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Nightwish - Noise Video


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Nightwish: Noise Lyrics

Crave The Machine
Revere The Screen
Zoom In For Flak And Misery
Bleed Some Pixels

Shoot Yourself
Pose For The Dead
Have A Near-Life Experience
In A Hot Air Matrix

Now You’Re A Star
Vain Avatar
Feeding The Beast
In Your Loud Egoland

You Have Become
Tool Of A Tool
Digital Ghouls
Telling You To
Shut Up And Dance!

Color A Yarn And The Crowds Will Gather

From A Sunless World
Your Mirror Is Black, Only A Copy Stares Back
At A Slave Of Brave New World
To Decoy The Human Voice
Brain Insomniac, Paranoiac
Endless Noise

Please Love Me
See How I Bleed
Please Endure
I Have Such Empathy In Me

Hum, Noise, Hum
Beautifully Numb
Tapping The Quiet Air
To Have A Meaning

By A Carrion
Sad Hologram
Lost In The Maze
The Real And Human Feel

Sunset Is Free
From This Deity
The Earth Has A Real Voice
Go Out And Get In

I Will Follow

Color A Yarn And The Crowds Will Gather

Feast Your Eyes On The Black Mirror
Feed The Beast, Join The Gathering
Tell A Tale
Feast Of Fears Is Drawing Nearer

Beyond The Human Horizon
Something Terrifying Sleeps