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One Direction – Beggin On Your Knees

You had it all The day you told me You told me, you want me I had it all But let you fool me Fool me completely Yeah, I was so stupid To give you all my attention Cause the way you played me Exposed your true intention And one

Randy Rogers Band – In My Arms Instead

All The Leaves Have Turned To Rust, The Air Is Getting Thin I Can See My Breath, The Night Is Rollin’ In The Sky Is Gray, It’s Cold As A Stone It’s Just The Kind Of Day, I Can’t Stand To Be Alone ‘Cause You, You’ve Been On My Mind

Kelly Clarkson – Don’t Waste Your Time

It’s over, it’s over, it’s over… It seems you can’t hear me When I open my mouth you never listen You say stay, but what does that mean Do you think I honestly want to be reminded forever Don’t waste your time trying to fix What I want to erase

Linkin Park – Numb

Numb i’m tired of being what you want me to befeeling so faithlesslost under the surfacei don’t know what you’re expecting of meput under the pressureof walking in your shoes[caught in the undertowJust caught in the undertow]every step that i take is another mistake to youi’vebecome so numbi can’t feel

Bon Jovi – Runaway

Runaway On the street where you live girls talk about their sociallivesThey’re made of lipstick, plastic and paint, a touch of sablein their eyesAll your life all you’ve asked when’s your Daddy gonna talk toyouBut you were living in another world tryin’ to get yourmessage through.No one heard a single

Marilyn Manson – Putting Holes In Happiness

Putting Holes In Happiness The sky was blonde like her It was a day to take the child Out back and shoot it. I could have buried all my dead Up in her cemetery head She had dirty word witchcraft I was in the deep end of her skin. Then,

Seether – Remedy

Throw your dollar bills And leave your thrills All here with me And speak but don’t pretend I won’t defend you anymore you see It aches in every bone I’ll die alone But not for you My eyes don’t need to see That ugly thing I know it’s me you

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