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Toby Keith - Should’ve Been A Cowboy Video

Toby Keith - Should've Been A Cowboy (Official Music Video)

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Toby Keith: Should’ve Been A Cowboy Lyrics

I’Ll Bet You Never Heard Ol’ Marshall Dillon Say
Miss Kitty Have You Ever Thought Of Runnin’ Away
Or Settlin’ Down, Would You Marry Me
If I Asked You Twice And Begged You Pretty Please

She’D Of Said Yes In A New York Minute
They Never Tied The Knot, His Heart Wasn’T In It
He Just Stole A Kiss, As He Rode Away
He Never Hung His Hat Up At Kitty’S Place

I Should’Ve Been A Cowboy
I Should’Ve Learned To Rope And Ride
(I’D Be) Wearin’ My Six-Shooter
Ridin’ My Pony On The Cattle Drive
Stealin’ The Young Girl’S Hearts

Just Like Gene And Roy
Singin’ Those Camp Fire Songs
Oh, I Should’Ve Been A Cowboy

I Might Have Had A Side-Kick With A Funny Name
Runnin’ Wild Through The Hills Chasin’ Jesse James
Or Ending Up On The Brink Of Danger
Ridin’ Shot-Gun For The Texas Rangers

Go West Young Man, Haven’T You Been Told
California’S Full Of Whiskey, Women And Gold
Sleepin’ All Night, Beneath The Desert Stars
With A Dream In My Eye, And A Prayer In My Heart