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Asia - Don't Cry Video

Asia - Don't Cry (Official Music Video)

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Asia: Don't Cry Lyrics

Hard Times You Had Before You
I Knew When I First Saw You
You Girl You’Ve Always Been Mistreated, Cheated

So Leave It All Behind You
It Took So Long To Find You
I Know That We Can Last Forever
Ever And More, More, Oh

Don’T Cry Now That I’Ve Found You
Don’T Cry Take A Look Around You
Don’T Cry It Took So Long To Find You
Do What You Want,
But Little Darlin’, Please
Don’T Cry

I Knew I’D Never Doubt It
I Was So Sure About It
Don’T Think All That’S Been Before

I’Ll Hear You When You’Re Calling
I’Ll Catch You When You’Re Falling
Don’T Worry I Will Always Be There
Like Never Before, Or, Oh