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Placebo – Every You Every Me

Every you every me Sucker love is heaven sent you Pucker up our passion’s spent My heart’s tart, you’re bodies rent My bodies broken your’s is bent Carve your name into my arm Instead of stressed I lie here charmed ‘cos there’s nothing else to do, Every me and every

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Papa Roach – Hollywood Whore

Hollywood Whore hollywood whore, passed out on the floorim sorry but the partys overcocaine nose and trendy clothesgotta send her to rehabshe found out she has no soul,but it really doesn’t bother herwhite trash queen, american dreamoh what a role modelthrowing a fit, making a scenelike no tomorrowhollywood whorepassed out

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Papa Roach – No Matter What

I Need You Right Here, By My Side You’re Everything I’m Not In My Life. We’re Indestructable, We Are Untouchable Nothing Can Take Us Down Tonight You Are So Beautiful, It Should Be Criminal That You Could Be Mine. And We Will Make It Out Alive I’ll Promise You This

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Pitbull – Back In Time

Let’s Excuse Me Baby, Go, Yeah, You Baby Back, Ooh, You Groovy Baby, In, Let’s Make A Movie Baby Time, Excuse Me Baby, Let’s, Yeah, You Baby Go, Ooh, You Groovy Baby, Back In, Let’s Make A Movie Baby, Time It’s Mr Worldwide, Agent A, Reporting Live From Cape Canaveral,

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Placebo – For What It’s Worth

For what it’s worth The end of the century I said my goodbyes For what it’s worth I always aim to please But I nearly died For what it’s worth Come on lay with me ‘Cause I’m on fire For what it’s worth I tear the sun in three To

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Poison – Something To Believe In

Something to Believe In Well I see him on the TvPreachin’ bout the promise landHe tells me to believe in JesusAnd steals the money from my handSome say he was a good manBut Lord I think he sinned, yeahTwenty-two years of mental tearsCries a suicidal Vietnam vetWho fought a losing

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Paramore – That’s What You Get

No sir I don’t wanna be the blame not anymore It’s your turn so take a seat we’re settling the final score Why do we like to hurt so much? I can’t decide You have made it harder just to go on Why? All the possibilities… Well, I was wrong

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