an hourglass But i can give it to you all the time She got a bootie like a cadillac But i can send you into overdrive (stop and wait, wait for that, stop, hold up, swing your bat) See anybody could be bad to you,

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Eminem, Nate Ruess – Headlights

Mom I know i let you down And though you say the days are happy Why is the power off, and i’m fucked up? And mom, i know he’s not around But don’t you place the blame on me As you pour yourself another drink I guess we are who

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Nick Jonas And The Administration – Who I Am

I Want Someone To Love Me Who I Am I Want Someone To Need Me, Is That So Bad? I Wanna Break All The Madness, But It’s All I Have I Want Someone To Love Me Who I Am Nothing Makes Sense, Nothing Makes Sense Anymore Nothing Is Right, Nothing

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