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Jimmy Driftwood – Lip Fever Videos

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Jimmy Driftwood: Lip Fever Lyrics

When I Was A Hunter On The Wild Buffalo
Down The White River A Courtin’ I’d Go
I’d Find Me A Lassie On The Old Mississipp’
To Ease A Bad Pain That I Had In The Lip

Lip Fever, Lip Fever, It’s A Terrible Thing
It Eats On Your Liver And It Gnaws On Your Brain
It Causes A Man And His Money To Part
And Lip Fever Is Worse When You Have No Sweetheart

When I Was Trader On The Old Rackensack
I Courted A Squaw And She Courted Me Back
A Brave Drew His Knife And I Heard The Chief Say
He’s Got The Lip Fever Don’t Fight Him Today


It’s Caused Men To Laugh And It’s Caused Men To Cry
It’s Caused Men To Live And It’s Caused Men To Die
It’s Caused Some Good Women To Act Like A Mule
Of Many A Wise Man, It’s Made Him Damn Fool


Oh, What Would I Give, If Tonight I Could Go
Down The White River From The Wild Buffalo
I’d Give All My Fortunes From Travel And Trade
To Give The Lip Fever To Another Fair Maid