You can type something in the search box and you will start watching videos about your search, you can search music videos, or videos about anything that you can find on youtube. You can use the navigation to choose a letter and you will see a list with the artists that whe have posted, if you click in the name of the artist then you will see videos of that artist and a list of the songs of that artist (the ones that have been posted). Do not worry if you can not see your favorite artist, just type the name of the artist or the name of the song on the search box and you will get to watch youtube music videos for that artist or song.

Anyone can be a star, and everyone is a star with You Tube Music. Connect to the internet and you have connected with Millions, YouTube Music gets it out there for anyone. Everyone can do something different, something funny, something great; it can make you famous, right Justin?

It is all about face time, and advertisements now, but the unknowns can still get out there. You Tube was for the unknowns, but now it seems it has been co-opted by the well known’s.

Face it if someone can watch the famous ones, who will pay attention to the unknowns? Homemade music for the benefit of friends turns into an overnight sensation by having that “something”. The viewers, the late night cannot sleep camp is blurry eyed watching streaming videos of their favorite star. The decision will be does anyone like it enough to buy the album.

Instant reviews, no one has to wait for the morning paper anymore to know that this one or that ones latest album will make it or not. YouTube Music Videos have become big.

You Tube Music is for everyone, it allows any and everybody to connect with what is going on out there. It is the internet’s version of window-shopping. It allows the unknowns in this world the chance to be part of the action; they have connected in a way that was impossible just a few short years ago.

It is never a terrible thing to want success, everyone wants recognition whether anyone knows it or not. Everyone needs to keep his or her feet on the ground and know what it is. It is not overnight for the vast majority. Sit back relax and enjoy YouTube Music and the ride.

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YouTube Music

This videoplayer is loaded with the most popular videos from the music category on YouTube. Take a look at the top 200 music videos from youtube.

Kelly Clarkson - Behind These Hazel Eyes

Kelly Clarkson – Behind These Hazel Eyes

Seems like just yesterday, you were a part of me I used to stand so tall, I used to be ...
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Staind - All I Want

Staind – All I Want

All I Want What I leave when you go, What I see and what you show, And what I guess ...
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Miley Cyrus - Kicking And Screaming

Miley Cyrus – Kicking And Screaming

Don't keep me waiting, anticipating Treating me like a fool I got news for you I'm turning my back I'm ...
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AC/DC - Thunderstruck

AC/DC – Thunderstruck

Thunderstruck Thunder (x10)I was caughtIn the middle of a railroad track (Thunder)I looked roundAnd I knew there was no turning ...
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Miley Cyrus - Party In The U.s.a.

Miley Cyrus – Party In The U.s.a.

I hopped off the plane at L.A.X with a dream and my cardigan Welcome to the land of Fame Excess ...
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The Black Eyed Peas - Imma Be

The Black Eyed Peas – Imma Be

Imma Be, Imma Be - Imma Imma Imma Be Imma Be, Imma Be - Imma Imma Imma Be Imma Be, ...
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Travis - Sing

Travis – Sing

Sing Baby, you've been going so crazy, Lately nothing seems to be going right. So low, why do you have ...
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Radiohead - High and dry

Radiohead – High and dry

High and dry Two jumps in a weekI bet you think that's pretty clever,don't you boy?Flying on your motorcyclewatching all ...
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AFI - Silver And Cold

AFI – Silver And Cold

I, I came here by day But I left here in darkness And found you, found you on the way ...
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Robbie Williams - Rock DJ

Robbie Williams – Rock DJ

Rock DJ Me with the floorshowKickin' with your torsoBoys getting highAnd the girls even more soWave your hands if your ...
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